Entry #398

Laughing Stock

2014-02-16 00:22:52 by nietzlawe


Testing Testing! Is this thing even plugged in? -- What thing? -- The Thoughtraphone. Mike check..  the wiring, something is faulty. Okay, halt proceedings, lets just speak into the dictaphone instead. What dictaphone you dickhead? -- The one that feeds this addiction homie, the invisible piece of apparatus to fire back, as apparently the whole world hates us.. Even I hate us, remember back in '07 when I forced us into that Hiatus? -- That was illness. -- Mental or physical? -- "A bit of both. Mostly physical, being physically sick. But if it wasn't for that era, we'd be weak little kittens. Your condition was vicious man. -- People looked at me like it was fictitious, like I would really fake sickness man. But time was a healer, and I had to make up for the whole time that had been stolen from me. No longer felt weaker, or resigned to losing sleep through the coughs and fevers. I was eager to move on. had an inner belief system and refused to be beaten. So I came to NG to empty the well, energy replaced lethargy, thoughts were like effigies I had to burn with the NG'ine Oil. Pressing matters affecting me, my head was excessively telling me to empty the registry, which was intensively collecting vulgarity, a swimming pool of insanity. It was like water on the brain.. Sewage.. but a fluid clarity to unload this fuel was nothing short of therapy. It was like Open Sesame.. a remedy. A cure for cancer of the soul. A normal guy - gone dysfunctional. Matter of fact its a fucking miracle I can even function at all. Fuck the past, fuck the future, fuck having kids, fuck getting attached, fuck the system, fuck getting pissed, fuck the injustice, fuck humanity for being what it is... The world's gone mad? It was born mad! Shoenice is misunderstood man, he's a fucking legend. A smart man lies behind the crazy eating. Well basically...... That's what I think, you can take it or leave it. Or get led astray by Fred Astaire, as you are pushed headfirst down the staircase and there you remain playing Solitaire until you become a remain. No longer able to retain or distribute Beyonce Knowledge. And to think dude, you spent all those years at College, then Uni, then you spent the next five years going loony, locked away in a gloomy room staying away from the outside beauty. Then you got it together, under the bed you found a key for the tether and walked outside, it was like you had discovered a crate of treasure, it was great.. it was pleasure. Pure and simple, alluring. Gave you a reason to continue, something to strive for. You don't know how many more years you'll be alive for, may as well use this time to write more... And more. And MOAR. Until your hands get sore and those fucking sweat glands pour. In this country you can't stone a loner that's prone to poke and prod like a drone or a soldier for stepping outside of a zone, like 'you can't go there.' So you've got to get Rover. Game Over for the gay mover.

Beep Beep. Room service, here you go Vicarious, I believe you ordered a paragraph? Okay, that'll be the last.. Now its time to zone out but tune in, and eat the tuna sushi with 6 goombas and Yoshi, until the Koopa Troopas came along with bazookas and blew the hell out of us stupid losers. Blow us to Kingdom Cum, then ride us like Kingda Ka. Ahhhh... Then sit on a sybian like two lesbian simians simulating oral sex on Ian. Why? Nobody knows. Not even Nostradamus. Nostradamus was more ashamed of his nostrils, he fostered thoughts like hate, watched films like Host or Ghost and asked Western people if they had gills. Listen closely.. red pills, blue pills, head filled with the best filth.. So cold, breath chilled. Hetty Wainthropp investigated? she didn't do shit.

The utmost importance is to have a cutthroat attitude to cutting throats. Which is to not cut them at all. Substitution your aggression for agag-gag-gag-gag that's what Popeye did. But what made the Pope high? Was it standing in the upper echelons of Echolonia? Wishing he had been born as a regular citizen. Does a politician look at the regular people and envy the lives of the ordinary? Not being part of the many? Or does he cherish life as part of the isolated? Did the way they project their frustrations and anger through laws and impositions cause our chemical imbalances, anxiety and ADHD? Have these conditions stemmed from how we have made the world? Clothed, separated, technological? Removing that element of nature. Causing the many to turn towards drugs to block out the Urban obligations? Are the very things we think as our entertainment, the downfall to our deteriorating mental mind states? Too much TV, not enough sunshine... Dehumanisation on a mass scale... Like putting clothes and make-up on dogs, is it really part of our make up? Or just some made up shit to break humanity? Like anti-aging cream, nothing can stop flesh from maturing except time. If you can pause time you'll be young forever and make a song called Forever Young, and if you're a guy you will be forever well hung like meat on a butcher's hook... Fuck that shit, who wants to be well hung? Or being whipped with belts until there are welts and handprints from where you have been felt up. More or less lested, breast lust, best of luck getting off that sex crime... Why is something that happened by nature and default considered a crime? You can't help it if your penis is crying... Inside, denying your very fabric and make-up. The irony is that mass population has been caused by reducing crime. Those high-powered cronies don't know what to do.

