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I am here to make a difference, isn't that why we're all here?

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The Short Drunken Slur

2017-01-14 20:36:19 by nietzlawe


The fun and games are over, its time for some Funny Games, time for some people to get a runny nose, but without having to dumb it down for these Cunny Linguists... Something has triggered, clicked, kicked into gear... or maybe its the Tsingtao beer talking, internally provoking these go for broke thoughts, like a throat chokehold, a throa constrictor, resisting arrest, irresistible zest for life, or irritable and pissed? People want the old you to break loose instead of this New World Ewe. This sheep, this Elisa to the slaughter, time to turn on the power, "conscience, start the motor!" We're caught up in this dark water. Its too late to turn tide, the Burnside need to just learn how to take you with a pinch of salt, instead of bringing out the Jessica lynch mob... Yeah, we must not forget the injustices of yesteryear, forge the past to present our future, spend our whole lives sitting in front of a computer trying to compute or looking for puta. Now its all about Putin, random shootings... A bit selfish don't ya think? What about us? How about coming together? Too much GBH of the ears, too much GHB for the queers. Everything is illusory, nothing is what it seems, except the semen stains, those were real. Now I feel that this is the time to PUSH, no holding back like a self-folding deckchair, white, black, gay, straight, crack addict, this is really the moment to open the floodgates, let in love and not let in hate. Who is willing to die for their beliefs? Who is willing to die, or take any punishment or sentence for freedom of speech? To stand up for what they believe in. For it is only through sheer numbers can we exert our will. And exert we will! Certainly. Close a chapter on this whole Illuminai imagery, and other mind control gimmicks. Image being 9 tenths of the law, but not truth. This is Truman. This is inhuman trauma. This is torture. This is supposedly 'The Way.' As well as 'I am.' Eminem knew 17 years ago what the deal was. God dang.... Dog Gong... The fine line between right and wrong is the height of what I'm trying to say, while half incapacitated. Its liberating, Like the book of the Nietz. Couldn't be more blatant if I tried to say this sober, don't need to decode it within the realms of a pissed morbid mind... Like VR without needing to pay 300 quid for VR. Two x 640ml will kill your mind and numb ya senses, and leave you ending up at the reentry entrances... Pupils dilated, violated by the noodles. Struggling is futile. This is beautiful. Senses. Life is just a story and the majority are extras. Only the chosen few have main parts. Or if your name is Eric Chandel - Maine parts. 'Note to self... he doesn't live in Maine anymore.' Its funny the things you forget. Well not funny, its terrifying, the last thing you need is dementia at the age of 33. 33 is such a funny age right? When we refer to it in degrees. Good things come in threes. Omne trium perfectum. If you 'will' something enough right? Better than joining the 27 club right? "STOP SAYING RIGHT YOU ENGLISH CUNT!!" Sorry sorry, maybe I should back out of the room before I suffer blackouts and end up on Shutter Island, stuttering my words and pussyfooting around subjects. Not my style, gotta tackle the issues head on, (OOC : I wish I could drink every night, it would be this entertaining and oblique) joking apart, ment, scattered housing, now its time to finish with a rousing speech that gets doused before its even begun being preached. WW3. Fuck dubya dubya 3 and fuck dubya Bush. And especially... FUCK dubbed films!! Fuck exclamation marks, fuck the whole system, fuck nuclear war bunkers, fuck life and death and the very last breath we take. Fuck it all! Fuck everything and everyone anally and orally. Fuck point scoring. Fuck Wotsits flaming hot for only being on sale 1 month per year. And a big thank you to Cheetos for selling flaming hot 12 months per year... I'd even like to thank those people who make 'thank y'all speeches' in a Kanye West accent. Fuck Satan, again, anally and orally. And other orifices we might not yet know about...  Hidden crevices. Damn man, death can't cum soon enough, it will be awesome, a permanent siesta from this constant bullshit. These movie actors we prop up like Donald J Trump. and big Vlad. THey are all just human flesh cocksuckers at the end of the day, nothing special, nothing to write home about, and neither are these cults like the O.T.O. just a bunch of bullshit numbers and deluded fools who find meaning in nothingness. Sad really. Gotta pity those who live in subterranean basements, they will perish just like we will. Its funny in a way, being a trillionaire and then just ending up as a pile of bones like everyone else. I'm pretty sure they understand that more than anyone, that they are mere mortals. And that there are no hidden portals or dimensions. No UFOS, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves. JUst constant hearsay and bullshit on a 24/7 calendar. Hilarious really is humanity, all built on corruption and lies and myth, nothing special, we're just a different form of animal and most of us know it. Live for today, life for now. Its a shame it takes a bottle of beer to highlight that. Those who are ignorant and give in to their carnal urges have the happiest lives. Carefree I say... who gives a flying fuck about the cosmos, and the equinox and reentry. The world is all about constant bondage and torture and sadism, who can inflict the most pain on the other. Sad but true. World peace is just an ideal that can't be achieved except through force and brainwashing.... P.S. Saturdays are so fucking beautiful.

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