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I am here to make a difference. Isn't that why we're all here?

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The personality divide couldn't be wider. One of them is careless, the other is wise. But they both suffer the same flaws inside. And that is precisely why they're imprecise, and have to improv.. this Grade A Gibber straight to your inbox.. we thrive off it. Ain't no sicko, just a touch, fickle, so with no more hiccups, we may proceed, and pick up from where we left off... bank robbery, get ya fuckin' hands in the air.. this is a stickup.. your backside. Could have been worse, could have been your Jap's eye. That wasn't a jab, right? Jesus! ... Just a small stab with a stick in your meatus. Where's your aegis? "And you said you weren't a sicko?!" Ditto. Hey, you might find the bloodletting, upsetting, but it's no good getting fickle over a few runny trickles. Light feather humour to tickle your testes? This is more like full-on molestation that could get you arrested. Or at the very least exiled like Alex Jones... all because of some callous jokes? Get out of my kitchen if you can't handle the Calor Gas, folks! You alabaster snowflake bastards will no way hamper my anger from happening in mosaique slander. This is a gaolbreak, not a failed attempt... this is me scaling a ten foot fence of barbed wire... and then the following chase is tense! But it's easy to escape from Mark Labbett, I've gotten away, and he already looks like a Noah's Ark of sweat. "What happened to showing a mark of respect?" Fuck that shit, this is checkmate, this fat mother looks like he's been impregnated. Can even see a baby gestating in the womb... "LOL, Nietz! You just made the best statement in the room!" Don't even need a Take 2, would rather just take you on this merry-go-waltzer, and force Barbara Walters to take alka-Seltzer on an altar, then force a vegan to eat poultry meat with Ann Coulter... But first someone needs to hold her down. "No! Not underwater, she will drown!" No need for the waterboarding, that death is boring... go and get the sword! So I can cut this world down to size, and put everything that's skewed into perspective. That's a large percentage indeed. Outdeed. Shake it all about, Dee. That thing is what I usually pull out to pee.. r into female changing rooms, through Porky style homemade holes. I Joke I Joke. I brisk walk the line, never toe the line, even though my toes are on the line, every line I've wrote is a risk. As I go for broke. And any time I could slip and fall, and herniate my disk. Just for permeating being a dick. But better than a perv beating his dick. Don't take it personal, as you would be the first, and everyone else has been cool. My unspoken rule of thumb is that I can play the fool, joke, and have fun within the context of these dumps. Firing blanks is better than loading a gun. And freedom of speech is better than eroding our fun. There's nothing like offloading a tonne. This is like off-road racing, and hopefully everybody is on-board, ready to want the encore. They can't get enough, they want moar, until their sides are sore from splitting, sitting.. face dripping from the spores of  spittle. Without anyone actually being hospitalised. We've got to give meaning to our so little lives. So stick up a middle finger and fight, while I once again set this whole fuckin' place alight.

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