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The Opus Part VII

2014-08-12 10:28:46 by nietzlawe



    It wasn't the rain pitter-pattering against the roof of the cabin that woke them up. It was the sound of a bird squawking loudly from outside.
    "Bloody shut up! I'm trying to sleep here!" Leonard was unimpressed with the irritating incessant sound. He didn't dislike animals, but he also didn't like being woken from his slumber prematurely.
    "Wha-s-goin-on?!" Winsor mumbled.
    "Can't you hear? There's a bird outside. Hasn't stopped screeching for at least twenty minutes."
    "Might not be a bird. Might be a Russian guard making animal noises."
    "Ha, very funny. Or Matt and Andrew playing a practical joke on us."
    "Can't we all just get our heads down and try to have another hour of sleep? We have a long day ahead of us."
    "Didn't get much sleep Leonard?" Carter enquired.
    "I spent half the night with one eye open. You never know what's going to happen. It's not safe around this part. That bloody bird is not helping matters, it could bring somebody over here to investigate."
    "Doesn't that give us more incentive to just collect our shit and get the hell out of here."
    "You're right Carter. What am I even thinking? Sleeping for another hour? Pfft! Complacency is what will get us all killed. I said we'd head for the Dome at first light, and that is what we will do."
    Leonard smirked eerily, like he was in his own little world. A blackout of the mind.
    "You are the creepiest old man I've ever met Leonard. Don't keep smiling like that."
    "Thank you for the compliment Winsor. Blame it on the trauma, dementia, whatever you want to call it. I prefer to call it paranoia, and paranoia can be an intelligent trait to have. It keeps you alive."
    "Yes, but is being alive a good thing when we live in a world like this one?"
    "This Earth could be beautiful Carter. And we're going to make it beautiful again."
    "Typical isn't it? We wake up and that blasted bird stops making a racket."
    "Life is full of coincidences. Most of the time they are nothing, but sometimes they are a sign."
    "A sign of what, Leonard?"
    "A sign that is telling us to wake ourselves up and stop being lazy and complacent. Besides, there is a spot I want to take you to on the bank of the Istra River. It's perfect, and once there, we will make an attempt to contact Matthew and Andrew via the walkies that we have in the bag."
    "The Istra River? Is that near this Cupola Dome place you keep telling us about?"
    "Yes, it's very close."
    "All we have to do is pass through this forest behind the cabin a short distance. Of course it would be easier to travel on the road, but we cannot risk being spotted. Once we get through the forest, we will come to a small river, and there we will set up camp. You will be able to see the Dome from that spot."
    "Where exactly are we?"
    "Currently, we are residing southeast of the country's capital Moscow, in a little town called Istra. Part of the Istrinsky District in Moscow Oblast."
    "So the plan is to go to that Dome first?"
    "No, I thought that we would take a little detour west first and visit the New Jerusalem Monastery, you'll be thankful we did. Besides, I left something there."
    "New Jerusalem Monastery? You've been there before? What did you leave?"
    "A memory."
    "What happened?"
    "It is a place that the German army destroyed in 1941, when they blew up the belfry and demolished the towers. It was eventually reopened in 1959. When you see it, you'll wonder why anyone would want to destroy such a magnificent thing. Like most soldiers of any country, the Nazis were without conscience. Had no minds of their own, they all followed that fucking painter and decorator like sheep. Ordinary people can be made to do anything if you terrorise or manipulate them enough."
    "But you fought in the war Leonard!"
    "Yes. And not one day passes by where I don't regret signing up. If you could put a wise man's brain into a young man's body, nobody would sign up for the military. Ordinary people trust authority. They feel as though there is never a choice. But there is always a choice. And they should exercise their right to remain stubborn more often. If they are forced to choose, they should choose to die on home soil. Death is a refuge, and it is better to die on one's own terms than to have his free will determined by strangers."
    "But what if the other country invades, what do you do then?"
    "You begin a cycle that starts from birth, that teaches against war. You close down barracks, destroy nukes. But most of all, you create a world that doesn't give people a desire to be unhappy, to fight."
    "That's not realistic Leonard. War is forever. How can you make the hearts and minds of billions perfect? Even if the world is perfect, statistically one person will still want to kill someone, it's innate."
    "Who is to say that the Governments of the world don't have that plan already? An agenda to create world peace, but in order to get there, they are doing it a different way. Using oppression and bloodshed."
    "C'mon let's stop talking nonsense, and get the hell out of here."
    Leonard led the way, inching the wooden door ajar and peaking out into the distance, making sure that the coast was clear. There was nothing, the High Voltage Pulse Generator was now dormant. He looked up at the sky, it was strangely blue, not a single cloud in sight. Knowing that it was safe to leave the cabin he gestured with his index finger to Winsor and Carter without uttering a single word, indicating that they should follow him.
    They started heading north, venturing into the trees to begin making their way through the forest.
