Entry #558

Mistakes Of The Past

2017-08-21 22:40:56 by nietzlawe


Amongst the murder and mayhem and caveman mentality between religions and other insanities, the sane sit with their families away from the brainless brutality that damages our next generation. I say we need a new strategy in place to manage the mentality of these savages who damage and scupper the chances and opportunities of others whose only adage is peace to our planet. Not Police to our planet. So please can we plant trees instead of mines, so that minds can be set free in these troublesome times that we are currently inviting. Instead of inciting riots, we should be heightening quiet and turning into giants of enlightenment. These should be the most exciting times, and we shouldn’t reside inside these frightening climates of unrest and fighting, unsightly arrests on a nightly basis, resigned to our fates as pawns in these mind games, which history has shown that we might take, when we don’t try and change the mistakes of the past.


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2017-08-24 14:30:38

George Orwell would be proud of you. This I could read NP, but which way? Southern Baptist, Royal Shakespeare Company, or DotDotDot: A review by axeman13...?

nietzlawe responds:

Definitely DotDotDot!

I'm a massive fan of typography. It could be the medium for me.


2017-08-30 01:59:16

Done, I'll transfer the text to a flash drive, load it on the laptop on the garage to read out, finally got cool enough I can work w/out leaking, as the heat builds up during the day, and night's the only time quiet enough.

Me too, check a Tom newspost, think it's 1 or 2 old now, about the new layout and title. I don't like round usericons, and would prefer our current icon/title, only with NEWGROUNDS taller than it is now: same size as the tank, leave no wasted space.

nietzlawe responds:

I've been out of action for a couple of months. Calcification in my shoulder, but it's okay now, no pain. I've been here in small doses and read your blog. Sounds like you have been suffering too. Hope everything is getting better. Got to have enough strength to have a drink at Christmas.