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Bitter Something

Posted by nietzlawe - October 19th, 2018


The personality divide couldn't be wider. One of them is careless, the other is wise. But they both suffer the same flaws inside. And that is precisely why they're imprecise, and have to improv.. this Grade A Gibber straight to your inbox.. we thrive off it. Ain't no sicko, just a touch, fickle, so with no more hiccups, we may proceed, and pick up from where we left off... bank robbery, get ya fuckin' hands in the air.. this is a stickup.. your backside. Could have been worse, could have been your Jap's eye. That wasn't a jab, right? Jesus! ... Just a small stab with a stick in your meatus. Where's your aegis? "And you said you weren't a sicko?!" Ditto. Hey, you might find the bloodletting, upsetting, but it's no good getting fickle over a few runny trickles. Light feather humour to tickle your testes? This is more like full-on molestation that could get you arrested. Or at the very least exiled like Alex Jones... all because of some callous jokes? Get out of my kitchen if you can't handle the Calor Gas, folks! You alabaster snowflake bastards will no way hamper my anger from happening in mosaique slander. This is a gaolbreak, not a failed attempt... this is me scaling a ten foot fence of barbed wire... and then the following chase is tense! But it's easy to escape from Mark Labbett, I've gotten away, and he already looks like a Noah's Ark of sweat. "What happened to showing a mark of respect?" Fuck that shit, this is checkmate, this fat mother looks like he's been impregnated. Can even see a baby gestating in the womb... "LOL, Nietz! You just made the best statement in the room!" Don't even need a Take 2, would rather just take you on this merry-go-waltzer, and force Barbara Walters to take alka-Seltzer on an altar, then force a vegan to eat poultry meat with Ann Coulter... But first someone needs to hold her down. "No! Not underwater, she will drown!" No need for the waterboarding, that death is boring... go and get the sword! So I can cut this world down to size, and put everything that's skewed into perspective. That's a large percentage indeed. Outdeed. Shake it all about, Dee. That thing is what I usually pull out to pee.. r into female changing rooms, through Porky style homemade holes. I Joke I Joke. I brisk walk the line, never toe the line, even though my toes are on the line, every line I've wrote is a risk. As I go for broke. And any time I could slip and fall, and herniate my disk. Just for permeating being a dick. But better than a perv beating his dick. Don't take it personal, as you would be the first, and everyone else has been cool. My unspoken rule of thumb is that I can play the fool, joke, and have fun within the context of these dumps. Firing blanks is better than loading a gun. And freedom of speech is better than eroding our fun. There's nothing like offloading a tonne. This is like off-road racing, and hopefully everybody is on-board, ready to want the encore. They can't get enough, they want moar, until their sides are sore from splitting, sitting.. face dripping from the spores of spittle. Without anyone actually being hospitalised. We've got to give meaning to our so little lives. So stick up a middle finger and fight, while I once again set this whole fuckin' place alight.

Felt guilty for offering little of late, so in the meantime here's some Guilt Tea while I kill time. Not yours, but mine. Still a 9-year-old in the head.. yet well-versed and read. Still thirsty, in his mid thirties. Still on this journey. The will is strong and the tide is turning despite the turbulence that has hurt him in the last two years he's tried searching for life's affirming. But it's not just me, we're all tired of searching. And I don't mean Googling 'asses in short skirts.' Nietz needed to hit a few lows to reach new heights. One hopes... but this is how life goes, full of sideshows, Bob... and you just hope the signs make themselves known, as the stars align in time for you to shine in their brightest glow. Instead of being held in this deep dark hole, where all the exits are walls, and no one can hear the wails that call out from below. The claustrophobia causes nausea, only wish the future was a rosier place. Must be a reason we were brought here. Not to draw tears. Depression is an excuse to grow more beard. And become ever more weird by the day. Jeered by your peers as they sneer, and smear your rep and your name. Every step you take. Every breath you make. It's time to get out of rest mode and depressed thoughts and back into jest. 'Belief is the way,' - Depeche Mode. Deep moat thinking, in the heat of the moment, until you beat your brain into a coma. Breeding insane personas, somewhat ingrained, ferocious... a lion, feral.. ready to rage like a fire... after setting the stage alight with pyre... won't ever retire, so revel and admire. It's inspiring to spiral out of control, into outlaw mode, then stand around for a round of applause. With time to frown and pause. I suppose it's now time to crown success by achieving the implausible. Doing what others thought you couldn't, by covering topics people know you shouldn't. And let me be blunt, Jeremy Kyle makes a living off being a vile cunt. Life is a game of shunting, to try and get in front of others at their expense... our world is full of people fronting, and it's they that need to take some punches to the face... but is it a waste of time to crunch and graze our knuckles on these knuckleheads? When we can snuff them out with a few well-placed funnelweb spiders. I'd rather construct ciphers and make snidey remarks and go full on hyperactive, sniping from a distance, taking swipes, poking fun and stereotyping, a linguistic merry-go-ride of indictment. Somewhat frightening, but when we're all gonna die, who can actually say they're in the right and defend their plight in this short life? And we all like sport, and this is just an extension of that, right? Existential force to be reckoned with, and every millisecond that passes I try to understand the conscience I have to wrestle unconscious. Understanding is one thing. But coming to terms with it is a big deal to me, like I'm on the big wheel, looking down, and can see and feel everything that is real. A world that is no longer bigger than me.