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I am Moon

Posted by nietzlawe - 3 weeks ago


Before it's time to take things back, some will fade to black before they make it back to shore. Brace yourself, before your Erasure, and the water levels rise up in the south of Asia. This is just a taste, of things to come for many other western nations. That and vaccinations, one of those nasty creations. Along with pederasty. Maybe it's a cover for the mandatory masking? But what if this tyranny is everlasting? Like the weather that's forecasted. A great reset, our world being formatted, to be made more manageable. Out of the damage, maybe our planet will have a better chance of salvation. Instead of being taken by savages, we have the chance to renew our adages. Rereview our passage, through to the future, get ourselves out of these stupors and fantasies, not just lying about stupid in front of computers, letting life go by, in these upsetting times, don't know why we let those lies confuse us. Let's not aid and abet, or renege on our vows in the face of these threats, or make the mistake of forgetting those who laid these charges, it's us who should make them sweat, as they face the martials. We've waited, we've marvelled over their movies, while they've funded these harmful movements and groomed kids. These global vaccine programs. And as the power of this deep state snowballed, we were in a deep sleep under that steep snowfall. But maybe it will now fall, or maybe we're all just fools, for living by cabal rules. Taken to baa Baal school, sat on separated bar stools. To save us from the SARS, bubonic plague, sonic booms, moronic wasters, and almost certain catastrophic failure. Destined, prewritten treason, hidden away, but nobody today would listen to reason. These bedwetters will piss themselves even more by the next season. November is going to be darker than a coal miner's arsehole. Talk about Pop Drop! Whoooooosshh! The next series of Cops. "What cha gonna do? What cha gonna do when NO cops come for you!" -- "How will one cope in this New World?" -- "You're right, Jeeves. How will one cope?" The same way that OAPs cope with COPD. Oh dear. Keep Calm and Hold no fear. Time for a cold beer, during this cull, give me a Coors Light or a Colt 45 here. So I can get drunk before the thunderbolts, floods and assaults take our nations back into the dark ages. Start wading in like Darth Vaders. Starving and wasting away. Already gone stark raving as the marts are raided. Now we've moved on to raping, as society starts breaking down. It's crazy. Basically chaos for nothing. Ain't no other way to put it. Only to say that the instigators probably won't face justice. Can't trust this system. Unless Trump can adjust this system, and shake off the rust from this system. Let's drain the swamp, not flood this cistern. Let's show some love this winter, instead of drawing blood this winter. Nothing good can come from going nuts this winter. Don't want to see our countries splinter, or burnt to a sun scorched cinder. No need for a gun war. Let's have a revival. A more fun outcome next. Not a blood sport. X.