    "We have got to be very careful around here. Keep your eyes on the ground at all times and take slow, steady footsteps. If the ground looks different in any way, you stop still. Got that? The last thing we need is an accident at this stage."
    "What are we supposed to be keeping an eye out for Leonard?"
    "Holes. In the floor. They look like deep wells. But if they do exist, they might have been covered up or just haven't been exposed yet. Sinkholes are very unpredictable, That is why I needed Matthew here."
    "What does Matt know about sinkholes?"
    "Well I'll say this much. I didn't know a hell of a lot about the Cloaca Maxima's cave system. Not until I met Matthew Goodman. He's a Speleologist you know. Some of Pinto's notes were... Tricky."
    "A Spelioloi--what?!"
    "A caver, Winsor. He likes spelunking."
    "Yet here we were thinking Matt was just an ordinary neighbour with a boring life!"
    "You shouldn't poke fun at Matthew. He's a world class urban explorer. Ever heard of the Catacombs in Paris?"
    "Yep. Heard of it. Don't know a lot about it."
    "He used to explore that place on his own, a lot. I said to him, did it ever scare you, walking around something so deep and claustrophobic, so dark and unnerving. So lonely and helpless? 'Doesn't frighten me one bit,' he'd say, it made him feel detached from the world, at peace. He seemed to possess a natural sense of direction, he never felt like he was ever going to get lost. Like he had eyes in the dark. That's an extraordinary capability to have. He is a unique individual. He has explored bomb shelters, caves, sewers, you name it, he has explored it. The only problem is that he is not here with us right now in this ruddy forest!"
    "And it was so kind of you to lead us through this death forest wasn't it Leonard!"
    "This is the only safe way I know that will take us to where we need to be."
    "What do you think made these holes in the ground?"
    "Maybe the question should be not what, but who made the holes."
    "That's right, blame everything on the aliens. Aliens are flying down onto our planet, making holes in the middle of a Russian forest that, coincidentally, just happens to lie next to a ruddy big Research Center, and then fly away again as if nothing has happened."
    "So I take it you don't believe in aliens?"
    "It's not that I don't accept that there isn't other life out there. But the idea that this other life is making secret visits to our planet, creating holes, abducting people and killing livestock makes a great cover story for the military. It takes the attention away from their weapon development and aircraft testing. They want more people to believe in aliens because if the people are thinking about aliens, they are not suspicious of the military's activities. Which may or may not be nefarious."
    "And what are the military doing?"
    "Competing. With other countries. To avoid being militarily left in the dark. Always looking to build the next super weapon or find that advancement in technology which gives them the edge. Russia, America, China, Britain, France. All afraid of each other's capabilities. The minute you are inferior militarily and economically to your enemy, you start becoming vulnerable. Vulnerable to being a bit part player. Vulnerable to colonisation and totalitarianism. This High Voltage Generator out in the middle of nowhere for example is an example of a country that always wants to be one step ahead, to have the intelligence and weaponry that other countries do not. To be at the forefront, defend the country, or just for economic influence."
    "Area 51? What about that place?"
    "Everything that you could ever imagine. Every kind of test. Invisibility, cloning, eugenics. Area 51 is not just exclusive to America. Most countries have their secret places where they try to outdo one another. But sometimes, in their innocence, people discover horrible things when dabbling in science. Fission bombs for example. It was the Curies who discovered that pitchblende contained polonium and radium and isolated it. All these tiny childlike experiments lead to big things. Things that people will fight and kill for."
    "What are we fighting and killing for, Leonard?"
    "We are not fighting, or killing anyone boy. We are here to continue what Pinto started."
    "Pinto sounds like a bit of a maniac in my opinion."
    "Not true! He was a victim of other people's corruption and disunity."
    "Hey! Have you guys not noticed how warm it feels? There isn't a single cloud in the sky, yet it was absolutely pouring with rain last night. The ground doesn't even feel wet this morning. Not find it odd?"
    "I was thinking exactly the same thing boy. Cloud seeding?"
    "Nothing seems to make sense anymore. We have just walked away from a huge generator situated in the middle of nowhere without even blinking. Why aren't we fucking shocked! Literally!"
    "When the Great Patriotic War ended, the town of Istra became a research center for electrical power engineering. The Federal State Unitary Enterprise conduct application studies in the field of high and ultra-high voltages, electrophysics problems, physics of plasma gas discharge, impulse electrophysics, solid-state physics, circuitry engineering, superconductivity and science and technical problems."
    "That explains a lot Len!" Carter said sarcastically.
    "It is believed that these experiments are based on the work of Nikola Tesla. A man so far in front of the word genius, he makes the word genius look pedestrian."
    "How long before we get to this river?"
    "Twenty minutes or so. We have to keep taking this forest nice and slow. We're doing okay so far. But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet."
    "The Istra River is a tributary of the Moskva River. Think of it like a branch coming out of a tree trunk."
    "I did study Geography at school. You don't need to patronise me."

