Entry #569

730 Gxbp Rc Vlglp

2018-03-13 20:30:08 by nietzlawe


Wtr vhxup lp zedq lq zfoi wxnb. Wfpb wl wxnb weh Klbwwoxzb husohpv ydzn artq qr Qkb Gloaurpp.

August, 2018


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2018-03-13 20:34:00

I'm tempted to run this thru an online translator, but I'm thinking this is a rare Klingon dialect.

nietzlawe responds:

It's funny how time flies... and now we must wait only a little longer.



2018-03-15 05:15:23

Same commenter, same time, other year... the meaning of that message still, not clear. I wonder what it shares... a message from the future?

If anyone ever happens to search for that title though you're the first result on Google. :P

nietzlawe responds:

Trroaq'q blx ilhh qr hqlz.

If we give those monkeys a Google search box instead of typewriters they might find my page.


2018-03-15 05:40:18

Monkey typing? If Vic's right then hmm hmm, not getting anything via the Klingon translator either though... the mystery remains...

nietzlawe responds:

I don't do Klingon, but I do let people cling on to the hope that one day, they might actually solve this mystery.

yvan eht nioj!


2018-03-15 06:14:31

Backwards talk hmmmmm... not that simple either! But maybe that's a clue. One of many rules. You need to solve to use. The code above and show the love and sober up like watching morning dew... some day I'll solve that message... when my brain is like real huge.

nietzlawe responds:


Two years is what it will take. Time to take the Nietzlawe express back down to The Doldrums.

August, 2018


2018-03-17 14:32:39

Letter... codes? No those don't match either from one word to another..... hmmm complex code you must be using! If there is a code. Since you wrote that two years ago, though, wonder if that's when the days began, or if this is where the promised days will begin, and if you're getting out of the downs now or predict you'll fall into them in a minute, and if there's any relation between title and foretold venture, or if the depression is what comes to be after the days of sin and feast, or human phase overall, man... you write in riddles even within the code!

nietzlawe responds:

There are clues in a previous blog entitled Schism.


2018-03-18 08:42:39

Ah, gotta backtrack sometime...

nietzlawe responds:

In your own time, amigo.