You don't get to ask why Nietz!! -- "Why not?" -- "Ah, you are allowed to ask why not, but not why. You have discovered a loophole in the system, a fissure in the wall, a crack in the vagina." -- "So are you going to answer my question?" -- "No." -- "Why?" -- You don't get to ask why Nietz!!" And that same sorry loop went on for the next 9000 years, causing many tears and simultaneous beer can ring pulls to be opened in full public view. Transparent like openly transsexual parents who have scared Ken into the loop, and he has to stoop down low to punch a midget in the balls... But this incident caused a bar room brawl, between beefy types that eat Jerky while sat next to idiots, otherwise known as store clerks that wear Clarks shoes and drive old bangers that give out stupid amounts of car fumes. The pedestrians are fuming... There is no room left at the inn to breathe effectively without a gasp mask... Which you have to grasp before others take hold of the limited stock... Its every man for himself now, or if you're religious, then hymnself... Thy will remain true to my religion even in the event of a major disast... Shit! All the gas masks have been taken! You were too slow Joe to reach for the Slim Jims, so you wont be able to put on weight like eight Fat Matts eating Bernard Matthews,  sitting at cafeterias in hysteria because the food supplies have run short... Oh my Dog what will happen next in the world of Food Shortages? Feuds and short fuses, people will snap like I've Got the Power, things will start to turn sour... People will resort to drinking vinegar... Shoenice will survive with ease by eating the last of his zips and shoe insoles and will laugh like a maniac on a Youtube video... There's no point running around scared, nobody cares, not in a panic, nature is cruel... Civilisation is only a stones throw away from being uncivilised... So easy... At the drop of a hat. Order is forced in order to benefit the few who want to take the cream off the top... But fuck it, life is short, the Capstone's have more and have more to lose, even though many of them somehow live into their nineties without being affected by cancer and things... So its obvious guys, the cure for cancer is simple - Its having THEIR lifestyles. Do that and you'll be fine...

It don't matter how hard you try, you're gonna bust a nut until the day you die. In a hospital ward surrounded by smelly old codgers. I can say that, I'm a smelly old codger myself at that point holding a piss bag of a big sour puss mutt with no visitors... Dayummm, I've nothing left to say dude, nobody left to pray to, today I prayed to Jesus, Kingu, Leto, Thor and Horus, but then started dying of boredom... So started a war, glorified and got glory holed in the eye by 45 geriatrics. AND that is the reason for the eyepatch... (along with all the other reasons from Time That Dideth Goeth By...) I got in a fight with Goliath and came off second (not in that way) best. Go Liath Go Liath Liath shouted the 300 superdupersexy cheerleaders that were there waving Pom Poms while Clive Mongrel was there with his orchestra blasting out Pon Pons. It was a helluva event filled with more Twists and Turns than house wreckage in British weather. Floods and winds but it doesn't do any good to whinge when you can close the curtains, shut the windows, shut the fuck up and eat minge... Or meringue then appear on the Phil Donahue Show with your wife Donna who didn't want to go on with you... Shit son! We on the goddamn Philip Donahue show, talking about British storms and HAARP weather conspirators that are probably constipated from sitting in their Henchmen chairs too long... Well Phil... Oh shit the power has gone out! Like people breaking curfews just to go on a five-minute dinner date but forgot to put on deodorant or perfume... So they end up at Pizza Hut smelling of car fumes... What a world we live in, but you must never give in or waiver by savouring every unsavoury tax hike, I'd rather fax a picture of my ass to five fat pricks on tricycles who don't know how to smile... A smile goes a mile, a long way to seducing by reducing the recipient to wild ecstasy... Or so it did once when humans knew how to have a joke and laugh, before they turned into automatons getting spanked by automatrons with studied belts, and are into S&M like they studied hell. Like Stuart D. L. He needs a new PA ASAP to SLAP on the ass when she misbehaves. Note to self.. must be kind, must be nice... must have setbacks! Open mouth, start yelling, wild out, get a Xylophone and play it with aggressive tension... Rah Rah Rah! You sunk my battleshippp!! I'm sorry I don't know what came over you. An ogre's orgasm apparently... Drum Roll. Ogreasm. Another Drum Roll. An ogre's ogreasm after an ogregy. We're out of drum rolls, here have a tumbleweed its on the house... The next time you'll have to climb up there and get it down yourself... In fact you may tumble in your vain attempts to get that weed, so you'll need to inject heroin into your vein like the narcissistic Heroine, who managed to ruin that new superhero film by not turning up for her scenes... So the film was cancelled and withered away by the Cancer cells... Don't worry, I know I'm getting cancer, its inevitable, look at all the shit we pump into our tormented human blubbery. Cans of coca cola and Pepsi, the food, the radiation from cell phones and computers... A wave of us are going to die out quicker than one of Elisabeth Fritzl's screams. Messed up existence we all share. If its one thing that we have in common its that we are all con men.