To be continued...


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2014-08-12 18:01:17

The black lodge...

nietzlawe responds:

You know too much...

"Time to load my gun."


2014-08-13 09:26:18

The white lodge?

nietzlawe responds:

The sweat lodge.


2014-08-13 10:04:10

Capacitors, sequantially activated capacitors, that's the answer.... http://www.electric-cars-are-for-girls.com/building-a-generator-hybrid-electric-car.html Because batteries are needed for acceleration...

nietzlawe responds:

As is the human foot.


2014-08-13 10:59:10

That's where I need to go, my back is killing me... at gunpoint.

nietzlawe responds:

Well, it is my teeth that are killing me... at gumpoint.


2014-08-13 23:16:18

Talking about invisibility and cloaking http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140804151512.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28Latest+Science+News+--+ScienceDaily%29 this promises so much, but i wonder if it deflects signals how will the thing inside be able to get info on its surroundings? maybe it will be used only for buildings and other non mobile structures....

No, that actually explains a lot, like for example the enormous tower sized Pulse Generator, i was thinking that they would be using it to test a behemothian machine, but it is actually field research on high levels of electricity... which then may very well be used on a behemothian machine...

Mmmh that's a hard one, i have to decide between the genius that was Tesla, and that world record breaking Japanese magnet fusion conductor.

nietzlawe responds:

That invisibility and cloaking is quite eerie. Especially when you read about the Elisa Lam case...

Used on a benemothian machine. Or a behemothian country. Humans seem to turn every invention into a weapon.

I'll stay with Tesla. But only because I don't know the other guy.


2014-09-12 03:17:47

Oh that case i spend some weeks on the comment discussion that was going on in youtube, and the educated consensus seems to be drug poisoning by mushrooms, which are synthesized by the body and become untraceable after some hours, as for how she got there, clearly she was killed, the hotel manager probably was the one that feed her the mushrooms and also opened the locks then pushed her into the tank, her unusual behavior corresponds with the use of those kind of mushrooms, however the girl suffered from bipolar disorder, which made her a perfect target to kill and blame her odd actions more on the state of her psyche than on drugging.

Weapons YAY!

Well the other guys are a bunch of researches working on a lab under a certain university that so just happen to be on Japan, long gone are the times where revolutionary inventions could be claimed by only one researcher. Yeah sticking with Tesla is a wise idea.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

As soon as I heard about the case, which was only about a week ago. I must have analysed it constantly for about 3 days.

Your theory is similar to mine. But the drug of choice could have been scopolamine. Interesting too that the word 'lam' just happens to be part of that word. But this drug is fucked up man, you can actually blow it in somebody's face to induce a zombie-like state. If that is the case it would be easy then for a couple of spooks or somebody working in the hotel to instruct her to the roof, where the tank is already open, then she simply climbs in and drowns.

The real mysteries are what reason would you have for being on the 14th floor when your hotel room is on the 4th floor?

Why does the video look doctored in parts? Someone on Youtube posted a time stamp with an alleged 54 seconds missing.

Why has nothing more been said about this appearance on the George Stroumboulopoulos show, in which the hat she is wearing has the letters 'Hot' written on it? As in Hotel Cecil. What did she discuss on the show? Why is there no broadcast of it? Very weird that she has a Hotel Cecil hat.


Very odd and creepy case, but I don't believe anything supernatural happened. My opinion on the motive of murder. She probably knew about something Tuberculosis related from her time at the British Colombia university. Or she could even have been a sleeper agent designed to plant the sickness in the Skid Row area. Very weird that the Tuberculosis test is called LAM-ELISA. That is the mother of all coincidences. Amongst about 50 other bizarre possibilities.

Weapons are the spice of life. Even spice, which you could probably throw into somebody's eyes.

I'm currently reading Tesla My Inventions. It's only a short autobiography. Surely it's got to be longer than 34 pages.


2014-09-12 17:40:39

Interesting but she was too upbeat and active for it to be scopolamine which actually has the opposite effect, it pacifies you and makes you to follow orders, yes but you lose energy, in higher dosses it can put you to sleep, and from there on dead comes due to system failure, so while it would be a great drug to command her into the water tank, it would go against her odd energetic behavior that was shown int the video.

Is indeed weird, that is why my number one suspect is the hotel manager because he has access to all these things that he can manipulate, as for why they haven't broadcast the show, i have no idea about that one. All in all i agree nothing supernatural at all happened, she was clearly drugged then killed.

Well that is were you are ahead of me, we never really came closer to discovering a reason of why they killed her exactly, but your coincidence is indeed intriguing, specially because coincidentally this video about coincidences was releases not so long ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHCHEykUxP4

Pepper spray!

