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I am here to make a difference, isn't that why we're all here?

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2014-10-15 19:57:16 by nietzlawe





ANYWAYS, ENOUGH OF THAT. ENJOY THE SHOW. What show? The Big Show against Brock Lesnar, that's what.

A sword of Damocles, hanging, overhead, bamboo shoots through hands yet you use the blood to write a help letter. Or a blog in blood, losing pints, not a lot of good it will do you, the transfusion might. Save the day, find a way to change the inner workings of your brain. Before the light flicks out for good.

Offence is used as a pretext to shape laws.

The most offensive thing in the world is a lack of honesty and normality. If we continue to make our beds, we will lie in them. Either that or sleep on the floor.

Peace in.

Because the old peace is out.

Fragmented souls, kids in orange jump suits behind barbed wire for staying up late playing an X-Box at home. Shocking crime. Face facts, the government and military want to tear up the world and remodel it in a shape that's not pretty for the average job. And it will happen before you know it. Maybe the world will be cleaner, less populated, energy efficient, but are humans mentally ready to enter such an existence? Will living in an OCD world be interesting? Will we learn something out of it? will we develop? Or will we wither through insignificance and a lack of true human stimulus? Will living in this world encourage us to think forwards? And open up newer portions of our brain, unrealised and untapped? To think less about the old way of doing things, and to become more ingrained with technology. Will we have to sacrifice our friendships and relationships in order to acquire super intelligence? Will we soon be living in Songdo City?

All I had to do was look out of my front door and I had my answer. The answer to all my questions was NO.

I looked around and realised that I still live in a shithole. People are still thick as pigshit. The environment still looks ugly. There is still loads of rusty cars. Still plenty of litter on the streets. Nobody has tapped into their potential. All I saw was a couple of alcoholics, a person fixing a motorbike, poo poo on the floor (which incidentally I stood in last week). FUCKING POO POO! Why can't YOU DO? Us all a favour and remove this digusting bitter flavour from our pavements!

Where is the New World Order? Why hasn't it happened yet? Who is going to enforce it when people are mostly retards? Oh, I answered my own question. retarded people.

Wait! I'll sign up for that!!

Now we have Ebola coming out like a newly-released music single. Exactly two or three months after watching a tv drama about the very same thing that is happening in the world. About a vaccination that is going to do more damage than good. Birth control or death. Or will it be reverse psychology? Where the people who watched Utopia and are suspicious of the Government refuse the vaccination end up dying. Find out next week! Nah, fuck waiting.. find out now. I don't have the answers do I?

I guess this is it then? The end is nigh. Hello darkness my old friend. *Strumming guitar* "The world depopulation is in motionnnnnn. I'm telling you, if you want to be safe, go to the Government's house. Just knock on the door and say "listen dude, I need somewhere to crash for a few nights. Is it safe here?" -- "Safe. Bloody safe Sir. Of course it is bloody safe. What sort of fandangling question is that my ruddy great bistlewark!" -- "Bistlewark? What the fuck does that mean?"

If you have to kill me Government. Please! Please! Spare the magpies in my back garden! Ah, the man with the wit that was hotly tipped to whip your ass and expose your frailties. And now, time for some Billy Joel - Piano Man. Its 9 o' clock on a Saturday. No its not, its after midnight on a Thursday. Ladededaladadeda. Didn't know that was a lyric. It means he needs to fill the space instead of having to go to the trouble of writing a lyric. So why lie, rick!? You Prick! Why not tell them the truth, why lie to them? Feeding them a crock of shit. People don't want to eat shit, or be fed out of crocks. Unless a woman has been dipping her foot in it. Whaaa?

The thought tank is slipping. Quick! Time for a bit of You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. This may be the last chance I g...

Oh well, there is always the year 2100. But we'll all be gone before then. The new generations will get to enjoy the Propaganda, Paranoia, and the Daily Beauty of Random Bullshit. We'll just be skeletons in the ground, glad its all over. Let the next lot scrap and scrape for the same resources.

Vietnam veterans in sweaters dripping in humid heat, smelling like feta cheese, fettered, on their knees, manacled praying to Jesus. See the irony?

Hi Ron, any reading material for tonight? "Nope. None, Nie." Picked up a romance novel for the wife called The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave? Think she'll like it? -- "Well, Nie. You see. Its a little more than a romance novel. There's a little bit of bloodshed, ikkle bit of brainwashing and mind control. Depends if ya wife likes that kind of stuff?" -- "As long as there is a happy ending." -- "Hmm, depends who you are."

And so, the woman read the book. And she never slept again!

... Until the following day. And the only reason she couldn't sleep the first day was because it wasn't shocking enough! Bloodthirsty fuck! She's a vampire though, has fangs, she said, "fangs for bringing this book home. Fangs for everything. fangs for your continued support and love." Then I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

Drum roll CLIVE. Clive is versatile.. much like a digital disc. He is now learning how to play the Piano, sat underneath a Son of Sam banner. That just happened to belong to Bruce. Maybe that's made Bruce so mad, he planned a rampage with a hammer in a blood-filled manner. They fought so hard but they couldn't bruise, Banner.

Piano roll CLIVE. He is the music man, and he can play one hand. While stroking his c... ego with the other. Nothing like an arrogant Pen... I mean pianist.

Until next time. Same Bat Channel. I don't even have a fucking bat channel. Just a piece of square cardboard that I hold up in front of myself and all of a sudden I'm an actor. The only actor, because the rest of them, they sacked em. Weren't doing their jobs properly apparently. How I do know, I fired them.

In my head...... Out of a cannon. This dream is so vivid, man, like the Vivid Man who appears so lucid. Its actually ludicrous like a dude that gets boob implants and other assorted rude bits. If these are fake, may as well get more than two tits. Make the other ladies well jel of my silicon gel.

Peace out this time. Post this then get freezed out of my account for 12 million years like Vicarious. Having to guess passwords forever and ever and ever. cowdung PASSWORD INCORRECT. logmein155 PASSWORD INCORRECT. tiltedkilt66 ACCESS GRANTED!

Bedtime. See you in the funny pages. Or the not so fucking funny pages. Doesn't matter to me! .......... By Redgum.

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