Awww.revoir.com Gladys and Gent-Le Mans racing...

Its a Cowardly New World we're facing.

In the midst of this nightmare I might work hard. Or in hindsight, I might lie down and sleep for ten years, and reawaken when the world reaches the zenith of its insanity.


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2014-02-16 03:33:43

We already talked about this, is because even if is natural we need the restriction or the society falls! yes that constructed society needs constructed laws, to pin down the things that were natural, maybe in another societal model this could be different, but because women (and men, remember women can rape too, never forget, those dammed double standards) are important to our society, for them to get all raped and pregnant and then go on living with that would be troublesome for both she herself, those she interacts with, and everyone else.

Well i guess here is when GMO enter to save the day, with more easy to cultivate and more nutritious food! that way we don't have to eat nice shoes. Their life style may save us from cancer, but it will ruin everyone else lives, in the big picture, unless we want a short live it is not really all that ideal, because apparently we need of others to live.

See that was your problem, you didn't prayed to Ra, Inti, Zeus, Buddha, Naum, Gucumatz, Popol Vuh, Tonatiuh and Quetzalcoatl, among others.

So... you were playing with dicks and some accident happen, now you have an eye-patch, man why? it was better when you used yo be a pirate, and then when you were in the cult of the all seeing pie.

You are doing your own drum rolls now? man, stop it,staph!! i would not rad any drum roll that is not made by Clive!

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

I know, I know. I agree. In my opinion, every living creature on this giant round ball of blue and green has a right to safety and wellbeing, free from pain or stress of any kind.

But that bloody world population is growing. "What cha gonna do when the World Population Comes Raining Down on You!!" Shouted Hulk Hogan one stormy afternoon.

My suggestion for mass population reduction is low-level voluntary sterilisation. At least there is a free will in that. Unlike Sancho who is going to lose the family jewels soon.. oh and he's going to have his genitalia taken away too.

In a food shortage crisis, trust me, I'll be in the back garden digging up worms and cockroaches, I will swallow them without thinking. Then I will walk further down the field and find some stinging nettles and flowers and eat them. Then I will collapse on the ground crying my eyes out like a little baby shouting, "fuck! there's no food! I'm gonna fucking die! For real!!" And I'll just lay curled up in a ball, not realising that I'm lying on a railway track.

Thank you train for putting me out of sweet misery. But who will continue writing these blogs? Nietzlawe II? Meh, It'll never be the same, somebody trying to impersonate me, hell, it's fucking hard trying to impersonate myself sometimes.

I didn't have time to pray to all these other Gods. Why should I give them any time when they wont even talk back to me. "YOU IGNORANT BASTARDS!" They think they are too good to answer my call of need? At my lowest ebb and they just blank me, "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS... THOR! AND BUDDHA! AND POPOL!" My revenge hitlist is large.

