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I am here to make a difference, isn't that why we're all here?

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2016-07-22 21:46:16 by nietzlawe


There is nobody left, everyone is fucked, depressed or on drugs, anti-social, technologically addicted, sandwiched between love and hate, our leaders being led by octogenarians with post-teen girlfriends, with their own personal ideologies and agendas, dictated by their loins, then there's that fat North Korean kid holding thousands, or is it millions hostage in fortified camp sites? Beef on the China Sea, endless media stories of rising tension, and the detention of terror suspects, the endless war on terror/drugs/sex/breathing/freedom of anything even remotely human, then we have got Mr. Blonde Mop himself, threatening everyone except Tim Peake. The Earth looks beautiful from up here! Does it Tim? Move in a bit closer. Oppression, recessions and depression is masked from up above. That's why God can't see anything odd going on. We humans are the collective shit that hit the fan. Fucked up animal habitats, created zoos and stripped entire forests bare, so we could wipe our arses raw with the bullshit media stories. 'How to turn wood pulp into lies.' Its impossible to despise civilisation now when I'm so desensitised. How much injustice can you stuff into a single paragraph? Like everyone else on Earth I'm brain damaged. I guess its a shame but I'll manage. Shootings and gunmen aplenty. Too many guns. Not enough fun. Too much carnage. May as well just stay indoors and watch Coneheads. Perhaps its safer to be a mayflower on the wall. Or under Theresa's boot heel. But I feel we haven't come further as a species since the fall of the Berlin Wall. We have barely even broke even yet in terms of progress. We still find it difficult to tolerate what sexuality someone is. We still refuse to fuse our intelligence into a collective chimera. Each to their own is a hard concept to some. We are here for a limited period only, like a Ben and Jerrys offer. We didn't ask to be here, none of us, yet we find ourselves up to our tits, embroiled in conflicts that sperms swimming around our current testicles are as of yet unaware of. You have to win the race for the right to be born, and once you're born, you think 'shit.' Why did I have to win that race, thinking that this place was better? Its not. Life is constantly fucking hilarious. This consistent constant of insistent bullshit and incompetence. We sit and let our minds wander, wonder why we think the wonders of this world are so beautiful. But once you have seen it all, what is there left to see? And when there is a problem in the world, why is it left to me? Where were you when I needed you? Where were they when we needed them? These constant stems of figurative triggers which we all tune into, these harmonious frequencies that cause disharmony. We would rather sit and play our harmonica than harm the monarchy. Each to their own. Not interested in you being thrown from your throne. So leave the masses of peace lovers the fuck alone. Everything and everyone is out of control. But the opposite was never true. We have never had the perfect world. And we can strive for perfection rather than mere survival, but life will always kick us when we're down. And so many of us are down, that we need lifting, we need to be dragged out of the doldrums, we need to come to our senses and find our strength again. Instead of this depletion. This slump that has us trumped, by looking to Trump for a solution. That's how far we have fallen. We have fallen out, and the result is nuclear fallout. There is no cloud bigger than the brink of extinction. And the stink that stings our radius with its radiant glow of toxins invading our tongues and tonsils. Its safer just to stay home and curl up, and forget that the world sucks. That the politicans only care for their own luck. Armies are just dumb pawns sent out, while their families want them to come home. Its a sad state when sad states stand guilty of treason themselves and give a million reasons why others should be seasoned and burnt at the stake. But its the kind of world we are living in. Many have already given in, so many frightened little gibbons afraid to speak their minds or put ink in their ribbons. Its like the script has already been written, set in stone, and acquiescence is the stepping stone. We're the stones they are stepping on. And instead of demonstrating our strength in numbers, we are forever destined to be lumbered in devastation and slumps, arguments over gun control, TTIP, dodgy vaccinations, surveillance, threats of invasion, migrants and immigrants with imminent threat labels, like some biohazard hazmat bullshit gone wrong. And 80,000 gunmen just to guard an Olympics event, instead of some of those weapons helping the homeless around the corner. We can't be helped, it can't be helped, we are human, and this place is hell. Like the 80-100 thousand placed in solitary confinement, and the life terms for petty offences. When are we going to pull a finger out and point it at those who are really to blame? Every day the same shit. Maybe this Earth is the inside of a testicle and we are just sperms waiting to be born again when some guy gets the horn again and accidentally impregnates some girl, then does a runner to the other side of the world and refuses to pay child support. Preferring instead to OD on crack or heroin. This Earth is a nut that can't be cracked. We are merely temporary residents of zip code E1. Whichever piece of land we occupy, we are all invaders.

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