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The Doorstep Of Doomsday

Posted by nietzlawe - 1 month ago


From the War on Terror to terraforming... then a warning to not watch Joe Biden make four minutes of errors on television. "You can sniff my hair, but no biting." What the fuck do you think this is? Hannibal Rising? Why not just take a nibble or a light lick on the tip of a right nipple of a nice chick from Nippon? "That's just as creepy, Mr. Sleepy!" You know you're not about to live in a Golden Age if people have to keep reminding you: "we're ready for a Golden Age." Ages just happen, spontaneously. Fuck the Age, let's embolden our ways, nothing compares to the Olden Days of bald heads and toupees. Now its all about them freak ways. Would you rather be esoteric, or an evil cleric, Derek? "Hey Dennis, I'ma take you to a place you've never been, so let's go menace some residents on Evergreen Terrace." Have you ever seen ferrets in the Outer Hebrides? Or a How to Be guide... I'm out of seeds like a post pole shift. Yet I couldn't shift Paul from the thrift store, even with force! That shit caused a rift, so I got out my guitar and composed a riff for passers-by before I bought a Viz annual for my own entertainment. "I said annual!" Roger Mellie wasn't dwelling on his past TV exploits, I could tell, he didn't need to spell it out. What am I even saying? Am I selling out like bog roll during an ELE? It's funny coz I lose money, even for past deeds I'm paying. Take the rap, get locked up and kicked in a cock-wrapped jock strap. What a crock of shit, like a lot of modern rock and Hip Hop that has hit rock bottom quickly. Not worthy to slip into a Ziplok bag. There's nothing worth keeping or holding on to, like fleeting memories. It's impossible to rewire my brain, when I'm still busting nuts to Shania Twain. "Come on Over, she say?" We live in strange times where deep states are running sheep, like slaves. It's hard to sleep, eh? Get a wink, or a peep, when the times ahead are steep. On the Doorstep of Doomsday. Ooh-Ay. Don't worry about it. Water under the bridge. -- "No, seriously! Water under the bridge! RUNNN!!!" Goodnight, Nienna. You should have gone to high ground, instead of taking it. ELEvation, my friend. You should have hiked up Scafell Pike to escape from Scarface. So you could face the stars and falling sky, and starve for days, as Tsar Bombas blow away half of the Dales to change our lives. Good job I brought Scarface's little friend. A bazooka. In my backpack I also had ten tins of tuna past their sell-by-date. If only I had eaten them sooner! Now they smell like bait. I climbed all this way up just to survive from CERN's crimes? The readers are concerned, right? Conspiracy theorising in your neocortex, which we only thought was here for your sex-related fellatio thoughts about Ocasio-Cortez. Those synapses are what guide your flex. A pole-shift.indeed.com! Dear Diary, please guide us through these dark and dreary thymes, don't bow out, the 31st is when Timothy Leary died. And the blue moon is near, so it's time to hold on for dear, life... be prepared, don't make this a fearful ride. It's been a blast, so whatever your last memory, try to celebrate and remember it before you become an ember for good. Whether it's now or December. As we get ready to enter, the looking glass, with 20/20 vision and eyesight more striking than a chick's fucking ass. Suck on my buckyballs... tolerate my mucky mind that y'all are just stuck inside. And while we're all stuck inside, we may as well bust more nuts, rather than trust those nuts outside. Maybe I should compile an omnibus, rather than get riled about what's ominous. The domino effect is the only infection plaguing us, don't know if the result of this election is saving us, from the coronal mass ejaculate. We're just papering over cracks... Gorilla taping the real facts.


Dog Bless All.