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Utopia Tidbits - 2013-2014

Posted by nietzlawe - 1 month ago

UTOPIA TIDBITS - 2013-2014

Episode 1:

According to our research, the H1N1 pathogen in this new strain is about to mutate and will have potential for mortality rates in the hundreds and thousands. We’ve made a thorough report.

And we don’t agree with it. Neither does the WHO or the Geneva Medical Institute. Look, food prices are rocketing, there are riots on the streets of Sydney. No one’s thinking about flu.

Episode 2:

In the 1970s, the Soviets set up a germ-warfare programme Biopreparat. It was huge. They were weaponising anthrax, Ebola, smallpox on a massive scale. The West panicked and created an organisation to combat the threat. It was known as The Network. It was based in no country, reported to no one and was utterly deniable. It did things democratic governments couldn’t. They were insane. Totally out of control.

We’re getting more information on our breaking news story on the outbreak of flu in the Shetland Islands. We can confirm that two more people have now died, bringing the death toll to eleven. That’s eleven now dead on the Shetland island of Shetland from the suspected outbreak of Russian flu.

Eighteen dead, thirty-three infected. There’s only eighty-six on the island. Geoff’s ordered a quarantine. No one gets in or out.

Right, er… Right.

If it’s a new strain, it’s got infection rates already of 58%. Michael. Thank God you’ve got the vaccine! You’re a fucking hero.

I swear I don’t know. The last thing your father was working on were viral delivery vectors that attack the human genome.

Episode 3:

Phillip Carvel wrote a paper The Survival Of The Genome, in which he advocated a human cull. This is the same man who became involved with weaponising disease.

Episode 4:

Remember SARS? I worked for the Martarla Foundation who discovered it. One of their top scientists, rising star, six figure salary, used their private jet. Ever been on a private jet? It’s nice. I was in Hong Kong when SARS hit. They kept it locked down, but I thought, ‘Fuck that, I’m special’. So I went in, had a look, found out it didn’t exist.

But people died. SARS was–

No. Whole thing was just a series of unconnected respiratory problems. Took me under an hour to discover there was no cause or link. So, I filed my report and within a week, I was discredited, research destroyed… fired. I tried speaking out, but everyone thought I’d just gone a bit David Icke.

But people died. SARS was–

Started in November 2002, it lasted precisely seven months, by summer 2003 it no longer existed; the ‘pandemic’ affected just eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-two people and killed nine hundred and sixteen. Do you know how many people die each year from random respiratory problems? SARS did not exist. Next question. Why did they do it? Answer? I don’t fucking know.


Yeah, just a few, and no, not of Mr Rabbit, but… D’you remember this? The scientist makes a thing called a ghost cell which he puts into a buffalo. Buffalo’s killed, fed to the man and the man rots.

Yeah, it was what all the BSE conspiracy stuff was based on–

Yeah, yeah, look, a-a-a-a-and Grant’s drawings – the scientist creates a god with two faces and the scientist goes inside the ghost cell! Roman mythology. God with two faces. It’s Janus! And that’s how they get it into us, via the food chain, the same way with BSE!

But… It’d be noticed. Testing.

Maybe it looks like something else! There’s tons of bacterial shit in foods, and if Carvel’s a Nazi… Look, what, a disease that targets certain races.

What if it’s not the disease that’s selective; what if it’s the cure? Russian flu… Corvadt making the vaccine… Right, how d’you get flu?

Somebody sneezes and you breathe it in.

No. No, no, you ingest it, mostly, you get it on your hands and you ingest it. So, they adapt some fucking weapons-grade flu virus so that it can be hidden in food and Corvadt make a vaccine that’s only effective on certain races. I mean, after Fetlar, people are terrified! One more outbreak like that and they’ll be rioting to get it in their arms! Fuck testing!

But you’d need it in so much food.

Yeah, you would. See that symbol? It’s everywhere in Part Two. Don’t you recognise that symbol? Pergus Holdings, they’re massive. They’re like Kraft or Nestle and they manufacture everything from crisps to fizzy drinks to pet food and… that is their logo.


Episode 5:

He wasn’t talking about a race, he was talking about survival! We’ve now passed seven billion on this planet. When I was born, it was a little over two. Food prices rising, oil is ending. When our resources end in twenty years, given everything we know of our species… do you really think we’re going to just ‘share’?

So your answer to that is some kind of genocide?

