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The Opus XI

2016-10-15 00:17:37 by nietzlawe


    “Y—you know Henrique Pinto as well, Jae?”
    “I’m sorry guys, it’s a long story. Goes all the way back to the 60s in Kauai. My father was involved in something big.”
    “Operation Starfish Prime. I was only 11-years-old when it happened. My father tried to pretend it wasn’t happening, tried to protect me from the truth. I knew something was wrong when he couldn’t phone out. The EMP caused quite a bit of damage. I’ll always remember it as the rainbow bomb party.”
    “You’ve experienced an EMP attack? Where are you from?”
    “I was born in Hawaii. I’m actually half-Chinese. 1962 is when I had my eyes opened to the real world. Not this piece of shit illusion they want you to see. This New World Order. I’ve seen it, and it’s doomed to fail.”
    “The New World Order? I thought that was just a conspiracy.”
    “It is a project that will lead to inevitable failure. And it will begin to fall apart as early as 2017. The problem is that the fallout is going to be catastrophic. It’s going to change the world in a way that there is no coming back from. The contamination effect is going to be horrific. The question is, do we value our freedom more than they value their tyranny?”
    “I really don’t feel like anything has value anymore.”
    “You’re wrong, Carter. You’ve just been bludgeoned and brainwashed into that mentality. It’s exactly what these fucks want. To cripple and paralyse the world, all because they couldn’t control it and bring it to heel.”
    “You still didn’t tell us how you know Pinto.”
    “I don’t know Pinto, but I do have three backpacks full of weird items. One containing a diary.”
    “So it was you that stole our bags! Stone me sideways!”
    “I had to! I come here every single day and all of a sudden I see three strangers snooping around. You can’t blame me for being a little suspicious. So I picked your bags up and moved them out of sight.”
    “Thank fuck for that! At least we know we aren’t being followed!”
    “I’ll take you back to your bags on one condition. That you tell me who you are, what you’re doing here and where the hell you came from?”
    “You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you where we came from!”
    “Try me.”
    “We’re from 2016.”
    “What a coincidence! Me too!”
    “Connex Sideways 909!”
    “When I was a little girl my father and I travelled to Mississippi. Where we stayed, there was a cycle marking on the road. Next to that there was a Belisha beacon and a pedestrian crossing. When I walked past that area, I developed a strange feeling, like I could feel a pulse, and a humming sound. It was pretty creepy actually, so I explored, found an old subway nearby. Without a bit of probing I’d never have found the secret entrance, but my curiosity paid off. I find a tunnel where the light seems very different, like a light I’d never seen before, it was otherworldly, strange, but alluring. I probe and dig deeper, I find another passage I’m not supposed to find. An elevator. I go down deeper. I’m in a cave. I start to see signposts, the one I remember the most is Connex Sideways 909. I also remember thinking the paths were like flight paths. I suddenly got scared and left, made my way all the way back up and vowed never to visit that place again.”
    “But something tells us you did visit that place again.”
    “I did, but something drew me towards Mississippi. I studied there. Did my research on Erwin Otto Marx and The Secret Doctrine. Studied J. Robert Oppenheimer. Followed Project Sanguine and INS Kattabomman. But my eyes were opened when I met a man named Roger O’Connell, an Irishman living out in Mississippi. He brought me into a project he called The Opus. It stood for Our People United in Salv—.” Leonard interrupted her.
    “You know Roger O’Connell?!”
    “Yes I do. And I also know that when you were reeling off numbers earlier, you were referring to the Manhattan Project.”
    “Manhattan Project? What’s that, Leonard?”Winsor was curious.
    “It's a project, lad. I was very young when it happened. Tube Alloys, then it grew.Two types. Uranium and plutonium.You irradiate uranium and transmute it into plutonium, then chemically you separate the two. The Trinity test. Allure. Even when we were working in collaboration with the Americans, there was bickering and disunity. It never ceases to amaze me that the same specie can hide so many secrets from each other because of nationalism. It is bizarre that we each separate ourselves into individual countries, and that our goal is always to outdo the other. The world is a race war. It's very subtle, very subliminal, but it's happening."
    "A race war?"
    "We're British! We're Americans! We're Chinese! We identify with our own creed and isolate ourselves from other creeds. With every country it is the 'us against them' mentality. What are we fighting each other for? The end result is still the same. The winner is still human. The winner still has to try and progress humanity. And it is because we want it to be our race that progresses, that supercedes all others. Instead of pulling together."
    "But what if we share our secrets with the enemy and they do bad things with the secrets?"
    "What? Like drop Little Boy and Fat Man on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?"
    "Wasn't it a war of attrition? Something had to bring what was happening to an end."
    "There is a place in Pripyat that I have yet to show you. Sometimes there are different interpretations of salvation. Don't you think something has to be done to bring what is happening in today's world to an end?"
    "What do you plan to do, Leonard?"
    "Even during Pinto's time, people were a right pain in the backside. The script doesn't change does it? Not until we have our say. And I promise you, we will."
    "I still don't understand what you're trying to get at, Len."
    "Jaeylnn knows what needs to be done."
    "After meeting Roger O'Connell? Sure. Salvation through world peace. Undoing a Mammoth Mistake. I still don't know much about this Pinto fellow though."
    "You're unlikely to, Jae. He popped out of a very specific hole. When the time is right, we're going to perform a reset, and according to Pinto's diary—Vinicius will help us achieve just that."
    "Roger didn't explain that part. He just said that we need enough carriers in the right places. From what I can see, we're well on our way to achieving that."
    "Well of course! The beauty of our Magnus Opus is that there is nothing anybody can do about it. It's what our world deserves."

To be continued...

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