Entry #346

Coping Mechanisms

2013-03-04 01:26:50 by nietzlawe


The world is a complex place, open to interpretation, there is no such thing as right or wrong, but I might be wrong and you might have been right all along. But who cares? I know I don't. It's better to be carefree than being aware that human beings are scary. Sometimes it's better to cover your ears and leave yourself in the dark than embark on this quest for a double dose of harsh reality. A double dose of trouble bubbles up and leaves you struggling to acknowledge and you're left puzzled. So you turn to the bottle for that escapism from the daily insanity of this whole world's sadism. People copy violence like it's plagiarism. I'm just sat here plagued with visions of dystopian dysfunction, slaves in the state's dungeons being beaten with truncheons. The surveillance tailor-made to enslave and sail us into early graves and fail us. Oh well, if you want to fire guns and shells and make this world hell, don't be remorseful if you get reincarnated as somebody else. And you become a citizen in a world that you made as a tyrant, now you're the silent victim, the prey, subjected to mindless violence. The forced conscriptions to war, having a needle forced in the arm, don't worry, this vaccination will do you no harm. Stay calm mister, hold steady, don't worry, are you ready to take your medicine? Doctor Nietz at your beck and call, ready to bite your neck and drink all your blood until you feel faint and fall into that deep deep rabbit hole. Yes, go on, keep on trying to grab at all the ledges, I'll stomp your fingers or chomp through your knuckles with pincers. Go on fall, the rabbit hole is so deep you'll probably fall asleep counting sheep on the way down. Until you eventually land in the playground, surrounded by the same nightmares that have haunted you since the day you had your face savaged by infected greyhounds. This is the doldrums my friend, the lowest of the low, this is where Nietzlawe developed his alter ego. The mosh pit of shit and emotional turmoil. The place infested a tuition that provided me with direction and a whole new vision of seeing things. To treat the world like it was one big joke, and it was my duty to play the part of the sick bloke who provokes the whole world with the shit that I wrote down in my notepad in order to cope with how bad the world really is. Everybody knows that. The world is fucked, if the pillars of our society are fucked, then what hope is there for the rest of us? So lay down your guns and forget about your anger by laying down your puns and joining me in laughter.


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2013-03-04 18:01:02

Coping methods are better than groping methods.

nietzlawe responds:

What about coping by using a telescope to look at stalkers who use groping methods?


2013-03-05 19:58:11

There will be more hope for world peace if every person learns to laugh at himself. I think we know that.

However, we still have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about where I've been recently.

nietzlawe responds:

Where you have been recently, is a mystery. A big fat question mark lies over your disappearance.

Maybe you were crushed underneath the big fat question mark and couldn't reach a phone.