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Posted by nietzlawe - August 14th, 2020


Trouble on the horizon Bosun, I know that because there is no sun, only clouds, manipulated weather, a Government that have severed their ties with nature and pledged their allegance to Science. My hands are tied, bound, but I still let out a wry smile. Knowingly. Those that think they know the way, have failed and have tried to gnaw away at those that know they've failed. Room 101 didn't work, how about Room 102? 103? Doesn't matter, its just a room.. Its only the inhumanity of humans that give the room its reputation. If a Government legislate a law, it takes ordinary citizens to enforce it. The Government's hands are clean, they only told you what to do, you did it, you enforced the policy, you can't blame the Government for anything. The Government have never physically harmed anybody, they got you to do it. They created laws which you enforced upon your fellow citizen. Nobody forced you to. Members of the Government wont push you into a Gulag, regular citizens in authority on the other hand will.

The entire country is dropping to its knees, giving head to the world. Britain is being buried alive, toppled from the inside. This insider knows the truth, but doesn't need Cider to hide the truth because the lies are too frightening. Screws being tightened, bolts locked like lightning. A growing nightmare, a Sign of the Times, but the Three Blind Mice work around the clock daily to disable the system that conspires against the aspirations of the inspirational. To hide the knowledge and all the information that all true revolutionaries seek to change the face of our future. A Time when the Signs couldn't be more blatantly observational, more of our occupational pillars, skill and professions, as hospitals close, new laws passed, flawed, designed to have people by the throat. A mass civil panic will arise, right before our very own eyes, because you just know that its a Sign of the Times. We all feel the invisible force, the ominous signs, monumental lies disguised, subliminal, inside a ball of political crises. Too blind to fight these Powers that Be.