Entry #399

Calm Before The Storm

2014-02-26 16:18:53 by nietzlawe


Volume Up... To 100 percent, let's give those melodies something to feed on. Scraps, Feeder songs. You might need readers, glasses, you'll have a blast if you can see this conceited piece of gibberish in which we concede.. completely exceeded our own expectations. Nah, tip of the iceberg, write my words on rice paper and swallow it before people say its libelous. To write without geopolitical freedom = lifeless. Nobody would like this, including the propietor of these unkind assignments i.e. Nietzlawe II... Who does what he do because do he what does Who? Left in the dark, with the light on. Pitching, writing another bitchy piece, synapses itching... Trying to stretch the imagination to unimaginable lenghts, teh end is never in sigth. You gotta write to clear the negative vibes. At the same time you're Bonding Souls, at first you were just writing shit while tired, but then aspired to something higher, now they say Zen-like Messiah. But we say, that they say, crazy, shit, talking out of their modderfodderfucking.com asses... It was never the intention to give the impression that you gave a fuck, back then, when the health wasn't so good and the outlook wasn't so bright, you hadn't reached enlightenment, even now you haven't received that entitlement. Bestow a kid from the worstown. You can't do that, or remove that hat that I just glued to your forehead of your 4th head. Then I forcefed your horse with radish. A dish, which is better than lamb, fish or chicken, beef, pork or Stork margarine. Ogle the norks of the stark-naked Star Wars fan... Female of course, but let's not start wars... Let's continue this irrational but passionate journey into the unknown abyss of Abi Titmuss on a piece of fitness apparatus. Let's piss on our friends, then dance with haters.. Let's masturbate on a plate of potatoes.. NO! Let's stay focused and remain in it for the Long Haul, do it for teh lauhgs and lawls... Scrawling, tarnishing the walls, using the space as parchment for my tapestry, tap in to this, recharge the batteries, it doesn't matter, we can sit and laugh at Rich and Matt from the Snuff Box, happily. Waste time filling up this vacant mind space with great ideas. To release without giving ourselves sleepless nights, weeping without the light on... But tonight the wake up show resumes like a Sumo wrestler eating Sumo sushi... The fucking show only ends when we say it ends. It could end in the next sentence... Or paragraph. Paragraph? You'll be fucking lucky... Don't go making expectations coz I have no intention of living up to them. And certainly no intention of giving up this explicit arrangement of strangeness. Dr. Love, Seuss, Zeus, nothing to lose.. except invisible possessions... Small potatoes, man I hate those, you can't make mash... But the head of this dickhead is mashed with Maria Sharapova, well her rear really, can't compare hers to my rear, which is hairy'er than we originally thought when we were eating Worthers, they were hers, but we stole them, which took its toll from the golem that solemnly did swear that he swore before his lips had time to open... He had something real important to say, but we threw him in the quicksand and watched him sink real slow... Slowsand. Emile Sande can't stand this humour, or understand how the words connect, and the spellcheckers are pissed off at how many fucking words they have to correct... Tough shit, you need to adapt or get slapped in the face with a bream fish, or alternatively, a smeg-coated penis dipped in Wasabi sauce, then wafted under Robert Mugabe's nose... Robert McClarkGable, unstable dictator, hateful prick.. Satan. He's 90 now, sooo almost dead, not long to go. Tick Tock.. Prick Drop... Dead Quick... so that sick head... can perish... I'm moorish for more of this morbid shit... Back in the day there was a thing we used to say, but that quote got lost and the bloke that tried to deliver it got throttled... Like that Day of the Tentacle that tickled ten testicles simultaneously while playing the piano and a prostate gland at the same time... RAMEN RUMOURS! Today I tried sushi for the first time... Raymond was my father's name, everybody loved him, except the inept doctors that didn't try hard enough... Water under the Bridge.. of Resentment. So now I bring to you my hateful presentation that no human on Earth should bear witness to, except a bare witness who is scared witless man because she has just been raped by a rich businessman called Rich Bisnusmann... Sink the Bismarck tis already sunk now its time to dance the funky chicken and eat paella and cut patella. Sell the kneecaps to Neil Capp, its no long handy that Andy is handicapped... But forget about him, what about the magic in these fingertips, flinging shit under your nose so that you can smell it lingering like a singer that can't hold notes or carry instruments... You've ruined that cover, you stupid motherfucker!