Well he had a really bad life, totally depraved of all recognition and died alone surrounded by pigeons, that is the curse of gaining the antagonist of the son of a thousand prostitutes piece of shit pig capitalist scum of scums oportunistic bastard known as Thomas Edison.

nietzlawe responds:

I trust you on the drug theory. You are probably right. She was definitely under the influence and light-headed. You can tell that just by the way she walked into the elevator for the first time, kind of bending down very smoothly. I have done the same thing myself when I've been out drinking and have gone to the toilet. Your brain kind of numbs up from the effects, so you tend to bend and sway.

The first part of the hand movements look real. Like what really happened, and then the second part of her hand movements look like the video being doctored, as though frames have been reversed and forwarded. Kind of like her name ELISA-LAM-LAM-ELISA.

You are probably right. The hotel manager, or some staff at that Hotel would definitely have some knowledge of what happened. It could even have been possible to wait until she got into the elevator on the 4th floor, and manipulated it somehow to travel to the 14th floor. Then locked it up. That hotel is one creepy place. lots of history too.

I revisited the George Stroumboulopoulos photo again. Looking at Wiki it states the following:

Taping locations

The program typically tapes at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, Monday to Friday in front of a live studio audience, then is broadcast at 7:00 p.m. (ET).

The show has gone on location to Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and St. John's, and has twice broadcast from London.[citation needed]

Toronto is very far away from Lam's home of Vancouver. So it was likely that when the show was filmed in Vancouver, she was on that one. According to a search, it says that the Vancouver episodes were filmed around March 15th 2012. Yet she went missing on January 31st and was found on February 19th 2013.

The time of her death was one year after the George Stroumboulopoulos episodes. Yet in that photo, she is clearly sat on the stage (the red chairs) wearing a hat that says Hot. We can't say for sure if it reads Hotel Cecil, but the font is very similar and if you look closely, the letter O is wide like the Hotel Cecil.

Now if that hat does indeed say Hotel Cecil on the front. Why is she wearing it one year prior to visiting the place? It's an odd co-incidence to live in Vancouver, and have a hat that features a hotel that she probably has never visited in her life. Did she buy the hat? Or was she given it, and if so by whom? Does the George Stroumboulopoulos tonight only feature celebrities? Or does it also allow members of the public on the show?

That appearance and the whole tuberculosis thing seem very significant. In the drama Utopia, certain people (sleeper agents) are brainwashed and told when to release a flu virus into the public domain. It just has that feel to me.

In other random news. I found this interesting thing, have you heard of it?


I don't really believe in all those backwards messages. They are the kind of things that people can convince themselves they are hearing. But with the ELISA-LAM and LAM-ELISA coincidence, it was in plain black and white. And a quite large outbreak of tuberculosis affected the Skid Row area after her body was found. Too odd.

Thomas Edison. What a cunt.


2014-09-13 08:00:35

Yeah but you can see her running and screaming, some people even said that maybe she was being chased, but i disagree, both scopolamine and mushrooms give some really unpleasant hallucinations, so for her to suffer a panic attack the drugging should suffice, however since scopolamine makes yo tame you can't really have an outburst.

That's a really good eye you had there, i actually didn't noticed that!

Yeah that hotel has history with these kind of grim stories and events, which is why i say that maybe one of the higher ups in my case the manager is the perpetrator, as of why i am not sure, but i like to think that maybe morbid tradition, it seems the place was already famous for having their guests dying or better said killed.

Maybe she was given the hat in a promotional maneuver when she was searching were to stay once she decided to travel there, but i really can't make any conjectures with just that photo, or without any other examples of paraphernalia with the branding of the hotel, specially since it seems that the hotel is called both Cecil Hotel and Hotel Cecil, so it could be, that she was already targeted one year prior to that.

I have no idea of how that show operates really.

The interesting thing here is that it afflicted mostly just the homeless population, but the other guest who drank from the water which had her cadaver on it, didn't reported anything unusual with their health.

Transaction 4, a portable stove with gas which costs around $40 exchanged for a generator that at best could be get for $200 , that guy... incredible.
But the next 2 one are even more BS, he trades the generator for an "instant party" and an IOU, he then changed that for an snowmobile! a goddamn neon sign and a beer keg for a snowmobile...
Then he exchanges that for trip, and one of the seats he trades it for a whole truck, at this point the levels of nonsense are astonishing. From this point on celebrities start to involve themselves and you know at that point reason has lost its place.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

I didn't see any running or screaming. She looked very casual. Yet some of the body language methods are consistent with giving yourself false courage. Like springing out of the elevator and looking both ways fast. By doing this, she is removing anticipation and fear by getting it over and done with really quickly. The other one is stamping the floor when jumping out of the elevator, again, this is something I can say I've done outside an elevator as it can relieve the tension of silence and create the impression that you're not in a lonely and uncomfortable situation.