No, it is not! It is not genocide. Our answer to this is Janus. Janus consists of a protein an an amino acid. Independent of each other, they’re harmless. But when they’re brought together in the subject, they act as a genetic figure that prevents chromosomal division. The cell targeted can no longer replicate itself and is thereby rendered useless. The change is permanent… and hereditary.

And which cells are targeted?

Those that control fertility, Becky. The purpose of Janus is to sterilise… The purpose of Janus is to sterilise the entire human race.


Janus effects 90 to 95% of the population, leaving only 1 in 20 fertile. We predict the population will plateau at 500 million in just under a hundred years. By then, normal breeding ways should resume, but on a planet that will feel… empty.

You’re fucking insane.

To do nothing is insane. You accuse us of being genocidal. Not acting is genocide! Where do you think your food comes from, Ian? A third of the world’s farmland is now useless due to soil degradation, yet we keep producing more mouths to feed. And what’s your answer for that? Energy saving lightbulbs?

But we-we’re doing things! We’re changing things!

You know the person who had the greatest, positive impact on the environment of this planet? Genghis Khan – because he massacred 40 million people. There was no one to farm the land, forests grew back, carbon was dragged out of the atmosphere… And had this ‘monster’ not existed, there’d be another billion of us today, jostling for space on this dying planet. Yet Janus massacres no one. It’s without violence.

This is why you did this to me. It’s why you killed my dad.

It is. And there are a thousand other crimes on my conscience. Do you know what I see, Wilson? A planet turned into a desert. A thousand million souls starving. Dying. And we can stop this… with Janus.

Why’re you telling us this? It’s not just to save yourself; you could’ve said anything to save yourself.

What we have is an approximation. We’re not Carvel. We don’t have his genius. We’ll know within three months whether our version of Janus works. Then we’re poised to repeat it across the globe… if it works. But there is one way of making sure. Get us the manuscript.

You’re asking us to help you?

Not me, humanity! All over the world, people are helping. Good people. If we had the manuscript–

Right, you need to stop talking.

Not to do this is to condemn billions to starvation and misery!

We need to find out if Milner’s with them. If she’s not, we need to get that vaccine to her, and she’ll–

Why? I mean, what’s he’s saying, isn’t that… right?

Right? Sterilising the human race?

1 in 20 will remain fertile–


And… do you know what it does?

It sterilises people. 90 to 95% of the people who receive Russian flu vaccine… will become sterile.

Episode 6:

(NEWS REPORT) 'There are unconfirmed reports now of a new outbreak.

'That's a third outbreak of Russian Flu near Hexham.

'That's after last night's outbreaks at Lochinver and Fort William, 'where 12 people are confirmed now dead.

'The government are urging the public not to panic, 'but scenes of disorder are being reported 'in Edinburgh, Sunderland and Perth, 'as GP surgeries are besieged with thousands of enquiries.'


The purpose of Janus is to sterilise the entire human race.

What we have is an approximation. We're trying it on a test group.

And the test group is...?

The United Kingdom.


'The prime Minister has commended the health Minister, Geoff Lawson, 'for stepping up production of the vaccine, 'describing him as a national hero.

'He said that the Health Department's contingency planning has 'potentially averted a crisis that none of us could even be to imagine.'

We telling people to stay calm.

Do not travel unless you absolutely have to.

Keep children, the elderly and the most vulnerable at home.

We have a vaccine.

I repeat, we have a working Russian Flu vaccine, and it will be going out tomorrow morning.



You wanted to see me?

I need you to do something.

There is a requirement, as part of the procedural safeguards, that the flu vaccine must be independently tested in situ 24 hours before its release.

That testing must be verified by the department and of course, to guarantee transparency, it can't be a minister.

It has to be a civil servant.

In fact, it has to be the private secretary with responsibility for procurement.

I've supplied a team, they're downstairs.

Don't question their results.

Just sign it off.


The vaccine goes out tomorrow.

64 million shots.

The warehouse is at

164 Cantwell Way, Stevenage.

(how bizarre that there is a football player called Todd Cantwell that beat Stevenage, and some of the donations received from him winning were donated to the WHO Covid-19 response fundraiser)



There is a name Letan mentioned in Utopia. Letan as in sunscreen/sunblock. Hmm.


I know where the vaccine is.

They're releasing it tomorrow.

The whole thing is going out overnight.

Tomorrow morning, it'll start going into people's arms

and there is such a lot of it. There's 64 million shots.


Guys, I think there's something you should see.


You should really see this.

What is it?