Take my last breath and die a horrible death, impossible stress levels, intolerant thresholds. The irresponsibility had took its toll, Took is rolling on the floor laughing his motherfuckin' ass off, while we are curled up in a huddle ball after fighting through a struggle, we fell from the scuffle, just another brawl. Another mental barrier, just another metal wall, but we can get over this by using an aircraft carrier and settle this once and for all. Its time to pull things together before its too late. No, not the drapes, or the two opposing magnets that wont meet in a darkened room in Arkansas. Noah's umbrella doesn't work, its unemployed, the thing wasn't deployed properly. Acid rain, beakers of the green stuff, jars of creatine, cretins in charge of the lab, retina scans wont work, they are unemployed also. Eyeb Halls, paint all over the plaice fish and a scene I can't quite place this. Frosting and glaze, lazy eye syndrome, too shoddy to compare, nothing can be replicated except the reptile's projectile vomit. But we choose to omit that scene from the film, then put the villain into witness protection for his own safety. The line between reality and fiction is blurred, or maybe you're just not aware you are not wearing your new pair of glasses. Google Glass, Bulletproof eye patch irritates your eyelashes, Bulletproof Monk, Mudder do thunk, think, that's the thing Nietz.. you don't think.. before you write.. you tend to use things before they are even piped into your mind. Type, don't even give the paper time to dry, and in the midst of this improvised bullshit, you don't tell us why the blog is about Sacrifice? FUCK YOU NIETZ! I QUIT! Wait dude, are you not first going to read what I writ? Wrote.. devotedly? Neither would I, we, they, them, you, us.. argh! Puppy Play, Pedal Pumping, Revel in Baselines, my playtime consists of a way to waste time by making fun of people's waistlines, or raise awareness like a campaign searching for A Missing Person. But these frigging words only end up worsening the situation. My own future is uncertain and unsustainable.

Okay, playtime is over, time to stink out the place with these sweaty odours.. But it can't happen, not while this Argentium keeps us smelling like a gentleman with rough hands that has been dealt tough cards in life... Cardboard boxes more like, sleeping in them, with a sign that says FRAGILE DO NOT TOUCH.. because you might end up with cardboard cuts or friction burns or a six-inch scar from tampering with the sticky tape.. Gaffer from Tampa Bay Florida.. I wish that rider would go with the flow and spend 90% of his life alone in a cyclone with his psycho clone that was created out of experimentation rather than necessity... You get the message here Dr. Messenger, who shit in his pants then ordered a hit man to aim the red dot on a nipple. The Tit Man. Sit down and listen to this potato waffle from a lecturer. He's got his head in a towel trying to revive Elvive shampoo, but how will the animals survive if you buy products that do cause so much pain and suffering? You give more money, it gives more encouragement to test on mite whice and runny babbits that have mascara put in their eyes, and you don't haveacara in the world? All to boost their finances and project false beauty with scientific chemicals that don't work. Yezzir e Bob would not approve such shite. If these fuckers had any sense, they would pause for thought, how about taking these chemicals and pouring them down their throats? Biyatches, tis all about the Human Image. We are nothing except a stopgap for the next age. It doesn't matter if you are a Mason, dumb or amazing, you're more flawed than four floats that don't float... You can't change the world Nietz. Who said I was trying to? I'd be lucky if I could change into a fresh pair of clothes every day. No time to shower, or be clean shaven.

