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I am here to make a difference, isn't that why we're all here?

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Tune in, fingers keen to bend and break under the weight of expectation, or the weight of pressing down too hard... Don't do that,  grew a beard that was 25 foot in length... Tripping over it, like the TrapWire that was put in place as a deliberate ploy to make you fall head over heels... in love... with the girl in high heels... Steep feet, nice appeal, fresh-faced like the Fresh Prince who never forgot to rinse lather and repeat, like all those fucking Bel Air reruns. Yada Yada Yada Uncle Phil... RunclePhilskin. The guy was a dude, he looked like Suge Knight, damn son, that shit was too tight... No! Not the beard! The beard was fine, nobody was questioning the facial fuzz... Nobody was on a quest to question anything, except the system... Which was being run by a sexy assistant called Julie Hunter, who had 9 broken fingernails after scratching them down a blackboard late one evening... Why did she do it? Said a close friend, who just happened to be far away geographically that day... Concentration span the size of a Concentration Camp, but how could you concentrate in such conditions? Stress levels on High Alert, alarm bells a' ringing said the Town Crier as he wiped away tears of in and outjustice... And turned his name to Sycho Syd and used psych outs to wipe out whiteboard rumours... That were unjust, like Marguerite St Just's marriage to the Scarlet Pimp From Hell... Always slapping her he was, get out there on the streets and earn some damn money homie... Don't know why he called her homie, maybe he was saying "listen bitch, you owe me all the money you made today!" Taking shit from a Pimp? That just takes the biscuit - The Pimp Bizkit... Don't steal biscuits man, unless you do it briskly, which makes the whole endeavour less risky... Odds in your favour to eat biscuits that have an odd flavour, like Sweeney Todd's wife's pies... Wife's pie with my little eye, something beginning with P. Prologue? Nietz, you are no longer able to attend the Awards Ceremony and listen to the sweet pheromone tones of the Philharmonic. I don't want to fucking meet Dr. Phil and be prescribed a pill which could kill me and fill me with a thousand doubts... I'd rather learn a thousand nouns and proverbs, silly thoughts that get me nowhere... Fast. Like a place called Nowhere. And when you get there it says NOW HERE... Or maybe that guy from Big Trouble in Little China turns up and shouts "You are nowhere!!" -- "But we can't be nowhere, we gotta be somewhere!" -- "Listen, piss me off again, I fire red ball into your stomach!!" No horseshit Wang?" -- "No horseshit Jack."  Talking of horseshit, these words continue like a contingency plan against a continent shift... The main plan is to uplift the reader, drill these words into you with this Makita... Like the media when they use repeaters to brainwash, or try to get everyone on Facebook or Tweeter. I mean Twitter. Better to sit and look at what you've written, no paragraphs but a load of hidden messages, more of that and less of this cohesive irrelevance... Being melodramatic for the sake of elegance? Forever searching for excellence, which can't be found like the thumbs of a spider monkey...  Everything is hunky dory except the spores that pour in through the window and cause sneezing fits, or when you reach out to try and catch the falling stars...

Don't get me started on the star Ted who was intrinsically ajar in the head, thoughts would leak and people would freak out, or become too scared to speak out... The Truth Hurts like a needle in the meatus.. What are you doing man? What, me? I'm just feeding my penis. Shredded Wheatus Dirtbag, doing stunts on a dirt bike, then fall off and hurt my... Ego. Injury picture uploaded to imgur, you've incurred my wrath and now I must break your fingers, you're too much of a thinking man, what have you been smoking and drinking man? It doesn't take much to induce this mood and produce this long drawn out collection of musings, about being dysfunctional and socially excluded... Dude its okay, not to worry, those scars heal and we're too far gone to start feeling hard done by... Water Under tha Bridge dawg, Bridge Under tha Water... Collapsed you see. See what happens when you haven't a pen? You write Zen-like reaching for the apex, digging with a spade for letters, paid-for, spate of embers, endless, speaking in multiple tenses, senseless and restless, where is the Nexus meant to end? Memphis? Like Elvis.. slave to the craft, helpless. What are the hidden messages trying to tell us? Reach out but don't lean too far out the window? But I had something important to s... Fade out to black, like a slave that's blazed out on crack cocaine... How can you crack cocaine like a mystery deeper than the deepest abyss, you couldn't even pee on the sea bed, by the time it reached the sea bed, you'd already be dead... But now is the time to stay alive and alter the train of thought, make this new song, but it wont go the way I want to make it go. So I've had to change it all from scratch. Start over and take it all apart, rebuild, grab the Ronseal. I want the feeling back in the track. so I doze off like Dustoyevsky to Enter the Third Eye Blind, paradisia, this new song Off The Rails causing an unstoppable abuse of the ears, music that makes you sick of sitting around and doing nothing except exercising the Wrist, which never tires or wanes as you pull the plug on the drain cover and let the flash floods do their thing... The flash floods have a mind of their own, Wind Mandering, lapse in thought, collapse like that bridge which flipped over a boat and paid lip service to Blackburn like the Maundy Thursday... All washing their clothes at the same laundry service, too many crowds get rowdy and charge with their Bayonets.

Off the Rails Hip Hop - Modern Song
Stepping Out (loop) Ambient Loop
Breeze Over Troubled Waters Ambient Song
The Hermit Hip Hop - Modern Song

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