That part at 2.06 sticks out like a sore thumb. Her arm jolts too sharply. It's unlikely that that is a natural hand movement, and I believe the footage has been doctored. Not only that, but at 2.58 when the elevator door shuts, the door seems to jerk shut, like it has skipped some frames. Again it happens very sharply and unnaturally.

Tell me this if you can man. How possible is it, to turn out a corridor light, yet make it appear as though the light is still on on a surveillance camera? Is something like that even possible? The first part of the hand movements kind of remind me of somebody that is fumbling around in the dark to check their bearings.

What I find odd about the hand movements is that when she flips to the side, her right hand touches her own right shoulder, palm facing up. It's such an awkward movement. The other weird thing is, what are the chances of her performing this odd ritual just so that enough of it can be seen on camera. It's a bit co-incidental.

Why would you walk outside an elevator, lean up against a wall as normal, then out of the blue, flip to the right sharply, bend over and start doing hand gestures like that, almost like some kind of weird swimming motions.

I honestly believe she was performing some kind of self-imposed MK Ultra ritual. Just so fucking odd and mind-boggling. This thing will never be solved. It can't possibly be solved if it was committed by higher powers. I'm telling you man, she was a sleeper agent. It makes more sense than anything else.

It's odd that none of her friends and family have ever said anything about when she appeared on that tv show. Someone should ask that George guy, when was she on your show? That could be so important, especially if it was a year or two before ever going to the Cecil. Someone should also clarify what those hats read. Let's just say she is wearing a Cecil Hotel hat, and that picture was taken a year or two before she ever visited the Cecil, then that is very fucking odd in my opinion.

It's not like she was a celebrity and had a career to talk about. I would bet you anything that when she appeared on that show, it was something to do with humanitarianism, world food aid or something to do with vaccinations.

Exactly, that was weird that the outbreak didn't really affect the hotel, but mostly the homeless population. But there are so many strange coincidences with this case for it to be a straightforward suicide story.

It was probably the hype and attention in the end that enabled that guy to trade his red paperclip for increasingly extravagant items.


2014-09-25 23:51:19

You are right she was not running at all, however she did scream at least once at the beginning of the tape, before she went out of the elevator for the first time, that may be part of she giving herself false courage, however such demeanor is still too energetic for scopolamine.

Yeah indeed she has an uncanny burst of speed at 2:06 however if she is under the effects of drugs other than scopolamine such quick contortions are not that rare.
Mmmh yeah at 2:58 there are clearly some frames missing, that one i can definitively say it is an edit.

You are talking about minute 1:58 and forth? well i don't think she is fiddling with the lights, it looks like a mixture of she having a conversation with someone and she organizing something on a table, it could be indeed she thinking of check her bearings, it is all part of the hallucination.
Mmmh, but i can do that perfectly, even more if i add momentum it is even easier, plus at least over here a lot of women use that kind of overly marked hand gestures, is like at any moment they will slap you if you are too close XD.
Again she was drugged, and part of the hallucination was caught on camera, it doesn't has to be a ritual, necessarily.

Well like i say, some women talk with their hands like that...

Na, it looks to me as she was hallucinating a conversation, while she was organizing something like lets say her travelling bag, i tell you humans can be really expressive.

Those are great points which i could not agree more with, indeed they could contact that George guy, and ask her family about their lack of concern, well not like everyone has close family ties.

I really have no idea because i don't know that show at all.

I insist on she being murdered.
On the outbreak though, i just don't know how you manage to target just that population by releasing the disease in such a place like the water-tank of an hotel, and not getting the people who came in immediate contact with it to show symptoms, maybe with a double operation... but then how will the water from the tank end making contact with the homeless?

But how did he got the hype and attention at the very start of it?

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

It's really baffling. And also quite odd that in one of the videos on Youtube, you see the word Otis written on the inside of the elevator. And what happens when you search for Elisa Otis? You get, 'did you mean Elisha Otis?' So you click yeah okay and read about Elisha Otis, then you find out that she was an inventor of a safety device that prevents elevators from falling. Okay so Elisa is not Elisha, but only 1 letter out.


The coincidences that keep popping up are staggering. It's like a multi-layered mystery with no end in sight. No willingness on the LAPD's part to investigate anything. It's just, 'case closed' that's it. That's why I lean towards professional murder orchestrated by those at the very top.

You are almost certainly right, it's obvious she was under the influence of some drug. Maybe everything started getting blurry and she started seeing double, and that is why she was pressing every button on the key pad and why her arms were so loose and flailing. I noticed that after the arm movements, she then almost has the zombified look about her, like she is about to start sleepwalking.

People keep saying they can see the foot of another person, but it's not. When she walks off screen, her left foot curves in very acutely, like you would if you were drunk or off-balance. I bet she fell to the floor not long after she walked off screen. She definitely started to look off-balance.