Why get burnout when you can learn how to churn out shit like its a kind of gym workout.. Enough to make you break out in a sweat because of your debt problems. Pipe down, then drown in 9 episodes of Downton Abbey... But Abby has down syndrome, that's the twist, like a watch that can barely fit around your fat wrists. Or like a mattress that can hardly carry this fat shit. See the sign that says GET FIT? Follow its rule, its time to sweat bitch. If you slim down you'll be able to scratch that leg itch. Hell, maybe you wont need your medication. I'm joking apart, but seriously I've started walking again to stop putting a strain on my heart. Only 12 stone, and palpitations, chocolate the culprit, fatty ingredients? They are full of it. Coca cola too, Pepsip, curry, too much of a build-up of lactic.

Make music for fun man, give it to the masses, never start charging for the privilege, otherwise you forget about the true meaning of what you're making. If you choose a pile of money, then go sit in it someplace on your own. The enjoyment is having something to strive for, a struggle, to be kept on your toes, something that stops you from stalling, or becoming stale. A never-ending feeling that there is always an extra rung to climb to, that constant drug, to keep on keeping on. The show must go on and the fun must never stop. you must remain forever unstoppable, a pill poppable, not culpable for being a puppet. with the mentality of a corporate fuckwit.

399... Tick Tock... Calm Before The Storm... Tick Tock...


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2014-02-26 21:15:06

Are these the rumored potatoes that you don't like? http://lh6.ggpht.com/_OfIjQBevFMU/TNhdK4NaPoI/AAAAAAAAHbM/atf4jxZDInw/None.jpg
If the answer is yes, then funny enough those are my favorite kind of potatoes, they are delicious if you fry them, or if you gratin them while soaking them in cheese and milk cream, man now i want to have some.

For real man, is ok to not shave, but take a shower at least! and that reminds me of this awesome product, which came recently and while i have not tried it, it sure does seem like quite the novel invention: https://www.headboy.org/drybath/

400... it was not a humble clock, it stopped its tick tocks, it seems it died, it is over now, talking about death how many characters have we killed, like death for real other than Danger and the Twisted Owl? they all seem to evade death, fake death, or come back as a robot... we need to start killing some of them again!

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

No, the potato in question is a tiny freakish potato that was in the bag when we bought a bag of regular-sized potatoes. Believe it or not, we kept the small potato just for shits and giggles. I might take a picture of it and put it on the Dumping Grounds.

So that is where the potato story originated from. You can make mash from potatoes and Maria Sharapova's nickname is 'Masha' so that is where that link came from, which leads me on to Maria---My Rear and so on.

I love not to shave, it's too itchy being clean-shaven. There are too many gimmicky novel inventions. We will just have to wait until these types of things are phased in before we really take them seriously.

399 was just the calm before the storm... 400, now I heard that one was a major bloodbath. The ship hit some turbulence and by Dog.. I'm too traumatised to even talk about what the mighty 400 has in store!

I'm more than happy for characters in our story to die. Permanently die I mean, never to return. Random Kid looks done for, being drowned in that lake, there is no coming back from that one. Jon Walter, he also died, his corpse is 31% rotted as we speak.

PEGI-13? Pfft.. don't make me fucking laugh. They are already puking up at the Cannes Film Festival.


2014-02-27 01:07:03

GMO goes wrong, again hahaha.

Oh interesting, interesting i learned a little bit about tennis today, wait, no not really XD. However! i learned a little bit of implicit wordplay, or so i think?

I actually am seriously thinking on getting some of dat drybath, at the paths of my not so fast life, that is to say lazy, it seems like drybath could come handy.

But John Walter was your alter ego so in a way he never really died, as for Random Kid, yeah he is dead, he is so dead, that the worms feasting on his bloated cadaver are beginning to die too!

This will became one of those underground-cult-culture- controversial- stories, that can only be found if they are search for it using a deep web browser.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

GMO (genetically modified orgasms) a brave new world.

