Entry #386

Work Of Heart

2013-12-27 01:47:14 by nietzlawe


Peace out? Peace in, like tearing apart this blog and trying to piece it together again like some weird jigsaw.

Mouvre along, nothing to see here except the Louvre, and Lucifer's loofers which incidentally stink of incidents best left unvisited, like exhibitions featuring Exhibitionists that have absolutely no inhibitions and gyrate in sexual positions for the purposes of the camera. The lens never lies, but it does take footage of people lying down in the Lions Den, having sex, but they don't want their current partners finding out. I'm cheating with Chi Ting, cute Asian girl that needs things, like Citizenship. But I welcome all Denizens, we're all Netizens and friends again. Free world, One Continent. Without that, it'd be a freak world with a lack of competence. The ultimate racism is in having country borders.

Fingers more brittle than Boney M. Why keep picking on Boney M, they don't have a bone to pick with you.

More freedom than Pussy Riot letting out Pussy Farts while in incarceration. This farce. Worldwide BluTag, Gulag, you lag behind Ron and the 17 thousand midges that he can fire from the palm of his hand at will, and HE WILL, if he's pushed by Ste Pusher, who is the main man in the wheelchair still using MSN, in the days of Sky and perverse PE teachers that will swallow today's youth and sign the Death Knell Certificate, then give it to Kate, who then ate it. What a fucking waste! It took me 34.55 seconds to write up that document, and I documeant every fucking word of that Nitrosoft World shit. Clocks go round, buzzards, dukes, strange strings that bring ominous tensions, the Council of Foreign Relations, too much plotting, too much modern tech. wrecking the woyyyld. Like shoddy Merlin, barely able to contain my myrrh in a giant Doggy Bag made for a lot of sweaty heffalons like Hugh Hefner as well as the Seven Thai Brides for Seven Brothers. How Convenient! Just enough brothers and brides to fulfil a whole orgy of new age donkey rides. Ride on Sister, never so much as a flicker of emotion,  

Technology will be the death knell of humanity.

Time for another dalliance of mentally and chemically unbalanced thoughts that slip through the nozzle of the kettle, or like a genie in a bottle. Just when you think you have seen it all, with blogs bigger than the Great Wall of China. But you didn't even read it all. These words are the cure, the Apple Cider. Let the tart taste reside inside ya, the overwhelming feelings of calmness might surprise you, and remind you that better times lie ahead. Confident strides, instead of being trampled on like Stryder. You've never shied away from a battle, don't hide and wait for the Cavalry to try and make the chattel break with the cattle prod.

Write your own chapters instead of sitting trapped in this sad land of cliched scripts. Google or Facebook? The answer is neither, If they forcefeed, then bite the fucking hand that feeds you and tries to lead you into this land of trench fever. Ugh, I heave from the stench.

Like EA getting the licences for Madden, its saddening to see this new regular disease happening. Roll out the fallout, till people fall out and we all have brick walls around our houses to keep us from shouting to our neighbours. How's this benefitting humanitee off times at the local golf resort? When the gulf in class has never been more far apart. He has five carat gold, you just have five carrots that have gone mouldy. In fact I'm still surprised you're even holding them. CarROT, you canNOT eat them without a pot of frozen yoghurt, which hurts on the way down like falling on a playground as you lay down crying. Sobbing, unstoppable flow of tears met by an immovable chin. This blog is crazy.. but too meaningful to bin. They say write to capture thoughts like a camera does. Forethoughts, notepads.. tore those, rewrote the scrapbook. Its worth a look, a peep, fuck.. I need to see! Bewildering piece of meandering literature literally slandering these people peacefully. A bitchy obituary, but it leaves you in stitches. Don't mourn the dead, They are more toast than brown bread. Poke fun at those with a big gut and a round head. You can use provocation Nietz, as long as its in moderation.. geez! You go over the top, and sometimes you don't know when to stop. Agh, come off it, that's a crock of shit, what about me? I've put up with a lot of shit in my life too. For me, writing is the skylight, the highlight of my day, so don't ever tell me what I can and can't say.

Fuckers are gonna get a hockey puck shoved in their puckered lips. Ironic how you say I suck at this. 6.10 in the AM, time to write more Mayhem, flay em, play em at their own game, get shat on and spat on, but still sat with a fat knot. Spaz out, born and raised in a madhouse, my Dad dies when I'm a lad not even out of high school, being bullied, what will I do? Nothing because I'm insecure and shy too, you think a hot girl just gonna fall out of the sky dude? A life screwed up, too fucked to move up the ladder, without a father figure. Here, bite down on this stick of bamboo. That'll help you release your rage, I only wanna hear what you can do, man you, just need a little encouragement and inner strength to stand you in good stead. I'll admit its been hard to cope, when you were drunk in the flat and saw that bedsheet as rope for your way out. 2005, never forget that year in a hurry, then another five years sitting in the dark, on park benches at night pondering life, watching the wandering stars, sombre as rife surrounds and swallows me whole, infinite mind, torturous intricate thoughts that implicate, but never indicate the direction. Only complicate the situation, yet I've reawakened my connection with nature. I may just insulate my mind with impetus and let my impulses be my stimulus from here on in. Instead of the impotent incidents surrounded by villainous ridiculous retards who think they know whats best for me. Fuck em, swim in the fires of hell, cunts. Nietzy knows what's best for him, and its time for Nietzy to do what Nietzy do.


