Entry #353

A Nietz Darkly

2013-04-26 12:52:31 by nietzlawe


Like I said, why would a sorry state of affairs ever apologise? It'd be a first. And if I needed a drink it'd be a thirst. Then I'd stuff my face with thin-crust pizzas, watch Flash vids so much that I freak from seizures, talk about wanting to rape and molest my ex-teachers and steal their t-shirts as trophies, then I'll go fish with Moses and rub his nose in the dirt while reading the Ten Commandments. I altered them and put the tablets on the paedophile's altar. Sickness tablets. I told you that this blog would be dark, this ain't no laugh in the park, It'll leave you gasping for aspirins and asthma inhalers for starters. The vulgarities will leave a tart taste in the mouth, while I fire fart spray in your house. This is crazy, when you say it, you should be shouting 'oopsy daisy'. But I can't because I did mean to say it, think of this blog as an elephant in the room, taboo subject matter, when you read it, you're subjected to being splattered - Figuratively. No Harm Done, No War and No Swarms of Guns. No missiles, no nuclear devices, only literary devices, now read carefully as I devise this next line with disguise that defies logic. Oh man you know what shit he been smoking? to talk like he's walking home drunk from the stone age. Eyes closed he just switches off, and bitches about godknows what? He's got that look in his eye - that's so bloodshot. That's not a good sign when he visibly looks like he's dying like a worker down a coal mine. Don't worry about Nietz, he be cool, he be fine, even if he got weird problems with his spine. Define me, I'm not resigned to this decline bullshit. So what if I hit 30, I'll stay sturdy like a pervy clergyman that uses dirty words on a journey to Church. I'm a street urchin, perform my surgery skills on these beautiful three virgin females shouting nein like they are Germans. I wasn't circumsized, I live a circus life, but I don't give a fuck how I'm perceived from another person's eyes. We're all going in the end, it doesn't matter what order, that order.. this order.. New World Order for all I care. My words, curses, verses get persecuted, censored and muted by the deluded who prosecute because real life is not suited to the mainstream media. Fuck it all, I'd rather be an anti-social force with soulful vocal chords and say shit for a noble cause. I'm hopeful there are those that understand that I'm a man of peace that likes to release a can of these words every so often, I have to drop my damocles. Without the chance to shout my piece, I would simply want to cease to be.


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2013-04-28 10:24:00

I'd need a tall glass of water to swallow those tablets.

nietzlawe responds:

You'd also need strong hands to pick up the glass.