You learned some of the inner workings of my implicit explicitness. An oxymoron, a uberfoxy proxy from the Fort Knox of Amanda.

Did we really learn anything from today's lesson? I hope not!

Drybaths will replace wet baths. Or should I say, the rich will have drybaths and the rest of us will have smart meters.

John Walter died. But in a way, it was a good thing he died young, his worst fear was developing gerascophobia. He also had a fear of reincarnation.

Random Kid is more dead than a debunked myth. The fans are pissed off, but we're the writers, and we felt that his character arc had come to an end. His only purpose was to raise Demon Dog, who frankly.. I can't see having much of a character arc in the near future either. But his magnetic daemon tool could spare him the chop. In fact, I have a feeling that the devil himself will see the Daemon Tool as one of his ingredients.

Yeah. Which castle crashers song. Can only be accessed at s3d8h9a93jd3d.onion. And even then when you access the link, you have to enter a 128 digit password, solve 150 different CAPTCHAs in a row, all really incoherent. After that, you have to pay a small Bitcoin charge... Then a series of manual verification checks. Then you reach a button that says Which Castle Crashers Song - ENTER. Click button, so you click it and it says...

404 Not Found.


2014-03-01 15:11:05

Glad to see Tom took notice of your sounds man! With all the time he puts in here, I guess your words of wonder would static up his brain... surprised he hasn't promoted good bloggers!

nietzlawe responds:

Yeah, it's really nice to get some Fulp Love. It surprised me seeing some of my tunes in that list. I saw it, then had to do a double-take and was like WTF?! I was like, Tom Fulp likes some of my tunes?!?! What the bloody hell is the world coming to?!

It just gives me more motivation to keep making tracks and writing, and do it more often. But importantly keep the music free forever.

I owe Newgrounds, it saved my life. I'll be forever indebted.


2014-03-01 19:05:41

I'm sure you'd be most welcome at Pico Day, if you could stowaway aboard a ship crossing the pond. I'd certainly put you up for a week. As a guest, I can get Tom to invite you... wanna see the guest list?

nietzlawe responds:

I'm in the process of sorting myself in that respect. Still need to get my passport renewed and countersigned, but I don't want to do any travelling just yet. Towards the end of this year is more realistic. I need to save a few pennies too.

Who is on the guest list? Anyone from the UK?


2014-03-02 03:17:48

You can access those futuristic GMOs using the cumpass.

The thing is not really all that expensive and while it was designed in principle to help a really lazy friend of the inventor, however it was adapted as a solution for places with limited access to water, which may also may mean that the overall price of drybath is an affordable one, however i don't have an official price for drybath so i can't defend this statement.

So the you that feared getting old and reincarnation is death now, aren't you happy? people normally don't notice when a part of their self dies.

That part of the secret to such a cursed song involves a demonic dog dick, actually makes sense for once!

You have to pay bitcoins for it? i thought we would keep this thing free of charge!

(Congrats on the Wonderful people mention BTW)

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

A cumpass to access the rump steak ass. There is a guy on the street yelling 'Come and get your cumpasses.' Which is very contradicktory.

I'm all for changes to preserve our resources on Earth while keeping the environment in pristine condition. If a drybath is the way forward, then bring it on.

The part of me that died was the weakness to follow rather than lead. That was a happy funeral let me tell you. And thus far 'weakness to follow' has not been successfully reincarnated.

A DDD (demonic dog dick) being blamed as the root of all evil? I'd believe it.

Yes, but this is the Deep Web. We must charge an exorbitant fee, or should I say an exorbitcoinant fee. But this fee pays for the costs in keeping the Wikia page active, it pays for security to keep the page secure, it also pays for the court costs for being heavily libelous. The payee also receives a Which Castle Crashers Song membership pack that contains a t-shirt, pen, badge, random leaflets. But most of all, the exorbitcoinant fee pays for our expensive meals and high-class hookers.