It's a molecule.

It's Janus.

This is what they've been looking for.

The vaccine is a test, to see if it works.

But this is the real thing.

This is the real Janus.

Episode 7:


Who is that?


Yes. Who's that?

A frog.

What has he got on his head?

A crown.


Let me explain something to you.

The sun throws a certain amount of energy onto this planet.

We turn it into food, clothing, shelter, et cetera.

It supports an amount of us...

... and it took 30,000 years for that amount to become one billion.

Then we found a way to use ancient sunlight...

... sunlight trapped in oil and coal. We started to live off that.

What happened?

In just 130 years, our population doubled.

The next billion took 30 years. The fourth billion has taken just 14.

So, here's the question.

What do you think is going to happen when that oil and coal runs out...

... in, say, 100 years?

When there's 10 billion living on a planet that can support only one?

I think we're going to tear each other to shreds.

At last. Someone with an ounce of fucking brain.


Each day is momentous. Each minute, every decision, every action is...

... historic.

And I feel separate.

You know?

Do you feel that?

That separation?


You are a fucking god.

Janus, it's called "Janus"...

... and, um... it's a protein and it's incredible.

The hard part was making it so it can't be detected.

It's split into two elements, which combine in the brain to create Janus.

It then sends signals that alter the production of cohesion in fertility.

Essentially, it switches off human reproduction.

It's, um... amazing.

Philip, when you say "it switches off human reproduction"...

... we're not trying to end the human race.

We use a placebo. We leave 5 to 8% unaffected.

They'll remain fertile.

And who do we give that placebo to?

There are certain genetic traits that are undeniably advantageous.

Now, I believe I've isolated a group of people who are genetically stronger...

Group? Do you mean a race?

Race is not a term that science recognises...

... but, yes, if you must, then "race".

That's the Third fucking Reich.

It's the opposite of that.

I'm not talking about murder.

I'm talking about allowing some to continue. A world without race.

It's a world without racial fucking genocide!

And can you make Janus decide?

I could.

I could find a combination of junk genes that only a certain percentage have...

... tailor Janus not to trigger when those genes are present.

Right, and that would be random? Nothing would connect those people?

No, it's junk DNA. Doesn't do anything. But...

... why not choose?

Because that's not who we are.


Well, we always knew it wasn't going to be easy, didn't we?

We always knew that.

There have to be sacrifices.

We're making a new world, Philip. We are creating utopia.



What a charming place to meet!

Are these full?

Oh... the gravediggers' strike.

They're storing the bodies here.

The "Winter of Discontent", they're calling it. Leicester Square's landfill.

The Winter of Discontent? Leicester Square? Hmm.


Episode 8:

As you all now know, Corvadt has today gone into administration.

But, as sole manufacturer of the Russian flu vaccine...

... we believe that Corvadt cannot be allowed to fail.

So, I have taken the decision that Corvadt will be bailed out.

As of today, we are making the vaccine.

And this will happen at an unprecedented pace.

So, if Russian flu strikes, you will be protected.


It's all about transport with the vaccines.

The cold chain must remain uninterrupted...

... and this means refrigerated trucks, ships...

These places are remote, it's... it's hard.


Every time a new drug is developed, there are winners and losers.

If you're watching this, you're a winner, but not everyone is so lucky.

On average, vaccines reach the Third World 15 years after we get them.

That's 15 years of disease, of misery, of death.

Russian flu has the potential to kill millions.

But there is a vaccine. As usual, we'll get it first...

... the developing world left to beg, left to die.

But we want to say, "No, not this time."

V Day is an initiative started by the Rochane Foundation...

... to get the Russian flu vaccine to everyone at the same time.

16th November. V Day.

It means us waiting a few months for the vaccine...

... so that they don't have to wait decades.

Isn't that worth it?

Support V Day. Say, "No, not this time."

This time, we live together.

Are you fucking serious? This?

We launch V Day on Wednesday.

Leah's Rochane Foundation will back the campaign...

... underwriting the cost for countries that can't afford it.

And how much will that be? $268 billion.

But that's six times the deficit. You can't afford that!

No NGO has anywhere near that kind of money.

We have 23 billion.

My husband is worth 11 and he's leaving it all to us.

He will die next week.

His example will be followed. Alexander Levchenko, 23 billion...

... Steph Aberg, 21 billion, Tim Stanton, 18 billion.

There are others. We're harvesting the rich, Geoff.

We have celebrities and NGOs ready to back us.