The eyepatch v1.07 is an update to the all-seeing pie. I've even invented a pie hatch, where we can store all these pies, in case of a food shortage.

It's tough doing your own drum rolls. They just don't have the same power and effect that Clive's do. His drum rolls are lethal, like one of his enforced lethal injections.


2014-02-16 11:40:33

I agree, also having kids isn't all that anyway, if worse comes to worse people can always adopt.

Oh man poor Sancho, if only he was more responsible this would have never happen.

But you know it is said that insects are more nutritious per gram, so if there are plenty of worms and cockroaches you may do well, plus flowers don't taste that bad.

Forget about that, who would be driving a train anyway under those circumstances!? your alter ego that's who! it was all a plan to steal your blog.

Is a battle against the gods, all over again, those are always interesting to see.

So in case of a food shortage we can hope to die from diabetes due to only having pie, instead of cancer, is definitively an improvement if i say so myself.

That must be his secret, he enforces some lethal drumming.

nietzlawe responds:

For some, kids are a necessity, and good luck to them, I wish those people all the luck and happiness in the world. But I'm a selfish individual that way, and just want to focus on trying to leave something of lasting value, that is really my only Earthly intent. If anything, it's probably the opposite of selfishness not bringing a kid into the world, especially this world that's becoming more fucked up by the second, it wouldn't be fair on a child for them to be a part of this technocratic grid. The world is changing for the worse.

Sancho has a chance to not get castrated, but he wont retire from his fetish. Therefore, as the saying goes, 'if you don't stop, then you get the chop.'

I've eaten flowers before and stinging nettles. Kids these days don't do that, they are too busy with their smartphones and computers to go out eating stinging nettles, or painting their entire bodies in green felt tip marker pen. They are missing out on adventure!

Nietzlawe II driving the train? What a twist!! .. The railway track I mean, it twists and bends so much. My alter ego has stolen half of the space in my head, so it wouldn't surprise me if he stole my blog too. A full scale takeover.

A battle against the gods, using Dogs. Which are ineffective because Alison Bi has them all inside her high-tech zoo.

I don't want to die of betes!

Clive's drums are quite powerful and dramatic.. Or should I say drummatic.


2014-02-20 01:11:17

Yeah those people can always adopt.

Someone stop him please!

It seems i was missing out on adventure too, i know the taste of flowers because they can be used as seasoning and for aromatic tea, mmh to think the reproductive organs of plants have such uses by humans, kinda twisted if you think about it, plant's penises and vaginas...

Rumors has it that he already stole you blog, and none of your readers saw any difference!

She just took the opportunity away from us! that... that bitch.

But is betes by pie!

And a little bit (a lot) traumatic.

nietzlawe responds:

Someone stop Sancho, ban him from the casinos, that way, Cassandra and Sir. John wont need to resort to drastic measures.

Plant genitalia, that we just pick and pull at with our lecherous hands and fingers. Nude plants unable to hide their shame, as we pick and plop them in our tea, wallowing in their aromatic flavour. You are right, it is soooooo twisted.. as are some of the plants.

Nietzlawe II - Return of the Dead Eye. It would be good having a younger, fitter clone that you can just transport into when your original self gets too old and wasted. Forever continuing the legacy. Death will eventually stop us all from our conversations on here. It's quite a tragedy being finite.

Alison Bi, she just wont die, she keeps pet dogs for life inside her high-tech hideout. Alison truly is a bitch.. as are some of her dogs.

Pie-related death, a definite breath-taker.

Clive has led a traumatic life, he was an only child. He had no friends, so he would spend all day long banging drums in his bedroom, honing his style. Eavesdropping on random conversations in the streets and wait for them to say dramatic things so he could shout PON PON PON. He had found his true calling in life.


2014-02-23 17:28:14

Batul Brothas!