It's just a damn shame that the Page could not be found. Talk about a scam!

The wonderful people thing was unexpected. I don't feel any more wonderful than I did, and just feel exactly the same. It was a nice sentiment to have a few of my songs recognised by the Supreme Leader though... Sir Thomas Fulp of Esq.

But now life goes on. The show goes on. Everything goes on. I owe my life to da Grounds of New.


2014-03-04 23:14:01

Is all contraciktory and dicktatorial, but it has vaginities for those who like vanity.

I can see it being the way forward (and i like it), but what about the pleasure of taking a traditional shower or bath?

You are a leader now! but what principles do you follow? none! you are your own principle! however how does that even work? XD.

DDD is what brings conflict and misery into the world.

To think that we would go commercial with this... i am having conflicting feelings here.
Is such a great executed scam, that people have yet to find out about it, even if the only thing they know about the story is just a bunch of street rumors, and blog conspiracy theories, which we are also charging.

You don't feel more wonderful because you were already wonderful, ain't that wonderfully wonderful? is also wondrously wonderfully wonderful that you didn't got all full of yourself.

Da Grounds of New... of new what!? of new whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!?

nietzlawe responds:

Contradicktory? Dicktatorial? pfft.. these words aren't in the Dicktionary. They are in the Vaginary.

Yes, those pleasures might get phased out. As long as the drybath does the job, then I have no qualms, no need for facepalm. The drybath will help me stay calm. Or will it?

As a leader, I shall follow the tenets of the ten ETs. who all want to go home. "You're not fucking going home! None of you! Do I fucking make myself clear." Now that's a leader!

I think we all know what DDD is, apart from a triple shit-eating grin. Or a house with shit heating.. grim.

This Wikia will reach every portable phone on Earth. But before it reaches that point, it will have to be watered down. More watered down than a Watership Down Syndrome remake.

I didn't want to get full of myself, I am already full of myself, I couldn't possibly be full of anyone else, unless I'd partaken in dozens of organ transplants.

Da Grounds of New.. new.. neewww... ACHOO. Achoogrounds.


2014-03-10 20:07:22

It was all imaginary.

Probably, if it is really an invention for lazy people, it should keep the users calm.

Eh? so goddamn bossy, can i leave the cult? what? i never entered!? i dodged the magnetic metaphysical bullet, like Noe from the Matrix? oh.. well then i will leave with no major noise.

Since it brings misery it can't be a bra size.

It the end it will be just pictures of water, sound of water raining down, and text that read water.

Full of organs from the New Achoogrounds, catching a cold was inhabitable, then you got bronchitis and it developed into asthma...

nietzlawe responds:

The last four letters of the word imaginary spell my real name.

Inventors shouldn't be trying to invent things that make our lives easier, they should invent things that make our lives harder, like smooth-edged forks so that we can't eat, or an alarm clock that beeps in complete silence. Or a dryba... oh wait.

There is Noe escape from the Matrix, just ask Neo. Nobody leaves this cult, you are condemned to spend the remainder of your days here, cultivating, or playing a captivating game like Condemned while in captivity. A video game cult? It's the perfect religion, to keep the members permanently indoors, keep them occupied with video games and while they are playing, we will play audio tapes on a 24/7 loop. Those audio tapes will use extremely seductive subliminal messaging to keep you enslaved in the Matrix.

Triple D ( . ) ( . ) ( . ) a woman with six brackets and three full stops on her chest?! Mmm, this shit just got interesting... No wait! It didn't.

Achoogrounds will take over the world. Yet all it's members will be sneezing constantly on the faces of their enemies. Leaving a sneeze zing type of smell.

I ended up with all these diseased organ transplants, so that every single organ in my entire body was afflicted with some kind of illness, disease or tumour.


2014-04-23 19:56:54

Nary... middle name?

Si u guess it works either way.

Yeah but unlike the One that was Neo, i never got to enter the cult so... yeah, i will be passing on that experience.