It's a good thing.

But you're the most important. You run the health department...

... and the department now owns Corvadt.

If you say no-one gets the vaccine until we all do... so be it.


Episode 9:

We have fabricated a worldwide flu scare.

We are about to manufacture enough vaccine to inoculate the planet.

But because you have kept us waiting...

we now have just under three months in which to do that.

It's just about... just about possible.

I wanted her to talk.

I thought she... Geoff announces V Day at 9pm.

It's a starting pistol. It's a big red button with "go" on it.

If Philip made an adjustment to Janus, we must know today.


We're looking for someone. Jimmy Deeshel.

What? What did you say?

It's not Jimmy Deeshel.

It's Jimmy Deesh... L.

The letter L.

Jimmy Deesh was the nickname for a bio-weapons programme...

the Americans had in the '60s. Very top secret.

L equals a project.

Jimmy Deesh A, Jimmy Deesh B.

What you're looking for is Jimmy Deesh, Project L.


Project L was something Jimmy Deesh was working on in 1968.

Now, bear in mind these are the same psychos that weaponised Ebola.

But whatever Project L was, it scared them so much...

they didn't even test it.

I mean, once they created it, they just shit themselves.

And what was Project L? All I know is it was an H1N5 virus.

So... flu, I guess.


Did your friend say, "Is a fat man," or, "Is fat man"?

What does that matter?

Did he say Jimmy Deesh L "is a fat man" or just "is fat man"?

Er, no, he said, "Is fat man."

But so what? He's Polish. They don't use prepositions.

Ian? What is it? What is "fat man"?

"Fat Man" was the name of the bomb they released on Nagasaki.


Um... the Russian flu vaccine...

Remember last week we had to postpone the tests...

because there was an issue with the SOPs?

Well, the results have all come back, and they are all stamped and dated...

everything is fine, blah, blah, blah.

But the watermark dates say Wednesday.

And the tests happened on Thursday.

Oh. They must've got the dates wrong.

Well, that's not possible because the system is linked to an atomic clock.

It was a big publicity thing about a year ago.

So they just can't be wrong. So... why is it wrong?

Well, that's why you're paid the big bucks.

This vaccine thing... it's sorted.

I mean, I've got somebody onto it, so...

You know, let's not...

Let's leave it.

You and me.

I mean, until I... know more.


But I... I do know more.

I pulled the previous reports on the vaccine over the last 18 months.

Specifically the thermal stability observation.

And it's weird.

Okay? So it's represented by a number between 1 and 900...

taken every 18 days, right?

So it's all... fine.

It's just that when I compared it to other vaccines...

there was an exact match.

Hong Kong flu, 1969.

So, what, is that unusual? No. It's impossible!

Someone must have taken the Hong Kong flu results...

and used them to fake the results for the Russian flu.

This is... serious, Michael.

This is really serious. Wait. Hang on.

Let me... Let me look at that. Okay.

Ah, right, well...

I see what's happened here.

I-I hate to tell you, but, er, you're mistaken.

Oh. Am I? Yes.

This... this actually is the same, er, vaccine.

See, you've-you've...

you've pulled the observations for Hong Kong flu.


So all this time they had a real virus?

Russian flu is real?

Yes, it's real.

And they're going "Fat Man" on it...

which is how they get a whole planet to take their vaccine.

And if the results of the fake outbreak are modelled on the real thing...

think Spanish flu or worse.

And was that one bad? The Spanish one?

It killed 50 million people, Grant.


Episode 10:

2050. That's when fish stocks run out. Do you fucking get that?

Course. It's... 2080, end of gas. 2090, end of oil.

Those figures don't come from Greenpeace or Friends of the fucking Earth.

They come from BP.

If demand for fertiliser increases at current rates... phosphates end this century, and that means no food.


Paul is one of three people trained to do one very, very special thing.

It's okay. Tell him everything.

If I am chosen, I will receive a call.

The moment I do, I shall walk out of my life.

I will go into hiding until just nine days before V Day...

when I will go to a car park in Denham. A car will be waiting.

It has been adapted to store a canister...

that will have been slowly coming down in temperature for nearly 90 days.

When I get there, what's inside the canister will be thawed... ready for release.

Do you know what's inside?

Yeah. Inside is an extremely deadly variant of Russian influenza.

I will take it to a crop-duster at Denham airfield...

which I'll fly over a 35-square-mile area, releasing the virus onto those below.