Spehss Mahrens, todeh the enemeh is at oua doar! We know oua duteh and we will do eet. We fight for our honor as Blod Rehvens,
as SPESS MAHRENS, and we fight in the nehme of the Empra!
And if we die this deh we die in gloareh, we die heroes' deffs, but we shall not die, no! It is the enemeh who will tehste deff and defeat!
As you know! Moast of oua battle brothars are shtehtioned in SPEHSS, Pruhpeared to deep strike! Oua perimeter has been pruhpeared in the even dat oua enehmies should be so bald and so foolish. We have plehced numerous beacons, allowing for muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive deep strikes
The Codecks astartees nehmes this maneuvah Steel Rehn. We will descend upon the foe, we will ovawhelm them - we will leave none alive! Meanwhile oua ground fawses will ensue the full defense of oua headkwaters
We are the spehss mahrens! WE ARE THE EMPRA'S FUREH!

nietzlawe responds:

We are the spehss mahrens, we cannot be stopped! We will fight in the nehme of the Empra!

... But first, we must eat. Eat enemehs for breakfast. CHARGGEEEEE!!!!!!


2014-02-25 09:12:39

\/ I think it's Warhammer, or some other video game...
Huh, thanks to you, I have 4 radios in my kitchen all tuned to something different. I found my Mom's old work radio recently, just got done cleaning the knobs... leather wrapped box, with holes over the speaker - it's an AM only radio. Imagine my surprise when I'm flipping a switch and wondering where the other band (FM) is, lol!

Gotta make room on the kitchen table now, I've got at least 5 more, some need little speakers... On special occasions, I'll tune them all into the same station :) if I can find something worthwhile. Visitors from abroad love to hate our crappy redundant local radio stations, and with good reason.

nietzlawe responds:

Ha, I've re-ignited your radio passion!

That sounds trippy being surrounded by lots of radios all playing the exact same station!


2014-02-25 21:38:39

Is for his own good, seems like a third part will need to kidnap Sancho.

And we use them for decoration all over, in events in birthdays and funerals, oh man our society is horrible!

We should enjoy it as much as we can then.

At this rate she will end with her own dog army, a very talented and rare dog army.

One of those deaths that are hard to regret.

But then the other Clive appeared, a real musician at soul, Clive was unable to compete and decided to turn to a life of manipulation while harnessing all his frustrated dreams as a drummer on Clive the musician.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

A third party? But what about the first and second party? I heard their parties have a better atmosphere, better music, more drinks and food. That third party, all they do is sit in a cold silent house listening to the sound of tumbleweed and periodic coughing.

Our society truly is horrible... It's why we love it so much! Or do we? Nah.. Unless we do.. but we don't... I'm on the fence on this one... Literally, I've got a nail stuck in my ass.

Yes Sire Bob, let's enjoy our last few da... I mean years of life enjoying ourselves! *Nervous laughter*

A dog army. I haven't seen a more dangerous army since the Somalian Wife Brigade.

All deaths are regretful, or should I say regretfall. I pushed him... Heard his bones snap, still haunts me to this da.. AHEM *coughs* I didn't know the tape recorder was still switched on.

Clive went into the manipulation industry as Clive the Musician's manager. I haven't seen a relationship this exploitive since Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker.

Give me a drum roll Clive... Oh wait, you can't, you're too busy being exploited. And when you die, all your royalties will go to your management.


2014-02-26 21:55:43

But the third party doesn't goes around chopping off penises!

I personally don't love it, but do you? even more, do you love that nail on your ass?


You really have seen the long lost Somalian Wives!? and they have an army!!!?

What tape recorder? *throws black box out the window* we have listened... nothing, go on man, tell us more, so it was a nice night by the cliff and?

The devil himself was astonished, who was this Clive, managing his precious musician just to fulfill some frustrated drumming? he needs his band to keep practicing for the day they could reenact the castle crashers song, however it was undeniable that under the manipulation of Clive, that Clive's music skills were getting better and better, maybe the devil himself could use Clive manipulation abilities to enhance the whole orchestra, but... was the devil himself skilled enough to manipulate Clive?

nietzlawe responds:

Onyx - Last Dayz, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear it. 8 Mile.

The third party might think they are cool. But they haven't met the Fourth Party yet. Fucking hellraisers they are, spend most of the night trashing rooms, injecting heroin, knocking on random hotel doors and running away. They perform castrations on their band members in order for them to produce castrato singers.