Maybe someone will bring up the tv show angle at some point somewhere. It would be so easy for the show to confirm her appearance, all it takes is somebody working on the set of the show to say,"yep, she was here." And reason for being on the show, maybe she was just a visitor. But if so, why was she allowed to sit on the main stage.

I know you don't have the answer to those simple questions, but someone must do somewhere.

Yeah it is weird that if you were planning to plant a TB sickness in a water tank, that only people away from the Hotel were affected. I can't suss it at all, I've been racking my brains at times.

What if it was some kind of outbreak that some of the hotel guests contracted, but it did them no harm somehow, and when they left the Hotel it spread on to the city. I wonder if those water tanks supply anything outside of the Hotel?


2014-09-26 20:54:45

Were exactly does that word appear? i never saw it, and even if it was there it can bu just a brand-mark for safety in elevators named after the inventor, no need to take it there.

The police are one of the most negligent organisations in the whole world, they will call anything a case closed as long as they can skip the job, that hardly counts as evidence.

Yeah whatever she was seeing was in her mind, and i do say it was a byproduct of hallucinogenics.


Mmmh maybe they have a section which part of the audience gets to interact with the main cast the host and the current guest? i have no idea.

The inquiries shall continue, for the moment we stop asking is when the plotters win.

Haha, yeah, if she had died on a lake or a more accessible place it could be more workable.

Mmmh i don't think those tanks supply to places outside the hotel, the place doesn't seems big enough to host tanks of a size where they could give to other places other than the main building.
But what about this idea? for example they disseminate the body in the tank, and then take the water from there and drop it on the rest of the city, manually, since the main infected body is hidden in the water-tank of an hotel, it would be hard to trace, however why were the other hotel guests not affected by this?

The hotel guests becoming the new hosts for the disease then spreading it is a very real possibility, however why were they immune to it? and not the other guys? was it made to start acting once it gets to a 3rd generation host? and if so, why was it reported as a normal branch when the outbreak was known and not as a mutation of it?

nietzlawe responds:

Here you go, a picture of inside the elevator with the word Otis. There is also a video somewhere that someone made where they get inside and you see it:


It is quite lucky that Elisha is almost Elisa.

This is one of the most interesting threads to follow:


Even creepier is if you read into all the Aleister Crowley connections with LAM, you also learn about something called O.T.O, which stands for Ordo Templi Orientis. If you capitalise these letters O r d o T e m p l i o r i e n t IS you have OTIS again.


The continual coincidences are insane, and this case is no accident.

Her friend said that she would go missing at times and go into therapy. Could have easily been those periods where the MK Ultra treatment came into play.

A good question to ask would be, what the hell was she studying at the University of Colombia? The only thing that she mentioned was that she skipped classes. Did she have any involvement with the Tuberculosis Bio Lab at that University?

It's strange that her appearance on that tv show has been so neglected. I wish I knew which episode of the show she had the photo taken, the date could be so important.

The disseminating theory could work. The hotel guests would have been totally random people. I even heard there was an English couple staying there. There would be no way of knowing which hotel guests were immune to tuberculosis.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. I would like to know precisely where the TB outbreak started? What date? Precisely the people it affected? How long it lasted? How many fell ill or died from the outbreak?


2014-09-27 06:01:02

Sorry man, but no, just no, like i said, that Otis hardly tells me anything by itself, and the liberal use of capitalization of Ordo Templi Orientis just to make it spell Otis is just way too far inside the realms of unfounded paranoia, i just cant follow neither entertain that idea, because it is too crazy.

That's one messy forum.

Aliens? is this the History channel now? XD.

Well universities have a lot of options, so it could be about anything, and freshmen love to skip class so nothing weird there.

At the end of the day, It was a small outbreak, that afflicted mostly the less fortunate side of society, those living in the streets, overall nothing really worth getting major coverage.

nietzlawe responds:

It just goes to show how easy it is to make a connection, even if the connection is just accidental.

I don't believe in aliens on Earth. But I guess people like Crowley either did, or pretended to.

I discovered something new from watching one of the videos. There is a painting on the Cecil's lobby wall that is similar to the painting on the wall of that 322 room at the Hotel ZaZa. The one where people have long necks.

1.42 of video:

Room 322 of Hotel ZaZa:

Someone in that forum suggested that there might be a hidden floor in the hotel, like a kill room floor. There is definitely some clandestine shit going on in that hotel. Apparently, the British Secret Service used to use a floor at the Hotel Cecil in Egypt.

The great shame about this whole case is that you don't know who is telling the truth about anything, the facts are blurry, too many legitimate possibilities for what happened, thus making the case absolutely unsolvable. It's impossible for sleuths to solve anything without specific information. Information which they will never get.