It didn't? weird i was sure that for a man with a record of animal abuse such as yourself, a woman with six brackets and three full stops on her chest would be interesting, since it is all animalistic in appearance and form, i mean they usually come with just 2 brackets and 1 full stop.

Yeah sounds like the future alright, conquered by a new branch of influenza virus that refuses to die.

And yet you remained alive, because your tumors refused to die, overthrowing the diseases and outliving your precarious conditions, such level of regeneration was unheard outside of fiction and small laboratory samples of rare tissues, sadly the sanity of your mind was worsening, you started to go crazy, crazier than before, your new levels of dementia were a feat on itself.

nietzlawe responds:

Not Nary, but nearly.. It's those letters but they are jumbled up.

You take the red pill, you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the blue pill, and...

"Shut up describing the pills to me Dave, just give me my green pill with a question mark on the front of it dammit!!"

Full stops and areolas aka Oreos. And the Oreo conversation has come full circle once again.

I'm not crazy, these tumours wont kill me... Argghhhh, more morphine please! I fucking said more Phine please!! And when I say Phine, I mean more fiendish plots and ruses, pretending to have tumours, that turnout to be little pieces of plastic, that I have deliberately stitched underneath the skin to fool people into believing that I have terminal illness in order to claim sickness benefits.

It was the ultimate deception. The fact that my new levels of dementia made me believe that I'd stitched plastic under my skin. In reality, I was tied up in a straitjacket in a room surrounded by bizarre machinery.


2014-04-27 07:45:01

Nayr i see, that is some name.

A man of chances and adventure i see, the perfect specimen for the society of risk.

Now we only need milk, wonder if she has got some?

Pimpin the system, not really in the way that Dead Prez wanted.

It was all an hallucination, all over again.

nietzlawe responds:

nayR backwards and you will have the answer to your dreams, the answer to your prayers. *Crickets* But most of all the answer to your question.

A real man of chance and adventure would swallow the red, blue and green pills down with a glass full of jizz and Oreo milk whilst pulling the trigger of a gun against his own head in a game of Russian Roulette.

She's got milk, and it's streaming faster than HD porn.

Everything was an hallucination, even the hallucinations themselves were an hallucination. Nothing was real, except everything on Judge Judy.


2014-05-07 19:47:17

Yarn, they named you after a piece of thread? parents world wide were bad at names it seems.

Now that is a guy with a hardcore way of life.

But what if HD porn has a low rate of stream?

But of course! why would Judge Judy deceive her audience fabricating fake stories!?

nietzlawe responds:

And I was bare at the time they named me. You could say Threadbare. Most parents are bad at raising their children these days, never mind bad at giving them a name.

It's tough, if your parents aren't drugged up to the eyeballs, then it's paedos trying to snatch you from the streets at 5 years old, or a Government curriculum watering down your brain capacity to the level of a dumb infant.

The only problem with that guy is that the combination of three different coloured pills starting shutting his internal organs down slowly one-by-one, plus when he shot himself in the head, he missed the crucial part of his brain to kill him instantly, so he died a slow and painful death. All filmed live by Martin Demise on his smartphone.

Yeah, if it's HD porn, that means it will take even longer to stream, which means it will take even longer for the viewer's penis to stream. Imagine the disappointment in trying to get the cum shot just right, only to fire at the exact point when it says...

23% buffering... 55%.. buffering... all while the video screen has gone blank with one of those spinny buffering circles in the middle for maximum annoyance.

Susan: "He owes me 20 dollars."
Mike: "I just want the TV back."
Susan: "It's my house.. it's my TV."
Mike: "No, I put a deposit down on that thing.. its...."
Mike: "But.. But...."
Judge Judy: "I'm talking Mike!"
Susan: "I paid the insurance on the..."
Judge Judy: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"


2014-05-08 02:58:26

Is ok Ryan, as long as you don't lose your minds thread, oh wait...

