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My Life With Newgrounds My Life With Newgrounds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've just noticed that your narration voice is a little similar to this guy's voice. Starting from 1.10 onwards into the video. Smooth and articulate.

VicariousE responds:

Ahhh, he stoled my voice >:(

Landing Softly Landing Softly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an awesome tune, it has that gritty, rugged feel that gives me goosebumps and makes me want to reflect on a moment. The percussion sits perfectly too.

What I would have loved is if at 2.40, the melody came in stronger and more powerful and maintained that level. Maybe a strong solo instrument carrying the song through that final crescendo. The instrument that comes in at exactly 2.38, that instrument, but really letting itself go melodically, possibly with a very subtle and light accompanying instrument.

Overall I still really enjoy the song, but just wish it had that uplifting power at the end.

Zippe - Chip'nChill Zippe - Chip'nChill

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice riff in this track that I wish had been used more powerfully and expanded in the final third. The last minute kind of stayed too flat with not much happening. The bass comes through nice and clean and the rhythm is pretty good. I'd probably reduce the volume of the hi hat slightly, so that it just sits and blends a bit more without feeling too much like a standard hi hat. Only at the parts where the hat plays alone without the other percussion. Maybe make it a little lighter in those parts.

Overall, a good vibe from the track, it's clean and sounds nice. But I feel with some more production time, the track can offer a lot more, particularly after the 2 minute mark.

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zippe6 responds:

Thanks for the input! I wanted it to start out chipper then bec ome chill. I do agree getting the levels to sit right is half the battle.

Glimpse (Acapella) Glimpse (Acapella)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like the flow switchups in this and the pronunciation and presence. It's like an experiment of sorts, but with good structure. It becomes a bit Tech N9ne at times as well.

Cyberdevil responds:

Concise feedback and complementing compliments, thanks man! :)

NEW Stuff! "Line up"! NEW Stuff! "Line up"!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good piece of work. I particularly like the chorus, it's very catchy and fits well. The only improvement I would make to the chorus is the words Line Up. Maybe pronounce it a little more aggressively, like you are barking a command.

Most of the verses are pretty good, it's just the odd line that is a bit choppy flow-wise and could probably benefit from some extra syllables here and there to fill the spaces, rather than prolonging a pronunciation to fill the syllable space.

In terms of the beat I made, it has a distant feeling. I wish that I had better mixing skills to give the sound more presence. It feels like it is too far away.

I think the overall vibe of the song comes across pretty well, you have done a good job on it.

RemixF2D responds:

Yo nietzlawe, Great review. Thanks for the support and the collab. It was a fun track to work on and I kinda see what you mean by the lyrics, but I did write it all in about n hour or so and only tweaked a few things. Guess I was just vibin to the sound. ^_^


Intergalactic Valentine Intergalactic Valentine

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Personally I feel like your structuring and mastering is superb, but just feel it's the choice of melody that lacks. A melody that just makes me feel like coming back to the track again and again. That is what is missing, just a feel-good factor. It's got quite an hypnotic repetitive drone to it, which is something the listen will either love, or hate.

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Video Game Launch Trailer Video Game Launch Trailer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are very technically gifted, all your music sounds really clean and natural to the ears, with plenty of variation and elements weaving in and out. Everything is freeflowing, nothing feels forced or generic. I love your lead-ins, and wish I could create those elements better than I can right now. I have a track called Midnight Fire where I really want to add a lead-in before the final part, but can't get it right.

I was listening to Nerd Party before listening to this one, and they are both very professionally pieced together, with good presence and depth.

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Jayk-O responds:

Thank you very much! Nerd Party is one of my oldest songs.
The transitions come with time.
I find the best way to create on is with a synth that hasa low pass on it, with a rising pitch along with some white noise or reverse crashes, than after that when the next part comes in add an impact noise with a good amount of reverb.

In a While In a While

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This song makes me feel like the world is just about to end, and this piece is the final couple of minutes of music that will ever be played before the master craftsman solemnly stands up from his piano, walks over to the light switch and turns it off.

Closing the world's eyelids forever.

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Semaphore responds:

thanks for sharing your thoughts nietzlawe

Pandascore Pandascore

Rated 5 / 5 stars

If you had FL Studio we could work together. 'It would be the best damn decision you could ever make kid!' Pardon that brief interruption, I don't know what came over me for a second. Some kind of Bronx attitude.

Catchy little loop, reminds me of something that would kick in on the end credits of a flash movie. The strumming has a live feel to it, I feel close to the sound, like I could reach inside these headphones and touch the guitar, then pull the guitar out, so that you no longer have a guitar, even though you used Garageband. Where the hell did this guitar come from? A wormhole? Wait a sec, there's a small label attached to it, 'please return to..' I can't quite read the handwriting, 'please return to Steve? Steph?" *Wipes off dust* "Ah, please return to Stephen Hawking." What the hell is he doing playing a guitar during space time, he's supposed to be bloody studying!!

I hope you can figure out a solution to get FL working on your macbook. Eric and FL in the same room, it has to happen for the good of mankind, womankind, and kind elderly folk who want a signed autograph.

Doodle God Main Theme Doodle God Main Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an absolutely beautifully structured piece of ambient music that really gives me goosebumps. It feels so mysterious and always gives you a feeling like you are working towards some bigger goal. That was the feeling I got from listening to this music while playing Doodle God, you couldn't have chosen a more perfect track for the game.

The mixtures of sounds were very ethereal, but also felt very tribal. Everything from the pads becoming detuned, every element seemed perfectly blended and designed to infuse the senses.

It definitely worked. One of my favourite songs on NG. 5/5.