You never know in the future. But I think it will remain an unsolved mystery possibly forever.


2014-09-27 20:40:05

It looks more like a forced connection than an accidental one to me, if the guy that makes a safety invention for elevators, then it is just normal that his invention will have his name.

Aliens sure must exist, but i doubt they are here, and they better not be boring ass grey or green humanoids with big heads.

The one from buzzpatrol: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/b799d29712ebde4387f6d86ca05191fd yeah i don't get access there

That video was hilarious, it totally makes you lose all respect for the place XD.

No idea there.

Sleuth sounds so much like slut, i couldn't come to dislike that word any more than what i already do XD. Yeah the sleuths will have a hard time getting any clues to cum their way if they want to finish this case.

The hotel is a shit joint, if people still go there is because they want a cheap place, they have no idea where they are going, or they are suicidal or maybe adventurous, i only know is that i would never go into an hotel with more than one confirmed murder, let a lone 4 and who knows what else!

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

I suppose Otis must have elevators all over the world. The only odd thing that garnered my attention was that you can make the name Elisa out of Elisha. Out of all the forced connections, that is quite a rare and accidental chance of happening when you consider how many names for people there are in the world.

Yeah, those stereotypical aliens are the worst. Pretty much most of the UFO sightings on Earth are militaries testing their new modes of flight. I watched a very good documentary a couple of years ago that showed that certain people, especially the Germans were making flying saucers. I think in the distant future, a flying saucer will be a commercial mode of flight.

There are bound to be aliens out there. We are surely not the only ball residing in the sky with life on it. It's more than likely that distant planets have exactly the same lifeforms as Earth, yet they are likely to either be behind or ahead of us in terms of development and evolution. If they can develop faster and explore space, there is nothing to stop them from visiting Earth. I just don't think it's happened yet.

The hotel is deceptive. You have to wonder why they spent over 15 million dollars renovating the lobby, yet leave the rest of the hotel looking like a shithole.

It reminds me of one of those hotels where a clandestine group would play pranks on all the guests, hiding in the walls, spy cameras, real eyes looking through the eyes of a painting, certain types of gas or drug blown into rooms in order to scare people and make them feel as though there is a ghostly presence in the room.

Even if you were with 6 other people, you wouldn't go in that hotel. It's so dodgy. At nighttime sleeping in a room on your own on the 14th floor, it's the stuff to give you nightmares. That'd be one long ass night.

I can't help but think that Elisa was a guest, given a specific and private invite to a floor where all the people invited were privy to some kind of secret information. Whether it was about the invisibility technology or something to bio engineering. When you look at her twitter page, the last thing she ever wrote on there, 1 day before booking in at the Cecil was SPEAKEASY. It's easy to say that speakeasy means an illegal party, or a way around the drinks prohibition. But a speakeasy is also one of those things where there is a slot in the door and you have to say a secret password to get in (Hermitslaylowa). That would explain why she ended up on a higher floor of the hotel and felt comfortable at the time, possibly on a hidden floor of the hotel. I think a hidden floor is not an unrealistic possibility, it's an hotel with a lot of history. People in secret societies would only have to turn up at the hotel in scruffy clothes and get in the elevator, it's not like they would bring any attention on themselves. Elisa Lam was wearing very ordinary clothes too, nothing fancy. It's possible that she was part of a secret society. It would explain why a girl who continuously said she never left the house, would randomly travel all the way down south to a very specific hotel and end up in that very situation.

She practically lived on the internet. It's impossible to think that she had booked this vacation to the Cecil Hotel and never done any research into it's history beforehand. A few mere google searches bring up all the serial killer stuff, all the reviews on Yelp that say how terrifying it is and how you feel like you're going to get knifed just walking along a corridor.

I bet you if you plan on staying at a hotel somewhere, you do some prior research. It's common sense. Which is why I'm suspicious of her reasons for travelling to the Cecil.

Damn man the case has swallowed me whole. Maybe it's time to put it to rest.


2014-09-28 20:54:27

Ok i will let the one with Elisa and Elisha be, because it is a more reasonable link.

That would be a nice thing to have, is about time we get something apart from planes, helicopters and rockets for airborne travel.

Yeah with how grand the universe it would be strange is we were the only ones with this format of life, because i also think that there could be other life forms that are not carbon based out there.

Front appearances, once you pay your stay based on the outlooks of it, you will have to suck it up.

Oh i wouldn't be on my own, i bet there would be plenty of roaches behind the walls to give me company, and the water would come with some flesh eating maggots, and they probably will be feasting on a finger from the water tank connected to the sink in my room, because the showers are in the damn hallway! XD.

