Entry #347

The Eternal Optimist

2013-03-09 00:06:37 by nietzlawe


What will the future bring? There are very few visionaries to tell us. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make profound statements. Every single one of us is capable of being a visionary. We could all become visionaries and live in high vision trees and scope out the horizon with our long distance telescopes. We are capable of so much more, the furore only leads to future wars. Mass hysteria is contagious, but mass intelligence isn't. It's not that we are not intelligent, it's because human beings are emotional and impulsive creatures that live on pure adrenaline, caffeine highs and testosterone. Logic impairment, brains scrambled and fried like eggs. As fucked up as I am, I feel quite normal compared to the complicated pair of losers that roam through the City of Rome like they Owne the Place. They don't, they don't own shit, except faeces.

You have to pay a fee to buy the letter C, that you don't let her see. For your wife who now has Def Leprosy. Everything is not rosy in the Deaf Leopard zoo, where the animals watched Zoolander and the panda clapped too, then began to chew on a fresh stick of bamboo. But Bambi was banned from the zoo. So were Barbie and Ken and the other seven thousand men that wanted to fuck her. Man I'm tired. Tie Eddie up in a ready-made getaway van. Whatever that even means. No ellipsis today? Not paying ellipsis service to the Church? Fuck the Church, Charlotte Church, yes please Minister. He'll fuck anything that moves, even blades of grass caught up in a strong wind. Muscled, chiseled, sculpted wind. Narcissistic Wind, always looking in the mirror. Not his mirror though. My rror. I said to him 'you've got your own rror, you don't need to use My rror.' Then the wind snatched me up, and threw my struggling 6-foot frame against an outside bedroom window until I plunged 20-foot and lay crumpled in a heap on the floor and left to die.

Left to the wolves, turkey vultures, and all the other parasitic bastards as food. But luckily I was wearing a bulletproof vest and 120% proof alcoholic thermal leggings. Equipped to deal with all threats. even guitar frets threatened to throttle my vocal cords using chords. Turns out the attackers were Triads. All this music-related punnery is now making me puke and regret using uber humour. The original aim was to make a valid point, but in the end, it didn't even have a valid passport. But it did pass me a bottle of port which I snorted up my nose like cocaine, then did the Hokey Cokaine shuffle, rather than have my playlist in a specific order. I didn't know what song to expect, it would all be a surprise, like the time I met Georgina Orwell. Didn't know she existed. Daughter of George and Gina, she was a Whore too... oh well. At least she didn't get trapped down a well like Sadako and Timmy O'Toole. The fucking fools.

Nietz just makes his own rules up as he goes along. Trying to give you the low-down and daily buzz, with his long periscope to peek at katy Perry's Gigantic cleavage, just because spying on women's boobs is the age we live in today. It's the new Norm like sex with Anne Bates. Sex with anyone is a bonus, and if it isn't, then the Onus is On Us to make sure it is. The world is going downhill over a foothill in the Great DownHill a' Thon of the last Century. Everything is becoming clean and pristine, like Christine's Shiny oil slicks. Tiz all 'bout the oil and the weather, you control the skies, you control the pupil peoples! With a blindfold you could even control the people's pupils, you could even make the pupil's pups ill by not feeding them dog food. God Food is much better, he only eats the very best. God is a snob, God demands perfection, but he invented the food chain for suck fake! He invented men willing to suck fake tits! Sucking silicon? Ain't I the silly one! Who cares, in thyme, you will be trying to kiss Facebook pictures through a screen because noone meets and greets no mo. Tiz all about the Wi-Fi and the Cloud and the Android and the portable bollocks that dumb down some clowns who have no sense and are numbed.

Ever since I got into this habit of pissing out words like pre cum, the outlook has been brighter, literally. Without this outlet I'd be filled with self doubt and no means of letting it all out. But now Nietz just goes about his business methodically, melodic, melodramatic dickhead who somehow got his head in check. He could have been dead instead and wouldn't have had the chance to say the shit that he's said. I blame conscience, he gave the go-ahead - chocolate bar to my worst enemy just to piss me off, and make me leak out urine like incontinence, so I could take a pee across all five continents. You can smell the rut I'm in, a hut in the doldrums surrounded by all this smut. Please tell me how I can just shut down my emotions, I'm downing these magic potions, to stop the oceans flooding. I'm fucking sick, and sucking fickle minds like a teat and now I've had a drink of milk I'd like to eat. My life is just the same, over and over again, with nothing to gain except weight and strange thoughts that plague me vaguely and make small alterations to my brain like a Wikipedia page.

What do you call an older transexual woman with long fingernails? Freddie Cougar. See, its better to laugh than gasp and recoil in horror from being hit on the bonce by a nuclear warhead. The worst you could get is a sore head. Instead, let's laugh together and rebute all attempts at political correctness, chuckle in the face of a struggle, despite all the radiation poisoning coming our way. "I can't breathe!" No, not from the inhalation of toxins, but from laughing too hard. Its good to laugh so hard you can't physically breathe and almost die from lack of oxygen, rather than oxygenocide. Genitalia side-dish with cress and aggressive activists who protest against testing professional sports athletes for drugs. Like Lance the Cance Armstrong. Arm strong? Damn right it was. Lance was armed with the whole medicine cabinet, tucked under the armpit while cycling, clinging on for dear life, but these things happen man. Give every athlete performance-enLanceing drugs, it'll create a state of equality, we'd see the 100 metres being completed in 2.45 seconds, we'd see people pole vaulting into space. Drugs are the way forward man, especially with the arrival of World War Trois coming soon to a cinematic propagantic cinematic near you. Don't say you weren't warned... or warmed... by the bombs that drop, and I'm not talking about the latest musical hit record. I'm talking about Science being the biggest disaster since Faith. Science is a miracle, but Science is being abused... possibly sexually... Science is being exploited by those who will regret their actions when the damage is done. Maybe its for the best that 4 million of us departed for the Shores of Blankness. But living on the Shores of Blankness is no fun, we'd rather live on the blue and green, but the blue and green is becoming inhospitable, full of shit pupil peoples that wanna spit on you. They don't like laughter, They grew up in public schools, They never really had that real civilian experience, just as we never had that experience of pissing people off and putting up tax bills for teh lulz. I could care less which ironically is a phrase I care about, because it makes no fucking sense! Why the hell has it lost its negative!?!?!? And do I really care!?!?!? The answer is a big fat resounding... No. I could care less, but don't wish to exercise my right to. Careless thinking? Agh shut up, get out of Town Bozo. And you critics can fuck off as well with your exceptionally high standards, "I am not impressed with that." Do they make a review when they are receiving blowjobs? "Hmm, not really impressed girl, 4/10 for sucking, let yourself down a little bit on the enthusiasm." Its funny all these judges on music reality shows, basically musicians that can't sing telling others what they need to do. Its simple, 'a pair of tits and a nice face' its not rocket science is it Mr. Music Mogul? But I'll tell you what is rocket science. Actual rocket science itself. You'll never hear rocket scientists say something in the lab and then go 'well it aint rocket science is it?' because the other scientist will turn around and say, 'but it is though, its nothing but rocket science, rocket science is our whole life man.' Everytime I think of scientist, I just think Professor Frink, but a more dangerous version. One who likes to spend his time enriching uranium because you know.. it will um.. enrich all our lives wont it? So will designing all those aeroplanes, so that cowardly militaries can exploit the skies and drop da bomb. Meh, fuck it, who cares, in the face of dark and scary times, que sera sera.


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