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I am here to make a difference. Isn't that why we're all here?

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The brain has been gathering dust and mould, but that dust has an encrusted outer layer of gold. These thoughts have a stranglehold, the medium in which you've sold your anger. The only way to resolve, and put a halt to the rancour. This is the fruit of your labour, in which you are trained, this is your muse and your hatred, your shooting range. We're past the recruitment stage. This is a depiction of human rage. Yet it comes out in humorous ways. My slander is uterine cancer. Even my fasciitis is plantar. Somewhat facetious. Berjeezus will leave you Bedazzled.. with your brain frazzled! Like it's been flattened by 5 jeeps. Nie plays for keeps. Get shamrocked like Matt Hancock, coz that's what he's been sucking. Han cock. I Joke I Joke. I Keed I Keed! "You're crazy!" Yeah? But not as the celebrities that will bleed out your babies, and have a pizzagate with grated cheese. In the Age of depopulation and taking knees. Some people are literally still shaking whenever they wake to the breaking news. Once Upon A Time the only worry we had was to break in shoes. We're far past the days when Nazis were persecuting and the gas chambers were the only place they were taking Jews. Or are we? Right now it's like we are seeing a new Reich true to life, and the screwing up of our human rights. The only right we have left now of the Magna Carta is to order a Megna starter. This country going back to the days of the land army. No more grand parties. And don't get me started on the heads in the sand. You wonder why I feel starchy? Can't get this head out the sand coz I feel dead in the sand. Not that you'd understand a head that is damned. Trapped in Damien's Land. No man should have to live in limbo, when the trash of the world perfectly fit in Gitmo. There is no reparation, no atoning, only hanging and stoning. Maybe some other executions thrown in. Fires to be thrown in. Is that justice? To fight fire with fire? Is that how humanity strives in its flight higher? To murder and maim, and reduce numbers? To try and wake losers from their slumbers, but only produce mass unemployment and hunger? Some Qanons calling for hunters and prey? Are they the same ones who sit in their hundreds and pray? Doesn't make sense. To be a believer and call for sirens to start off all this violence. As Trump is in his bunker when it matters... leaving only a wall of silence. I trust the plan, but man, sometimes it just feels like a scam. All I wanna see is unity, a sea of human beings getting along beautifully. But in truth it may be something which I never get to see. Like an exploding letter B. The world will forever be at loggerheads, and the only peace we'll get is when us lot are dead. We really truly are each other's burdens and woes. That much is certain I know. I'm hurting, I just feel at the brink of blowing, and tearing up these curtains and showing. It's getting tough to enjoy this show. I want to be a Qknown. Not a Q clone. Not a Q drone. Just a regular hu-moan. With flaws. Nietzflaws. Don't want a picture perfect wirral. Just the birds in my garden and the squirrels. Never signed up for no tech world, didn't think we would get to this wrecked world. Heck no. Maybe I should strike you with the billy club, for not letting me into Billy's club. But that's silly! Petty even, like making people pay for Getty imagery. Some may even find it upsetting being let down, or crying over their net profit. In this era you get nothing but more debt, and your eventual place in a coffin. But you wont die from bullshit like covid because covid is about as real as Chinese steel. Time to get back out in the world and fight, Time to appeal, time to sit back in the darkness, not Travel toward the light. Sometimes, it's what we were already doing that was right. It's easy to be blinded by that light. That's why I've gone back and patched up that eye. A return to free will, if you will. Ready to speak my mind again. They say these fucking clowns need shutting down and putting down, but it's nothing to be proud of. No crowning achievement that we're now in bereavement. But the bottom line is that people like Soros are living on borrowed time. Apollo time. Swallow pride as you watch the tide moving. They say this movie is a ride, despite having to survive these violent movements. Nobody's final fantasy is to have an Aunt called Tifa.

Blissful beautiful aggression of words as I mesh 'em together...

I stand by everything I have ever said at the time I said it. History will prove whether I was right or wrong. Freedom of speech to the motherfuckin' gravestone!

I don't believe that I will live to see 40. That's why I'm going to make the most of these next 3 years. I'm going to spaz with thoughts and words like never before. And add to the portal on a highly-regular basis. Pandora's Box.

I'm going to go back to being completely politically incorrect again. Just for teh lulz. A lot of dicks in the world right now. But two can play at that game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaVq86-ZrQI Great song. Great era.

If I'm going out, I'm going out on my fucking shield!

Dog Bless All.

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