I can see how that hotel may have some secret rooms, they are actually quite popular among old buildings, and i can see her being invited there, however i really don't have much info on the full background of the girl so i can only say that, yes it is plausible for her to be part of a group, but maybe she was just a victim, a sacrifice by a group killing an external person, but sure someone in this day an age would have searched for some info regarding the place were you will be lodged, however if she was an accomplice we would she go displaying such thing on camera instead of finding a way more convenient way to kill herself and spread the disease? like committing suicide in a lake instead of a water tank in a hotel? or really any other place that would hide better the corpse.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

If England invent a flying saucer, they will probably build a cup of tea on top of it to live up to the corny British tea stereotype... (which unfortunately is a true stereotype).

Yeah you get lured to the Cecil...

"What a fantastic lobby!"
"Oh my God, Bill, we have to stay at this Hotel!!"

*Gets to room. Two crestfallen faces*

If you do ever visit the hotel, take a chisel, try and break some of the walls, see if there are any secret passageways. Those showers in the hallway are super scary. Can you imagine a single woman using a bathroom like that? Incredibly dodgy. I wouldn't even stay on the 1st floor there, never mind 14th Floor. Those corridors are horrible, the lighting is so dingy, the decor is so miserable and doesn't make you feel assured at all. But at the same time, there is something fascinatingly intriguing about the look and history of the place.

It would be easy to have had a secret meeting there. One thing they might have done is invite people that she knew well to make her feel more confident about going. At the time of the meeting, she gets in elevator, possibly punches in some secret code to access the hidden floor/area. Ends up on floor. Then a possibility of two things, the first being that there really is a meeting, which she attends, but gets some cold feet vibe towards the end, so she sneaks off and tries to leave via the elevator. Seeing as the elevator is on a secret floor, it's locked up unless you know the leaving password.

Second theory is that there is no secret meeting on arrival at the secret floor, it's just a straight up trap, by possibly random occultists. there is an occultist vibe to that hotel.

Tis all just speculation and theory, but her being a part of a secret society is my theory. I think she is an MK Ultra victim that had her mind split early in her life and was programmed to became a dissociative person.

It is weird that the method of spreading TB wasn't done in a much easier way. She made quite a few twitter posts that mentioned flu or alluded to being infected. Did you see the message that was graffiti'ed on the side of the water tank?



Wonder what that translated to?


2014-09-29 22:44:53

Lol, so you all will live in tea houses, literally.

"Hope you are happy now Sarah!"

Sure as a passerby the place is interesting to just give it a look, investigate about it, but to stay there? hell no!

I like the second one, the first one i which she is part of a cult doesn't really rings with me because there are plenty of places better to plant the corpse.

Looks photoshopped to me, but no idea what it means.

nietzlawe responds:

We will all be forced to become tea drinkers instead of freethinkers.

I've never been able to drink tea, it's disgusting. A hot chocolate at Starbucks topped with whipped cream and various toppings is much better.

Who wants to live in tea bubble saucers, banging on the sides looking for a way out. Someone on the outside mocking your barely audible screams.

Sarah and Bill fell ill that day, they said they had felt a bit of a chill when they went to take deep breaths at the window sill. Man walked in wearing invisibility kilt, he was Scottish and he said to them in a Willie voice, "ackk.. red pill or blue pill?"

They didn't need the Senna lax, they had already shit themselves.

I bet it absolutely stinks inside the Cecil. It looks like a smelly place. I can imagine the Freemasons walking through the lobby in slow motion wearing nose pegs as they head for the elevator to take them to the secret floor, while the song Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning is playing in the background.



2014-10-01 13:01:42

Yeah when it comes to brown beverages chocolate is the best, i refer mine cold, if is hot it burns my tongue.

So they asked for the purple pill.

Ha interesting i was expecting a more sinister soundtrack from them.

nietzlawe responds:

Oh yeah, the ol' tongue blisters. Can't be doing with scolding hot chocolate. Who wants to have a mouth that feels like there is a layer of skin missing?

Certainly not us!

Or them!

Who is them? Who are dey? 2Spooky4Me were on the phone again. Threatening violence against All Who Try to Invesigate.

The Freemasons might have this song as their theme tune:



2014-10-01 21:47:03

Plot twist their secret meetings actually take place inside an elevator!

nietzlawe responds:

They do have their meetings inside the elevator, but the real music they listen to is this one:



2014-10-03 00:46:47

And they do it while wearing smiley masks.

nietzlawe responds:

And random boiler suits.


2014-10-03 01:23:24

With lab coats on top, but instead of white black.

nietzlawe responds:

With white piano keys painted on the front as collars.


2014-10-03 03:51:45

And top hats.

nietzlawe responds:

And holding copies of a thelema book by Aleister Crowley.


2014-10-03 04:49:49

While wearing triangular shaped sunglasses.

nietzlawe responds:

And sporting handlebar moustaches.


2014-10-04 02:57:52

Smoking a pipe.

nietzlawe responds:

Full of natural tobacco. *cough cough*