The long lost Somalian Wives were lost.. for a very long time.. With no compasses, no orienteering skills, all they had back then was sophisticated Google Map GPS technology. I don't know how they managed to survive, well they did.. and successfully assembled an army. A 600 million strong army of powerful Somalian women.

Well yeah.. after I heard the body fall and the bones snap, I went down there, cleaned up the blood, burnt the contents of the man's pockets before burying the bod... Shit! Was the tape recorder still on?! -- It sure was Nietz. *Sound of the stop button being pressed on the dictaphone* -- "We got everything we need Nietz. We'll be seeing you." -- "But! But! But!"

Clive was the ultimate manipulator, nobody could pull his puppet strings. Not even the devil himself could penetrate Clive's defences. Clive the Manipulator was an unstoppable killing machine. Probably literally.


2014-02-27 00:49:29

Oh? didn't knew that it played on that movie! it just got even better, or is it just a connection that you make?

It seems like out of them all the 3rd party is still the only one that allows you to conserve your penis, it must be a no brainer to choose the 3rd party, unless you want to lose your "head", in that case you will be indeed a no brainer.

That is practically all the married Somalian women of Somalia!

Eh? then what was the black box that we send flying just moments ago? *a sudden explosion is heard, followed by some car alarms, immediately fire covers up the parking lot* mmmh, yeah seems like we will be getting out of here by taxi.

Clive the manipulator was an advanced type of humanoid meat machine send from the future probably connected to a mysterious group that spreads gas masks and manipulates people into believing that thinks are under control, but... under the control of who?

nietzlawe responds:

Yes, the song was in 8 Mile, during the battle rounds :


A no-brainer. I get it! We should work as a double act at all the seedy underground comedy clubs where people throw skid mark gussets on stage and heckle to their hearts content.

The Somalian women secretly run the Pirate Bay. No, not the torrent site, it's a new shipping dock just on the coast of Somalia. They have plans to attack with navel warfare, using their bellybuttons to seduce us.

The black box wasn't a recorder. It was just a black cardboard box filled with personal possessions and old junk. But how did it manage to cause an explosion? What the hell was inside that black box? Probably a black box recorder.

So these explosions in Rome were caused by us during our plane flight over Italy? WHAT A TWISTTT!!!!!!

Simon da Motivator da Third came on Italian TV issuing warnings. What the hell was inside that black box recorder? Probably an explosive black boxer with superhuman speed, power and movement like Mohammad Ali.

This doesn't explain who is controlling all the events, pulling the puppet strings from behind the scenes. Who could be doing this? Just who the hell is Simon da Motivator da Third working for? Who is his boss? D-d-daniel Ger?! But how?!?!

I'll tell you how. He is the man that lives down the rabbit hole, he is the man that manipulates people into taking the Red Pill.


2014-03-02 03:47:59

Well look at that it is the beat, now i want to find the instrumental of the song.

A double act that heckles itself so much, that the public doesn't gets an actual opportunity to heckle.

They even learned that famous Arabian bellybutton dance to increase their seducing ways.

That's right recorded inside the black box recorder was a record of Simon da Motivator da Third's boss, it was Daniel Ger, also known as Laughman the greatest detective on the whole planet!

But how? indeed, for this we would need to go many years ago to the infancy of the Motivator triplets, to the very moment they all got separated in that dreadful day at the black-market, along them a promising black boy was being auctioned, his superhuman speed, power and movement akin to those of Mohammad Ali made him quite the wonder, whoever managed to obtain him that day at the action would get at minimum, tutelage over the promise of a sure shot world tittle holder boxer, but this nameless black kid was not the only interesting human being sold, next to him were 3 kid geniuses all named Simon from the rare Motivator clan, it was said that for a variety of reasons the parents of these 3 kids had to "part ways" with them, and one way or another they ended there.

The moment to start the auction started, rows of people started to compete to get at least one of the 4 promising youngsters, but no avail, there were 3 figures well known on the black-market who were decided to get their hands in all of them...

nietzlawe responds:

The instrumental must exist somewhere. Stowed away within the thin vertical lines of the Dumping Grounds. Never to be heard by anybody, except paying members of a secret Gentleman's Club. Where they pay to sit in a cinema like room listening to the instrumental over and over while smoking and laughing. Weird club if you ask me.