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2013-12-27 02:13:33

Hmm... I like it.

nietzlawe responds:

I like IT too, it's a pretty good film, except the ending when the clown turns into some kind of unrealistic monster.

Stephen King the master... of terrible book endings.


2013-12-27 05:00:18

Nitrosoft World shit? wait until you try OpenOrifice! but i wonder which text editor Steam OS will be using?

You can say "i can't say", as a matter of fact, you just did! or better said, you just wrote!

ha 4:51 AM and i wonder you do these after you wake up or before you go to sleep? Cause i am about o bump my head against my keyboaalsdiufduifbasdpiufbsdfvpoisdf... what? a yeah i am about to go to sleep, not on my keyboard... on a pillow.

The secret to stop bullying lies with the desks, unless they are screwed into the floor, all you need is to grab one of those and trow it, they will stop, worse comes to worse they take legal action against you for either assault or excessive self-defense, but the bullying stops haha.

And what does a Nietzy does? it does what it does, because it is what it is?

nietzlawe responds:

Text reader for Steam OS? Probably something called Mind Reader. You speak, and the words are implanted onto the big screen. That is until a lot of 'Did You Mean?' or 'I'm sorry, can you please repeat' errors start occuring.

The best time to write is at night, when the mind's eye is sharp, that's when sparks fly and you can see them alight. Most of my pondering is done at night, the world is asleep, but that is when my ass leaps up.

Yeah, definitely, flip a desk over or throw it at someone. It sends out a message like Charles Bronson.

Nietzy will eventually become the occupier. We have been wrestling for headspace for years, and there can only really be room for one.


2013-12-27 22:40:29

I knew it Valve is working in something great since it seems that Half-life 3 is not coming any time soon.

So you wake up at 5 am? to navigate the web? damn hardcore!

I don't know this Nietzy guy sounds kinda soft, does he has the same levels of insanity?

nietzlawe responds:

No, I am already awake at 5AM. Awake, but tired, barely alive some would say, but that's just how Nietz likes it. Burnt out and zombified.

Literally a zombie that's burnt all over. If the idea of a cremated zombie isn't insane, I don't know what is.


2013-12-28 00:44:28

In that case neither your mind eye is sharp nor your ass is leaping out, is more likely that just like me your face is plummeting down towards your keyboard haha.

As long as he still has some fire on it i guess it is alright, and by fire i mean writers burning spirit, and well yeah actual fire, zombies on fire are a valuable resource.

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

Once everything becomes a bit blurrier and tiring, it does open the mind's eye. I suppose drug addicts would use drugs to achieve the same effect. I just like to go for prolonged periods without sleep, then the discharge begins. The thought discharge that is. The ejection of all things good or bad. Or as the Aussies would say, 'let 'er rip mate.'

Never mind zombie, it's zomb-heat that we need to be worried about. We could get a damn good singeing before our throats are bitten into and we bleed out all over the street.

And spend the remainder of our undead days learning division and remainders.


2013-12-28 13:19:15

Yeah my grandpa liked to do some thought discharge too, except that he never wrote anything and he always did those in the bathroom... he keep screaming oh what a tough discharge! what a tough discharge! he died doing what he liked most.... the doctor said he let it rip too much...

You know i always wondered how come zombies are that dangerous if their bodies are rotting? i mean, you should just push them away and they fall apart...

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

Your Grandpa went while he was sat on the loo? What a way to go, especially when those brown waters broke. Maybe there is footage on the 'Dumping' Grounds at s28hee28wh2u39u2eje2e2eh9h2e8.

Yeah, but teeth never rot, and if that zombie can just get that first bite in before you push them away, it's already too late, you're part of their crew. Plus they can surround you in large numbers and walk inwards, and unless you're Bruce Lee, there isn't much chance of getting out of the situation without being bitten.

The best thing is to run away from them and stay on cliff tops. But those zombies might start throwing rocks at you or find sidepaths to walk up.

Terrifying and dangerous!!

.. I'm only joking. Zombies are weak and hammy as fuck. I mean all you have to do is walk around slowly and start groaning and they think you're one of them!

The only problem with that though is that you'll never be allowed to do anything normal again, otherwise they will discover your facade. In your mind, you'll be thinking 'grr, I want to walk faster and have a MacDonalds, but they'll catch me out!'


2013-12-30 14:52:46

Yeah it was the doctor the one who uploaded the video, that's why he know that he let it rip too much, they were accomplices, what a pair of perverts...

But after a while, and if you don't smell that much of rot, they will hire you at MacDonalds to work as an industrialized zombie, after all by that point you already get the attitude of a loyal worker.

nietzlawe responds:

A pair of perverts? Or a pair of verts? Well versed in dumping on the grounds. On the grounds of scientific and medical research. Tune in! To see Tuna come out. Scatology 101.

But after a while, and if you don't smell that much of rot, they will hire you at MacDonalds to work as an industrialized zombie, after all by that point you already get the attitude of a loyal worker.

Ahhh yes! I can already smell the sting of that great joke!



2013-12-31 02:47:52

Yeah they used to say that it was for science, or that the hospital was asking them to do some experiments, but we all know they just liked to go off, not with the discharges, not with the video, not with the filming, but with the comments generated by the viewers of the video...

It smells like zombie spirit!