I will repeat this at four other as-of-yet... undisclosed locations all over the world.

Does it bother you that we're going to release a deadly virus?

Well, we have a vaccine.

Many will die before it works. You will have killed them.

But I will have saved everyone. Are you worried about dying?

Chances are you will be infected. No, I'm not worried about dying at all.

I'm going to save the world.


How many will die?

Typically, mortality in a flu virus comes in waves.

We hope the vaccine will kick in on the first wave... and the virus will be eradicated.

First wave, 1,200, 1,500 people.

If it goes into the second wave, it will almost certainly be tens of thousands.


In a few days, I'm going to call either Paul or one of the other two.

I'll give a command, a command that only I know...

and in about 90 days that person will release...

the most deadly flu this world has ever seen.

Everyone will take the vaccine. Everyone will willingly take Janus.

It'll be chaos, it will, but in less than 100 years...

there'll be no more than 500 million people on this planet.

We will have created Utopia.


Middle of fucking nowhere.

The only thing that's interesting is that it has an airfield.

Light aircraft, crop-dusters, that sort of thing.


And it's 80 miles from Atlanta airport... the busiest airport in the world.

It's the same with Denham.

It has a tiny airfield, but it's en route to Heathrow and Gatwick.

It... it's the same with all these places.

If you were going to spread flu, that's how you'd do it.

Crop-dusters in the middle of nowhere... but en route to some of the busiest airports in the world.

Episode 11:

Well, does anybody else know?

No, just us. We think if we take them that...

I mean, they have a virus, Russian flu. They're gonna...

No, no, no, they faked that.

No, they're not faking it this time. It's real.

That's how they get everyone to take the vaccine.


Philip was a genius but we sacrificed everything for this.

Including me?

Your generation's so self-absorbed.

There'll be no statue to Philip Carvel.

No-one'll know his name.


Russian flu is real.

It's some psychopathic weaponised virus from the '60s... and they're going to release it, did you know that?

What? You did? You knew? We have a vaccine.

But some will die, won't they?

How many, Wilson? How many people will die?

I tell you what. Let's just get solar panels.

Recycle our paper. Let's just go to bottle banks.


Philip Carvel is described as a God. God is in control? So maybe the person in real life is the vaccine maker. Bill Gates?


Have you given the command yet?

The command to release Russian flu. Have you given it?

Yes, I have. Why? Christ. Oh, Jesus fucking...

You have to reverse it.

Janus isn't random. He changed it.

Yes, I know.

You know?

I don't agree with the adjustment he made, I don't...

but it's only going to cost a few thousand lives and we will have...

Is that what he told you?

Tell her what you found out.

Janus stops the vaccine from working.

No. No, no, no, that's not...

Listen to me. The flu vaccine we have is practically useless.

He's right.

I discovered that Janus hijacks the vaccine.

It attaches itself to it.

So, it means that when you're vaccinated...

the antibodies you create to fight the flu are the wrong shape.

They won't work.



The Russian flu vaccine doesn't work.

That's millions of lives. Hundreds of millions, even.

And there are seven billion on this planet.

100 million won't even make a dent.

We're trying to save the species.

If it costs a few million individuals, isn't that okay?

Episode 12:

It's just, you know... the environment. Yes, we should all think of that.

I don't want to sound like a twat, but I just...

You know, I do think that we've all got a responsibility.

I just do. No, you're right, we do. We all do.

Why did you have him, then?


Nothing uses carbon like a first-world human. Yet you created one.

Why? Why would you do that?

He will produce 515 tonnes of carbon in his lifetime. That's 40 trucks' worth.

Having him was the equivalent of nearly 6,500 flights to Paris.

You could have flown 90 times a year, there and back... nearly every week of your life... and still not had the same impact

on the planet as his birth had.

Yeah, but I don't think...

Not to mention the pesticides, detergents...

the huge quantity of plastics, the nuclear fuels used to keep him warm.

His birth was a selfish act.

It was brutal.

You have condemned others to suffering.


The person Milner called is trained to release Russian flu... from five secret locations all around the world.

Now, we have no idea who he is...

but the plan is that he does it just before V Day...


That thinking, though. I mean, losing that much life is never acceptable.

But losing some is.

There are villages and towns in remote places - islands, deserts accessed by one road - places where a virus could be released... and controlled, without risk of spread to the wider population.

See, she was wrong, Michael.

You don't need a pandemic for people to take the vaccine.

You just need the fear of a pandemic.

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Through the looking glass.