Self-heckling is the ultimate riposte in defeating hatred. So the crowd would turn the tables on us by clapping and cheering, which infuriated us.

Oh yeaaa, bring on the famous Arabian bellybutton dance. Seductive music. They really know how to push our buttons.. using their buttons.

Daniel Ger attended the Black Market auctions. Yezzir E Bob Snr was also there, Mado Nna, the Angel of Jo Li. all wanted a piece of the child genius action. Simon da Motivator da Third was taken by Daniel Ger, while Mado Nna took Simon da Motivator da Second. Some say that the buyers purchased the child geniuses as some kind of betting game between them, which one of the purchases would become the most successful?

I just know that Daniel and Danielle Ger were so disappointed with TWO that they abandoned 'it.' That is why they went out on the Black Market, to seek a child that they could be proud of and a child that they nurture the genius of. That is how Daniel Ger aka Laugh-man (the manliest man of all time) became Simon da Motivator da Third's boss. Well not boss really, more of a father figure.

TWO didn't forget the horror of his parents negligence and took refuge with Karl and Sniper Guy and even helped them hone the AWTDKY.


2014-03-04 23:39:50

Sounds like a scam club...

The public was like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
And then we were like ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ
And then they were like (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
And then we were like (ಠ_ಠ)
And then they were like ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
But we didn't had any cauldrons so we had to runway.

That must be the most seducing and charming group of pirates made entirely out of married women that the world has even seen!

That night so many years ago the 4th kids were bought with Mado Nna getting hold of both Simon da Motivator da Second and the nameless black kid, making her the effective winner, just by cheer number of goods purchased, however her joy didn't lasted for long, in time both the kids devised a plan to escape from the horrible care of Mado Nna, using the physical expertise of the nameless kid, and the genius of Simon to get free didn't prove to be even a challenge, and yet the 2 kids decided to follow separate paths that day, for that would allow them more chances of not getting caught, in his many travels The nameless Kid would come to encounter Simon da Motivator da Third and Daniel Ger, it was at that moment that he finally was named by Daniel Ger, to be known as...

Raising an adopted child was no easy task, specially of Danielle Ger who as a mother and woman felt more and more useless as she had to see how this other kid was way superior to the one that come from hew womb, not only that but this sense of inferiority was starting to pile up along with her frustration of never being able to defeat her brother-husband-life rival/enemy, and eventually the marriage ended in moderately bad therms.

Some years latter TWO would find Karl, and ask him to help him in his quest to claim revenge against its parents, but this only ended in TWO's death for it so just happens that Sniper Guy was working for Daniel Ger, and yet it could be said that the AWTDKY was a success.

nietzlawe responds:

Everybody was like ( . ) ( . ). That was a door different to the testicle door knocker, this one was two breast nipples that you had to press at the same time and the breasts would widen apart to reveal a door... A door which led to another door. So many doors.

Female pirates selling all-seeing-pies for high rates, which irates the customers, that wanted to gyrate with the female pirates. But they were already married.

The nameless Kid will now be called...... *strange crackling and popping sounds amidst a rain of needles*

Daniel Ger was said to have laughed himself silly when TWO was shot in the heart by Sniper Guy when testing AWTDKY. TWO's heartbreaking quest for revenge had come to a tragic end. He had lived a miserable life, unloved and unfulfilled and died with an incomplete feeling. But he wasn't called The Twisted Owl for nothing...



2014-03-20 00:02:17

I am more a fan of them when they are like ( o Y o ) and you have to snuck in the middle and get a little but squished but then there are no more doors.

They may be pirates but they wont go as low as indulge into adultery, so it seems.

Every time his name is to be known something happens and we don't get to know his name.

It was quite an ironic end, almost seemed scripted! and it was, after all it was all planed by Daniel Ger.

nietzlawe responds:

( o Y o o Y o o Y o o Y o ) is also good. A woman with four pairs of boobs. Only one man claims to have seen such a thing, but he can't speak. Something to do with the Non Cleavage Disclosure that he had to sign... using his face.

