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I am here to make a difference, isn't that why we're all here?

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Its time to climb back to the top and take it all back. Step on the gas, kicking your ass, licking the last of the brown fudge stain. URGH.NET! Not good! Like when the Bible basher said "I am good." But if he is so good, why is he bashing his Bible? Really fucking pounding it with his fists like Donkey Kong over and over again so that the pages are creasing like Paul Creasey's twisted legs. Ahh, the beauty of being ugly. Like the time we sank into deeply rooted despair. But sometimes it is good to be trapped in the grip of sth. You learn a little about yourself. Not ideal at the age of 24 to face such rude awakenings. Working a dead-end job, feeling my skin rot with every minute that passed. Blocked out from the sunlight. For some that's right up their alley, not me. I'm an outdoorsy type. So to be stuck indoors forced to type orders wasn't right for the soul. I had to escape, find a way to climb the brick wall. Not sat on my arse lazing like a slave in the Matrix. They say climb the ladder and work your way up. But its better to be at the bottom of a ladder that you want to be on, rather than start at the lowest rung, work your way to the top, then realise its not for you. In a perfect world I wouldn't even have a bank account. All this stuff that exists around us, it's not what we have chosen for ourselves, we were just born into it, and thus, it makes us scared of rejecting it, of giving things up that we were accustomed and acclimatised to from birth. I've seen those poor families and kids in other countries who have absolutely nothing, and they look happier because of the natural outdoor community spirit. Nobody in England has time to have fun because they are too busy at work. Too busy keeping people like Alan Sugar happy.  Earning lots and lots of money, but having neither the time and energy to spend it. I never had the time to spend the money I earned. Too tired in the evenings. I was just living to work, which is all well and good if the work you are doing is something you love. There is no purpose to existence if the existence is menial and plays havoc with your mental mind state. When you feel that you are capable of so much more. So much to give and offer the world, that is when the dead-end job eats away at you. Life's stresses, things you should never have to pay for to live a human existence, marriage, a mortgage, electricity. A house and electricity should be free to everyone by default, you shouldn't have to pay a dime to keep a roof over your head or the heating on to keep you warm. We're all human. Can you imagine if the birds started flying around collecting rent for other birds to have a nest? Its stupid and inconceivable not to take care of everybody in one fell swoop with the vast trillions that lay dormant in the bank accounts of the super rich. Its inconceivable that we let it happen. Inconceivable that we don't twist their wrists by force and compel the changes that we want to see in this world. Collectively we are so strong and can change everything in the blink of an eye. We just need to come together, all creeds, all colours and realise who our true enemies are. Those that don't live amongst us. Those that create a rule for a community they don't belong in, or even understand. Yet seek to turn us against each other, cause division. Throw out a falsehood, then sit back and laugh while the masses skirmish like dogs jousting for a bone. It would be so much better to stand together, resolute.

That should be the pretext. to create a self-sustained independent society not reliant on Governmental rule. Ignorant of its enforcement. How can you ever hope to have a peaceful world when you have so-called responsible and democratic militaries encroaching on citizen land rather than Government buildings. How can we hold respect for militaries when they turn on their own? Intimidate, hinder and kill. This is what it has all come down to, working and feeding taxes towards increasing the military muscle, only for that power to work against you rather than for you. Every 9-5 day at work feeds that military animal more and more. Every single country feeding their militia so that one day, it will wipe you off the map without thinking twice. Most of these military figures would shoot their own families dead before they ever turned on the Governments that tell them what to do and where to go without them questioning anything until it is too late. Its only later when the regrets come, when they have seen the conflict and it has scarred them and they have returned home only to receive no support by the Governments they protect. I find it incredible how easy it is to manipulate the human being. Even if you are indoctrinating them into something that will likely result in death. Mass deaths, casualties and cruelties. Yet it is never the Government's lives that are taken. Are a small bunch of cowards in sharp suits that read pre-prepared speeches and spend hours rehearsing body language really more important to the world than the rest of us? Can we not function as a society away from this evil body of manipulators? Quick to start wars, causing the very thing they are opposing. Terror. Terror is an illusion. An excuse to place hedges, when in truth, millions upon millions travel abroad each year to visit other countries or even live as expats. Most people get on beautifully well with the citizens of other countries and cultures. When you hear of trouble, it always starts with the media and politicians and eventually spreads to the militaries. All the problems of the world are caused by this three-headed monster. The media is incredibly damaging. Imagine how wonderful it would be if the whole population shunned the tabloids and broadsheets? Just left those papers there to rot on the shelves. Imagine the frustration when they couldn't impose their subliminal advertising and propaganda onto us. The same goes for all of the news channels. What would it be like if we just deleted them from the tv? Or even better removed the television completely. Not only would your mind be free from the continual bombardment of gibberish, but you could live your life as you always have. It wouldn't change a thing. You would meet people in the street, you could travel the world. This is the only kind of communication that matters, with everyday people, that's how you stay connected with reality and truth. A clean media-free world unable to play out its scripted stories like a pantomine in order to change your thinking or be used as justification to create laws you disagree with. Its so important to value the world now while you can, because if nothing is done as a whole by the citizens of this planet. Tomorrow's children wont have a voice.

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