Entry #334

Sticks, Stones, Bricks And Bones

2012-11-22 02:52:50 by nietzlawe


Yet another BSOD, a blue screen of deafness whitewashed these ears and kept them in the dark, like the most ignorant pacifist you ever met. I'm going to bet you can't free Tibet with one hand tied behind your behind. I'll let you rewind the scene and try again, but you'll have nothing to gain, except weight. Eight more pounds to make your figure rounder, more curvaceous, courageous, it'd take ages to lose. At a game of Scrabble or Poker, red hot, my head rots, writing, rites, Bill of, I'm at the height of my fame, 6-foot, too high for my frame, touching at the sky with my brain. This shit is just crime caper, rhymes on paper, lines that cater to crazed minds and masturbators, who excessively exercise their wrists, obsessively sexercise their dicks. Recognisable, they'd rather be reco-incognito. Mysterious enigma, possibly just a figment of your imagination. Did you dream it all? It seemed real. Really? You might want to check the reflection in Dave's Mirra, you might not like what you see, you might not like what you can't see. You'll hate even more what you can't be, a singer, a sportsman, the boyfriend of Natalie Portman, you can't be, you're just a poor man, supping those four cans of beer, and sore hands from jacking off too much, filling your heart with regrets. Too late to turn back? I feel dirty I'm gonna burn my tack, start new with the few possessions and make up for what I lack. The only way to escape is to pick at the lock of the cage. Better than to rot to old age. With nothing to show, the talent you throw away or keep it dormant in stowaway for some other day that never actually arrives like the rapture.

You're just survivng, getting by, nine-to-fiving, do you think your life's exciting? Is there something more you were meant to do besides survivng? What are you vying for? An extra dollar? You're just a white collar worker, lying to yourself, slowly dying, your health declining, unable to climb out of deprivement. The circle is vicious as you hurtle without a parachute, the mortgages that take eons and ages to repay, the loans you owe, you no longer own anything and have to pawn it all away in order to support your family. Life is full of sacrifices, there is no such thing as a comfort zone, nobody has good luck forever. Permanent bliss just doesn't exist, you can't go through life without seeing red mist. Life is dicey, a game of chance, hence the plans we make in haste now instead of wasting, every second, making money for a rainy day. You're just a white collar worker, following dollars, its worse than a circus. Circumstances prevent and hinder, unless you win the, lottery, its got to be, the only way to escape from abject poverty. Its not to be, bin that ticket, go join Bill Hicks at a picket, your problems lie in Governmental decisions. They create the laws, so lowlifes like you have to survive with no rights and forced to draw knives just for a sack of oats or rice. We are all up against it, but the beauty is in the challenge, being the underdog, life is not fun when its all handed to you on a silver platter. You're cut off, deluded, secluded, you hurt others because YOU'RE moody. Its rudimentary, human sentiment, ladies and gentlemen I present to you - hate and resentment. Our politicians, supposed framework, the pillars that hold up a society, top rung of an hierarchy that hire armies to swarm in other countries. Rape, murder, steal, offshore bank accounts.

But as citizens, we are resilient. In fact, we're better than that - we're brilliant. All of us special, don't let anyone tell you different. They say we're idiots, that we're ignorant, conditioned to break our condition, to weaken our position, that's their mission, to seperate, to segregate - ultimately spread hate. To turn us against each other, like lemmings, using any way possible, burning Ernest Hemingway, de-education, text speak, limiting, condition us to imitate idiots, intimidate us, break us down to the level of infants and punish us for our insolence. This ain't a game no more, we became the strongest specie, humans, the strongest animal. Now we turn against our own, the technological advancements make us feel more alone. We're comfortable at home, nobody wants to meet and greet, isolation on the rise, my frustration turns to saddened sighs, those battered picket signs are weary from battle, no matter how hard we shake our rattles. No one listens, we're just cattle. But sticks and stones wont break our bones. We're resilient, we're brilliant and we'll one day march in our millions and overthrow this vile minority, this authority of horror that pose as leaders and people of goodwill. But one day we'll march to the top of the foothill, triumphant, love will - prevail.


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2012-11-25 23:24:16

Get out, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL STAND! Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat ...why can't love just be love?

(Updated ) nietzlawe responds:

Love will prevail, but love will also postvail. In fact the postman loves posting veils via Amazon to people that need them. Who needs veils? When you could be like me. Who needs mail? When you could be like me.

Never mix drugs and caffeine or pull the rug out from under Catherine's feet while she's stood on it barking orders at you like a snarling Gnarls Barkley. Gnarls Ark. Let's all have a party and fire parting shots at Partisan crowds comprised of Artisans who are all willing to drink a full bottle of Sarson's vinegar for the cause.

Could you say that you would be so eager to drink vineager?


2012-11-27 12:17:26

That's a classic song, a song about the struggles of thug addiction.

nietzlawe responds:

I like slug addiction, I can't get enough of those slugs. Slug Life 4 Ever man.


2012-11-27 14:13:24

Love creates. Greed destroys. The two can't coexist peacefully. Humanity needs to stop obsessing over money and other material possessions if it wants a chance at harmony. Why doesn't it? Harmony is infinitely better than hard money.

nietzlawe responds:

The world is too vast for us as individuals to instigate major change. All we can really be responsible for, are our families, friends and people we meet.

Some might say we need destruction just as much as creation in order to prevent overpopulation.

How long before the next human cull i.e. the next World War?


2012-11-28 12:41:36

I abhor war and all its gore; it makes me sore to watch blood pour amid the destructive roar.

nietzlawe responds:

Warfare ain't fair, if you have your arms blown off, how can you pay the train fare?


2012-11-30 19:18:19

You won't be able to pay the train fare, but you'll certainly be paying the pain fare.

nietzlawe responds:

Paying the pain fare using limbs that just ain't there.