Entry #377

The Poet Tree

2013-10-02 19:40:28 by nietzlawe


Oh how I curse and curse in mind
Each day, each night
Oh now I curse as I write each verse
Each way I might
Switch words and write
In prose and god only knows
Which words, I like
To not play by the rulebook
And doodle like I'm writing in a schoolbook
Look, you're the fool, who mistook me
For some plucky shyster
Shy yes, plucky no
I fucking hope you have some fucking rope
To hang yourself by your fucking throat
I'm sorry I have to touch these themes
And push myself to these extremes
Low self esteem, perhaps
Don't do this for claps
Do it for teh lulz and laugsh
Keep flapping till I collapse
And crap my pants at the craps table
After I lose my money and get slapped
Until I'm unable to stand stable
I can't stand being disabled
Literally, bah, Nietz you feel shitty
Sign up to Tumblr just to seek pity
Visit porn sites just to see titties
Firm boobs that are so pretty
Don't just stand there grinning
and gawping, stuck awestruck, your jaw open
C'mon man, get back to the pad
Write something happy, write something sad
Random as riding a tandem bike up a mountain
Every mandatory line that you're spouting
Wait... were was I? What line was I enacting?
Katy Perry's cleavage distracting
I need to focus, defeat the omens
Travel back in time and defeat the Romans
Put tons of these people deep in comas
Hold on wait? This was supposed to be poetry
I'm crippling Kipling, pulling Poe
I don't know which line is poetic no more
It's all confusing, my head is spinning
Bring the bin in, I can't send this to print
Make an excuse Nietz, tell em you ran out of ink
Or that you wrote this shit heavily damned on drink
But Nietz you're teetotal
Your pee is totally clear
People wont believe it if you tell them you drink beer
Doing poetry just ain't you man, it'll ruin your career
You'll have to get a fake ID and disappear
Hide in the shadows for twenty five years
Living on nothing but root beer and roe deer
Oh dear, you said you don't drink
You speak before you think
No, don't wrap your shrink up in shrink rap
This has gone too far man
Too far
Too far
Too far
You fart, but you smart
You think therefore you Am like Descartes
C'mon dude, let's go spend the day in the park
Shit, Government shutdown!


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2013-10-03 03:34:32

"Doing poetry just ain't you man, it'll ruin your career"
With that said im not going to go into the details of form in this,
formality goes against the Dionysian principle of chaos in art!
that's my story my excuse and i am sticking to it!
and i love how this doesn't rhymes.
I am like Descartes? well thanks man!
Government shutdown? and they still get paid.
is another way to go and get laid
with the citizens, in non-consensual ways of encouragement.
to say they are getting raped is just not an overstatement
this what we get with such a simple understatement
roses are red
violets are blue
this is not a poem get in the van.

nietzlawe responds:

Looks like I have subliminally inspired a plethora of poetry to occur
It's quite scary
Our lyrics vary from verse to verse
Lack commas, except that one
Apart from that, there are none
Oh and that one
One could get sore eyes
From reading Sexual Personae
Yet accidentally springing a boner
Nietz you need to tone down this poem
And atone for your sins
By getting stoned with your friends
I don't have any friends
I don't smoke weed
I don't need anything except words to write
And a book to read
Who gives a fuck about the Government shutdown
Let em have their tandrum
We'll all have a party and bang drums
Away from those dumb scumbags
This poem was brought to you in association with Kenzone Lager

Shit! There's even advertising in poetry now! Is there nothing these advertisement companies wont cheapen!


2013-10-04 11:35:27

Katy Perry's cleavage, hmmm...

I was going to doodle.
Now I go to Google.
So how do you do dude?
As always in blue moods.

Writing as few with a verse like a shoe
You wear, trade places, life's a haiku
Life's like a zoo, cows they go moo
Some play it cool and suffice as a tool
But me I would rather just sit back and dream
Fingersweep keyboards, I'm a machine
Write books in my sleep, books so damn deep
That people are shook and like crooks due to weep
Crooks with a conscience, I took and wiped clean
Mine so I could mine my mind without being
Inclined to refine my thoughts as I type, I'll bite
I read, then writhe in insight
Inspired I might be, but I'm one to frown
If you claim this is all about the government
Shutting down?

nietzlawe responds:

Go to Google, or Goog Hell
That just sounds brutal
Maybe I should buy a bottle of the Brut that you sell
Because I'm a brute and I smell
I put my poo in a bag send it down a chute to a cell
Where the world's most hated man is kept
And that shit keeps filling up the space
There's so much poo in there, it is spilling up his face
Leaving him no choice but to taste that human waste
But to be fair, he was a waste to the human race
So now he is condemned to eat shite tonight
And every other night


2013-10-06 05:21:11

Oh my what a life
Bright like a night
I wouldn't like to be like
That man eating shite
Must be hell with the smell
Would he rebel with a yell?
I wonder, care to tell?
Of his strife

nietzlawe responds:

Well if he was set free, see
He wouldn't be sat here chewing on human faeces
Pieces and pieces of the stuff
Some of it soft, some of it tough
The waft is enough to put you off your marshmellow fluff
He wouldn't have the energy to yell
Not while he's sat in his cell absorbed by the smell from hell
That he has to dwell in by himself
He doesn't even get his one phone call to Alexander Graham Bell


2013-10-06 06:35:52

Not even a phone call to his tall boney homie!
Who made phones foamy, the styrophoams showing
I call them styrophones, cheap phoney clones
In which you speak monotone, it peeps in deep tones

Now with mobile signals roaming the airwaves flaring up brainwaves
There's no saving this strange place, our signals go through ranged space
Signaling alien aid, but we spray the aliens like an arcade
Though they came to have us saved we make alien lemonade of sour halion blades

But know when the aliens fade their parents will raid in their place
Stare at us till we implode, overload of strange alien faces
They'll waste us like it's easy, and throw away the keys see
And lock us up in dark cells reeking of foreign faeces

nietzlawe responds:

It wasn't me who made Headphoamz headphones foamy!
I jack off on my own headphones only
Jack in, I have a knack for rapping without a backing track
I've got more chance of doing my back in, then blacking out

Waking up on the carpet wracked with pain
The last I remember I was being slapped by a drunk man from Maine
I was drunk too,
Me and Eric must have sunk two hundred dishes of alcohol soup

But we can recover, we can regroup
We can weep as we go through a breakthrough of our weak group
Nine Inch Lives, the band go their seperate ways
Have solo careers but nothing that can capture the glory days

So for fourty days, we don't speak or keep in touch
A reconcilation would be too much, to bear
But it's never too late for damage to be repaired
If the band members can prove that they care

And so Nine Inch Lives got back together
Proved they can survive and weather any storm whenever
They went on to have mass acclaim and fame
But fame never changed them, these humble souls remained the same


2013-10-06 12:52:40

Go home Nietzlawe, I'm drunk.

nietzlawe responds:

You can't stay drunk! You're getting married tomorrow.

I'm the best man remember.

(If I'm the best man, I'd hate to see who was the worst man).

Ahh.. I answered my own question.