So that is how that video made it onto Live Leak.

But he paid the insurance on the...

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

This mind's thread was lost long before I was able to... somethin somethin. There is fuck all on the tv, apart from the same biased shit, retarded reality shows and shopping channels. Fuck this, I'm selling the tv and investing in a DGX-650 Yamaha!!

That time when I took a piss in the Trough of Bowland because there were no toilets for dozens of miles. That was a Live Leak that wasn't on Live Leak.

Judy may judge others, but who will Judge the Judy?!


2014-05-12 03:44:45

You still have a TV? about time you sell that thing.

That would be the most boring live leak in all of Live Leak.

Another Judge? maybe Dredd?

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

Yeah, fuck the TV! What has it ever done for me except rot my brain. It makes more sense to have a piano which actually requires me to use some brain power and master a craft.

I'm sick of having all these cheap and nasty TV programmes piping their turd into my brain.

It would be a boring live leak.. unless I pissed on an electric fence and got electrocuted.

But who will Judge the Dredd? I dread to think which Judge you nominate next.


2014-05-13 22:33:05

You could even record some pieces to accompany your other songs.

Still a boring live leak...

One of the chief judges.

nietzlawe responds:

I've been selling, and trying to sell all sorts of stuff in order to fund the purchase of the beautiful DGX-650 YAMAHA. I've sold my PS3, I'm trying to sell my tv and a few others things in order to make space for that lush portable grand.

I want to learn the piano from scratch and spend a lot of time on it every single day, until I am able to make songs of quality and structure, but hopefully with that uniqueness that doesn't follow the trend of what everyone else is doing. I want writing and music to consume the remainder of my life, I can't live with one without the other.

I actually went to the trouble of creating this image just for the purpose of creating a Live Leak joke.. Hope it was worth it:



2014-05-25 02:50:25

Damn is that for real? wouldn't you miss your PS3!?

Perfect man, is all about that uniqueness, talking about that your tracks change style quite a lot from one to another, but they all have a bit of a generic undertone to them, and yet i like them, so i am really exited to hear that you are seeking that spot that will separate you from the trends, that is a vital part that should be on everyone who dares to call himself an artist, and that is why i think that i like Jared Africa so much.

Now that is a quite commonly average leak... the news will love it!

nietzlawe responds:

I will miss the PS3 a little bit. It's sad, but this is a sacrifice I want to make in my life, stop gaming and really focus on writing in conjunction with music. As soon as a certain piece of music plays in my ear, it transports me to a place, gives me an idea. It's impossible to underestimate the necessity of music as a stimulant and a visual and creative aid to my stories.

Definitely, I understand the generic undertone thing as well. I want to start creating some freeflowing melodies, but without detracting from the emotional or enjoyment aspect. Sometimes a melody can be overplayed to the point where it loses all emotional resonance. Some of the most simplest songs are the most beautiful and powerful. It's just about striking that balance, knowing when to complicate the structure, but not losing that feelgood factor, and fundamentally, making sure the listener has an emotional attachment to the piece. It's all about the listener in my opinion. You have to give them an eargasm.

A non-censored live leek, on Live Leak TV. Coming soon, live brussels and live carrots.


2014-05-25 03:43:37

I see, once you know what your calling is, and what makes you complete in life the you should follow it. On the other hand i am considering that i should be gaming more haha.