Nameless Kid's real name is *squeak* I said his fucking real name is *burp* Right this is not fucking funny anymore, his true name is *pennywhistle*. HIS NAME IS *fart*

Our plots are so scripted, you'd think they were Ted's scripts. He is known for producing the most boring films known to man and woman kind.

Oh wait, this plot twist was all done by Daniel Ger. Now there is another reason why he is called the TWISTed Owl.


2014-03-29 03:29:39

Aaah, quite the thing it must be, so he is selfishly keeping it a secret all to himself, but just how is that you get this info Mr Nietz? could it be? that you are that man!?

There is something charming about having a nameless character, or better said a character whose name is a total mystery.

But the Twisted Owl is Daniel Ger's son not Daniel Ger himself! unless the twisted owl is called Daniel Ger Jr!!! what a twist!

nietzlawe responds:

I am the insider. Even though I've been an outsider all my life.

A nameless, faceless, shameless character. In fact, we haven't even thought the character up and he / she / it only exists in the void of nothingness. The character certainly has charm in abundance, and has even managed to learn the Bun Dance, which is like a really sexy ass wiggle, so I guess we know at least that the character is female... Or a convincing transexual.

Maybe Daniel Ger is really called Daniel Ger Lewis. what a twist!


2014-04-27 08:03:59

So you go in and out as you please, did we ever talked about how rape even if natural is wrong?

Doesn't makes sense for Daniel Ger to abandon his Tiwsted Son Owl thing... just to later go and adopt a black transexual kid that will become a promising but nameless boxer.... and he, i mean she... now knows how to Bun Dance? this character got weird quite fast, it fits perfectly with the story somehow, which is something weird in itself.

And what is the name of his sister/wife?

nietzlawe responds:

In and out like a ninja. She didn't even know she was being raped, it all happened so fast. But that's premature ejaculation for you.

Nothing makes sense in this story, that's why I like it. Now ingest some more of this Caid and let's jump down the Rabbit Hole together.. On the count of 3.. Ready?

1... 2...... 3!

But if the Twisted Owl is called Daniel Ger Jr, and Daniel Ger hated the his own son, why would he name his son after himself, that is almost like saying he hates himself, which could in a fashion be the reason why he never succeeded as a Dad.


2014-06-03 00:54:23

Flash has nothing on him.

And there i stood, watching as Nietzlawe jumped inside the prolapsed hole of an unusually big rabbit, and i said to myself "no way in hell i am jumping inside that."

Wow no wonder Simon da motivator da 2nd and the nameless boxer ended like that.

nietzlawe responds:

Flash ah ah. Gordon. He's only gone and gor'done it again.

So many twisted dysfunctional families in our Wikia. It makes you wonder whether that is the bigger plot device at work here.


2014-06-26 18:06:48

A serial rapist!?

Is like the most rare thing would be to find a good loving "normal" family.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

What about a serial rap artist?

Yeah, a good loving normal family in our story would stick out like a sore thumb. Readers all over the world would be shocked, they would find it offensive.

... Now I'm tempted to include a good loving normal family in the Wikia. Haha. Just think of the storytelling possibilities. Sitting there at home, drinking tea, watching tv, making superfluous conversation. Goddamn! The excitement! Gripping stuff!


2014-06-30 20:48:46

It comes natural fro him, he wasn't really rapping, he was just talking, but all he ever said was rhymes, he had a really short lexicon.

That would be quite the challenge to make actually, i mean even the advertisement is all levels of fuck-upery (thanks urban dictionary!), i mean really Casino Cola passionate stabbings energy drink? how would a normal family react to that? and to all the other weird things that happen in the WCCS world? man that is quite something, if you want to put them in i am all for it, specially since it would probably be the most weird thing, even Karl ended being not so normal after a few weeks in the story, and he was supposed to be just your average guy.

nietzlawe responds:

Even his lexicon was a con. Put together by a lesbian.. I said a lesbian! Damn, that Demon Dog song has got stuck in my mind.

What if the normal family were just sitting there, but they were really watching the tv, and everything that was happening in the Wikia was happening on the screen.



2014-08-12 20:29:47

Such refined tastes are beyond those of a normal family!! indeed quite a twist.

nietzlawe responds:

The family that became fucked up after watching our Wikia. You could say that the seed was already there. But we planted it, using Ted's plan.