I partially agree with this, because while the listener is an important part, you can't really dedicate yourself to make music for them, there is a line between what the public want and feel, and what you want to express and make, and in our current times we have already the tools to know what the audience feel an want to hear, so and i am talking here in a voice that is looking to 10 year into the future, what will make an artist special is not how well they can read their listeners, that my make them successful economically speaking that is a great way to make a celebrity, but a great artist should be able to tell a story, the send a message, to express what it wants to express, to put a part of himself/herself out there, and that may not always be something that the listener may sympathize with, but it may be something that stands on its own, and eventually a public for that may arrive.
I read a text some time ago about sub cultures, and they approach it by following the life of jazz musicians from the late 60's early 70's and there was this internal feud between Jazz musicians, commercial musicians, and the "squares" meaning normal chumps like me who don't make music, so it all boiled down to making music for yourself vs making it for the public, and then an internal pride or barrier of not telling the artist how to do his art, and funny enough i am here arguing with you telling you my opinion on what should be art haha, is like i learned nothing. However i agree with the non commercial artist, in that they should make their art for themselves and not for us the normal chumps.

So it is a weird position, because by telling me about your art being "all about the listener", and me telling you to do what you feel like doing, is almost like saying that you should do what your listeners want/feel XD, which if i was your only listener would end in a damn circle haha, good thing that you have more fans.

Wait there is censorship on Live Leak? no, forget that there is a TV version of Live Leak!?

nietzlawe responds:

I used to enjoy gaming, but these days, it seems we are waiting months and months just for a good game. There were probably only 4 or 5 games per year that I would enjoy and it didn't justify keeping the PS3, but there is also that feeling that I want to create something of lasting value. Something that can still exist and others can enjoy even when I'm dead.

I will always create what I want to express and make, that is non-negotiable. I am not out to please people in the sense that I'm creating what they want to hear. But I do want people who hear the music to feel affected emotionally in the same way that I feel when I hear great music that makes me smile, cry or other emotions. Getting that emotional resonance perfected is so fundamentally important to me, I think that is the essence of a song, that it can evoke an emotional response.

My intention is to be very daring and experimental with the new keyboard.


2014-05-25 05:29:37

I think that Byoshock is available for PS3 what about those?
Oh now i think that is more of a point, the pulsating feeling of wanting to create something, yeah.

Yeah but not all songs get that response from everyone, so what about making them for yourself and then let the songs themselves attract their listeners and create their own audience?

Great! go on man break the mold and the box!

nietzlawe responds:

I can't play first person games without getting motion sickness. After 20 minutes or so of wandering around on one of those type of games, I feel extremely dizzy and want to puke. I usually retreat to the couch and lie there for an hour until it wears off.

It would be nice to create something everlasting. Playing the PS3 and watching television gives me a feeling of impending doom, I realise how finite I am and how it could all end in an instant. Life is precious to me now, I want to hold on to it long enough to leave something of lasting value. Then if I perish, at least I trie....


"Nietz? Would you like to finish the interview?"



2014-05-25 16:45:29

Really? well that sucks.

You sound exactly like an archetype straight out of Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, more specifically the one on his 40-64 years of life, however that pretty much means that you are in the final line and there is not really any rush to it, all that comes after is a reflection on life, of course that is only assuming that Erikson was right...

Oh well shit... you died, of a heart attack, he appeared from behind and riddled you with bullets that pierced your lungs, it was actually asphyxia that did you in.

nietzlawe responds:

I bet Erikson is right. But he didn't tell me I was going to get motion sickness. Did he!!!

In fact he didn't tell me anything, we've never had a conversation. I'd be 11 years old and he'd be 91 years old. The only way we could have met was in a bedroom with him putting his finger on his lip and saying "shhh!" The rest as they say is history.

I didn't die. I was merely mortally wounded. It was the PRESS START doctor that saved me.


2014-06-26 17:50:42

Using those continues, playing the game of life, but it seems that Erickson was out of 1UPs, it was the end of the road for him, but you can go on, now is dangerous to go alone, take this *and the line gets cut*.

nietzlawe responds:

What I don't like is having to jump up and bang my head against a big block of rock in order to obtain the 1UP. That would give me a concussion and then the 1UP would just fall down a big hole. Meanwhile, I'm lying there with a potentially life-threatening head injury.


2014-06-30 20:41:36

That's when the other mushrooms come into play!

nietzlawe responds:

I've always got room for more mush.